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Found 4 results

  1. Kord Dorms, Floor One, Claremont Academy Sunday, September 6th 2020 Pol was in their room, sitting in the titanium-frame chair their parents had made for them before they had to disappear; though it's design was simple, the robot felt the love of the two engineers who created them in every strut, bolt and weld. The synthetic didn't own much, but it was their favorite thing in the world. Other than the chair, all they owned was a small daypack, a few books (mostly Edgar Allen Poe) and a travel editions of games. While scanning through the school's website on their l
  2. In Brief: Time-Traveling Robot From the Future, come to preserve organic life! Alternate Identities: Salvation Unit Identity (Secret or Public?): Both/Neither. The general public knows Protectron is a highly advanced robot (presumably made by The Lab). A few super-scientists know it is not native to this spacetime. None know it was created by Talos and sent back from 500 years in the future. Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey, USA Base of Operations: Freedom City (former), Emerald City (current) Residence: The Lab, Freedom City (former), none (current)
  3. I'm recruiting a few PCs to go fight that common denominator of crimes, no not the White Knight, I'm talking about a bank heist! Preferably folks around the PL 10 range band and new PCs are totes acceptable. As a note, this idea could be reworked to fit in Emerald City if we end up getting more EC folks on board.
  4. Contents 01 - >An Introduction 02 - Minions (Sorted By Type and Alphabetically) 02.a - Alien Minions 02.b - Animal Minions 02.c - Demonic Minions >Elephant Ogre (PL10) >Jiangshi (PL8) >Headless Knight (PL8) >Winged Hellhound (PL5) 02.d - Humanoid Minions 02.e - Monster Minions 03 - Setting Shop >Umiquan Empire (Umiquan Army[Umiquan Soldier - PL6, Umiquan Sniper - PL6, Umiquan Hydromancer - PL6]) DISCLAIMER: Everything herein is my personal advice, and in no way or form constitutes official/canonical statements or necessarily reflects the views of the Moderators and Admins.
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