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Found 1 result

  1. Thanksgiving 2015 Riley was waiting for Robin outside Claremont as soon as Wednesday classes were let out, sitting atop his pride and joy. Well, it wasn't really _his_ pride and joy yet - but the loaner motorcycle, black and chrome and shiny thanks to an evening's worth of dedicated polishing, was sturdy, functional, and could be trusted to get him and Robin from Bayview to North Bay in a reasonable amount of time. He'd been a little nervous about making this invitation, especially when it meant at least two days over at the home of his counterpart and his mother's duplicate, but in the heat of the moment he was confident it was an acceptable risk. "Hey, babe!" he said with a wave as he caught sight of her coming through the main entrance. "You ready t'go?" He had a black helmet under his arm and another on the back of the leather seat - safety being something his all-too-human frame meant he was extremely conscious of.
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