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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, or rather everyone who checks this. First timer here. Stumbled on it while looking for a pbp forum for M&M. I’m also on the Paizo forums. I joined a M&M 3e game there for the first time and took a liking to the system. I know this is a 2e forum but I thought I’d take a chance. That said, I have a few ideas but I know I’m gonna have a few questions too. The first one I have is if I wanted retractable blades on a battlesuit would that have to be a separate power? I’m not looking for it to add to the attack or damage bonus necessarily, just to change the
  2. Poodle

    Create object?

    Hi, just wondering. If I had create object at Pl10 could I make a sword out of it? What damage would it do? Could I make armour? What toughness would it be? Is create object limited by pl? Thanks guys in advance.
  3. I do not have ultimate power for 2e. How much would it cost for a power that lets me summon equipment?
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