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Found 7 results

  1. Gaian Knight Power Level: 13/15 (225/250 pp) [252] Trade-Offs: -3 Defense / +3 Toughness Unspent PP: 25 In Brief: Young professor, given powers over the earth by unknown forces, just out to do some good in the world. Alternate Identity: Tarrant David McLeod Identity: Secret Birthplace: United States, West Coast Occupation: Professor of Earth Sciences, Freedom City University Affiliations: Sanctuary, Freedom City University, The Freedom League (reserve) Family: Parents (west coast), Brother (location unknown; estranged) Sidekick: Tiamat Description: Age: 29 (DoB: October 1984) Gender: Male
  2. Reagent / Alkahest Power Level: 8/13 (232/250PP) [256] Unspent Power Points: 18 Trade-Offs: Reagent: +2 Attack / -2 Damage (Bartitsu Cane), None (Alchemical Flasks), +4 Defense / -4 Toughness Alkahest: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Victorian-era alchemist struggling to contain a merciless force of nature. Theme: Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs Alternate Identity: Winifred Wei Identity: Semi-Secret Birthplace: London, England Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: None Living; Wei Chao (father
  3. Player Name: Heritage Character Name: Grimalkin Power Level: 13 (250/250PP) [283] Tradeoffs: +2 Defense/-2 Toughness (+2 Attack / -2 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness, in Pixie Form) Unspent PP: 0 In Brief: Shapeshifting faerie with a human soul, recently returned to Freedom after a three-year absence. Alternate Identity: Lynn Epstein Identity: Secret Birthplace: Atlantic City, NJ Occupation: Bookstore owner Affiliations: Former member of the Knights of Freedom and the Interceptors, currently freelance. Partner of the Shrike. Family: Elaine Epstein (mother), Harold 'Butch' Epstein (father)
  4. Willow Power Level: 13/15 (188/250 PP) [264] Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 62 In Brief: An ancient guardian of life discovering what it means to live while rooting out threats to the world and those that inhabit it. Alternate Identities: Minerva "Min" Salix, Guardian Willow Identity: Complicated ("Secret") Birthplace: Prehistoric Earth Occupation: None Affiliations: The Interceptors Family: The Gorgon (Sister), Eden Espadas (Daughter) Description: Age: Ancient Apparent Age: 26 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Preserver Engineered Life Form ("Dryad") Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 lb. Eyes: Amber Hai
  5. Jack of all BladesPower Level: 15 (250/250PP)* [388]Trade-Offs: +5 Attack, -5 Damage, +5 Defense, -5 ToughnessUnspent Power Points: 0Theme: Spark by Fitz and the Tantrums *Jack's caps average out to PL13. For Jack's original sheet, click here. In Brief: Swashbuckling scion of a secret society of sorcerous swordsmen, shepherding streetwise superheroes! Alternate Identity: Erik Espadas Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City, West End Occupation: Self-Defense Instructor Affiliations: The Interceptors Family: Minerva Espadas/Guardian Willow (wife), Eden Espadas (d
  6. Sage Power Level: 15 (202/250) [300] Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness Unspent PP: 48 In Brief: Eve Martel is an athletic teenage telepath and telekinetic from an exceptionally wealthy though altruistic family whose psychic members have been fighting the good fight for hundreds of years. Previous version here. Alternate Identities: Eve Alexis Martel, La Renarde Bleue ["The Blue Fox"] Identity: Secret Birthplace: Orléans, France Occupation: Student, Gymnast (former) Affiliations: Claremont Academy (Student), Martel Enterprises (Family Company), Youn
  7. Player Name: GizmoCharacter Name: WailPower Level: 15 (250/250 PP) [257]Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 DamageUnspent PP: 0 Theme: The Man by Sons of SlumIn Brief: Veteran hero from the late 1970s and 80s with super-dense muscle tissue granting strength, durability and a powerful sonic wail, come out of retirement to continue the good fight.Alternate Identities: Keith LaMarrIdentity: PublicBirthplace: Freedom CityOccupation: High School Civics TeacherAffiliations: 1-800-JUSTICEFamily: None Description: Age: 60 (DoB: December, 1954) Gender: Male Ethnicity: African-American Height: 6'6
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