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Found 4 results

  1. PI EPSILON DELTA Alpha Chapter, FCU Founded: October 27th, 1905 (Freedom City College, Freedom City, NJ) Sorority Type: Social Emphasis: Traditional Values and Sisterhood Scope: National Motto: Patebit Tum Quod Latuit That Which Is Hidden Shall Be Revealed Colors: Blue and White Symbol: Tower Flower: Evening Primrose Jewel: Moonstone Publication: The Tower Philanthropy: Various and extensive Chapters: 50 Mascot: Owl: Wisdom and strength Alpha Chapter Senior Officers: Rivian St. Clair, President Janine Maitland, Vice President Isabella Vasquez, Secretary 2017 Freshman Pledges, West Gables Housing Unit: Casey Blankenship, Journalism. Casey is an athletic blonde from Colorado. A former Girl Scout, she's very outdoorsy and into environmental causes. Caucasian. Lola Carbone, Engineering. A very out lesbian from Boston, came to FCU on a basketball scholarship. Very direct and to the point, but fun-loving. Caucasian. Crystal Henshaw, Psychology. Very open and expressive, but easily overwhelmed by negativity. Originally from Cleveland, OH. African-American. Stephanie Kowalski, Political Science. A complicated girl from a well-connected family in Philadelphia. Loves chess and video games, also a former Girl Scout. Caucasian. Darlene Lampwick, Pre-Law. A flirty Southern belle from Atlanta, third generation Legacy. Outgoing blonde who is smarter than she looks. Caucasian. Maria Sangre, Entrepreneurship. Maria is a Nuyorican. She is not bossy, she is the boss. Well, she likes to think. Is a bonafide superhero with the power to manipulate blood. Free cures were probably a big part in her acceptance. Latina. Elizabeth Scanlon, Pre-Med. A borderline Goth from Jersey City with a morbid sense of humor. Kinda gross. Likes to be called ‘Scanner’ for some weird reason. Caucasian. May Yuen, Economics. Comes from a wealthy family in Arlington, VA. Very driven and success-oriented, doesn't socialize much. Chinese-American. West Gables Room Key: A: Lola and Stephanie’s Room. Small room at the end of the hall, with two closets. Steph doesn't use the desk here because it's too small; instead, she set up her custom PC in the Quiet Study Area (Room B). Lola has set up a chin-up bar in her closet, just inside the room; she also put a Nerf basketball hoop across from her bed. B: Quiet Study Area. Features two desks (one of which has been permanently claimed by Steph), well-stocked bookshelves and four leather reading chairs. Cozy. C: Darlene and May's Room. Cleanest room on the floor, fairly girly in terms of décor. Both closets are full of expensive, fashionable clothes. Darlene and May spend very little time here; the former is typically out socializing, the latter at the library studying. D: Common Room. The ‘living room’ of the West Gables, with two leather sofas, a coffee table, a wall-mounted flatscreen TV and three game systems (the latest PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo models). There's also a small dorm fridge and microwave. Always smells of nachos, ramen or microwave popcorn. E: Crystal and Elizabeth's Room. Two girls, one closet; not a great situation. This room has a split personality, one half clean and pleasant, the other dank and hostile, and the ‘dank side’ is winning. ‘Scanner’ rarely leaves her room, leaving the non-confrontational Crystal to wander around the rest of housing unit. F: Showers. The windows here look over the courtyard, but the glass is all frosted for privacy. Always slightly funky, despite the best efforts of the house cleaning staff. G: Bathroom. Eight young women sharing one communal bathroom makes for a lot of chaos, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. There's a locked closet of some kind on the right hand wall, but no one knows where the key is at the moment. The windows are also frosted in heree. H: Stairwell. A beautiful old stairwell rises up the whole height of the chapter house, topped with an elegant stained glass dome. A vintage elevator, with sliding metal gate and brass fixtures, allows students to ride with comfort. I: Main Hallway. The hallways are all carpeted to minimize noise on the floor at night. Pictures of former ‘Pis’ from decades past line the walls, laughing, singing or marching in long-forgotten protests, creating a sense of nostalgia and/or melancholy in the more sensitive. J: Casey and Maria's Room. (Player Characters will furnish this room.) K: Kitchen. A well-stocked food preparation area, with two full stoves, two full-sized fridges, two microwaves and a large double sink. There's plenty of counter space, a small table with three chairs, and two vending machines, one for drinks, the other for snacks. An espresso machine and coffee maker make this a busy area on weekday mornings. Also used as an alternate ‘hang out’ space. L: Dining Hall. A large communal dining area with long tables right out of Hogwarts. Sometimes used as an alternate study area. The gas fireplace still works, which is a good thing, because the old tile floor is always freezing. M: Fire Door: Opening this door sets off the fire alarm; beyond it is a disused ballroom, various storerooms and ultimately the East Gables housing unit.
  2. Pi Epsilon Delta Chapter House, Freedom City University. Saturday, August 26th, 2017. 10:05 AM At the eighth floor, Casey slid open the vintage elevator gate, which shrieked delightfully; everything here felt timeless and ageless, and somehow that thrilled her. She paused to peer over the railing of the stairwell, all the way down to the tile floor below, and then turned her head upwards to marvel at the stained glass dome overhead. "I love it," she murmured to no one in particular. Finally she began to make her way towards her designated room, and learn just who 'Maria Sangre' really was; she knew she was from New York, Puerto Rican and fiercely proud of it. Casey also knew that she had some kind of freaky superpowers that involved the human body somehow. Did she dare share her own secret identity? Probably not, at least until she knew this girl better. The blonde bruiser made her way down the hall, dragging two wheeled carry-on bags, one in each hand. On her back was a massive backpack; not a little daypack like you'd give to your middle-schooler, but a full-on mountaineering grade beast. It was full to bursting, but she carried the load easily. In terms of clothing, she wore a pair of Teva sandals, khaki cargo shorts (how many pairs did she own?), her photographer's vest over a Colorado Rockies T-shirt, a pair of glasses, and a brand-new FCU baseball cap. She smelled of musky organic soap, sugarless mint gum and a healthy sweat. She found the right door on her letter from PED and politely knocked before poking her head in. "Hello, new roomie warning! Hide all your, uh, drugs and alcohol and stuff!" Yeah, that sounded way funnier in her head. Her voice bore just a hit of a Southwestern twang, and her smile was positively radiant.
  3. From the album: Heritage's album

    The Alpha Chapter of Pi Epsilon Delta, located at Freedom City University, near Liberty Park.
  4. From the album: Heritage's album

    The upstairs rooms for freshmen pledges at Pi Epsilon Delta.
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