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Found 3 results

  1. In the interest of keeping the forum a little less cluttered with pinned topics, here is a list of various character or archetype constructions provided by your fellow players. Feel free to reply to this thread and add your own construction threads to the index. (One reply only please, edit your post to update your index.) AA's All New All Different Oddballs Gizmo's Character Scratchpad trollthumper's Cave Ecalsneerg's Improved Archetypes Ecalsneerg's Expanded Archetypes From the Laboratory of Dr. Archeville Supercape's Supporting Cast
  2. Here is my thread, full of builds. [UPDATE 4/23 Links Fixed] Agent: COULSON! YOU WILL BE AVENGED! Agent Paragon: My attempt at a Carol Danvers-style build Android Costumed Detective: What if the HARDAC Batman stuck around as a good guy? Atlantean Mystic: There are lots of mysteries to explore down there. Armored Sorcerer: Inspired by the old "Tony Stark as Sorcerer Supreme" What-If Armored Time-Traveler: When you're tired of being dumped naked in the Jurassic Barbarian Paragon: A Black Adam-inspired build with the idea that Teth-Adam should be able to mess you up pret
  3. Builds: Agent Avian: Secret Agent Biiird! Deep One in a Battlesuit: You didn't think the Atlanteans had all the technology under da sea did you? Four Armed Alien Swordsman (Aka: Shoon Gladiator): Bet he has to buy his clothing special order, Fungal Totem (Aka Mycanoid Hero): Mushroom Superhero from Maaaars! Heroic Screamer: Just make sure to not get killed off before all the big school defining events. Infernal Acrobat: Daredevil as an actual Devil! Kickboxing Ape: So that's why they called him Mighty Joe! Volcanic Totem: Ta-Gar Lord of the Volcanoes Teleporting Shadowman
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