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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my thread, full of builds. [UPDATE 4/23 Links Fixed] Agent: COULSON! YOU WILL BE AVENGED! Agent Paragon: My attempt at a Carol Danvers-style build Android Costumed Detective: What if the HARDAC Batman stuck around as a good guy? Armored Costumed Detective: Bruce Wayne Beyond Atlantean Mystic: There are lots of mysteries to explore down there. Armored Sorcerer: Inspired by the old "Tony Stark as Sorcerer Supreme" What-If Armored Time-Traveler: When you're tired of being dumped naked in the Jurassic Barbarian Paragon: A Black Adam-inspired build with the idea that Teth-Adam should be able to mess you up pretty bad. Bargainer: Mayor Richard Wilkins III conversion, modified a bit to work in a superhero universe Black Prince: A pretty straightforward Black Panther build. Blind Precog: A Daredevil-type whose abilities come from precognition rather than more 'traditional' Super-Senses. Cryokinetic Cowl: A Mortal Kombat vs. DC-inspired Sub-Zero/Batman mashup Cyberkinetic Cowl: What if a computer hacker became a cowl rather than the other way around? Cyborg Illusionist: These archetypes aren't commonly merged, but I think this build works pretty well! Divine Teleporter: What if Nightcrawler's faith gave him power in a very real and meaningful sense? Divine Weather Controller: Storm with Thor's hammer, sure, why not? Duplicator Living Weapon: ALL the Wolverines Elastic Inventor: My attempt at a Mr. Fantastic build - complete with Baxter Building Elastic Sorcerer: An elastic detective like Ralph Dibny - wearing the Helm of Fate! Electrokinetic Tyrannosaurus Rex: Tyrant Lightning Lizard Frog Thor: Throg at PL 10 Full-Body Cyborg: My take on a Major Kusanagi-like braincase cyborg Gary Mitchell: Ace space pilot jacked up on electro-cosmic goofballs Giant Shapeshifting Robot: A Transformer build God of Patriotic Lies: What if Loki did more than just shapeshift into Captain America? Grue Detective: A Martian Manhunter-style Grue infiltrator, with heavy emphasis on his detective abilities Grue Patriot: Alien shapeshifter turned all-American super-soldier. Or has he? Hestia: The goddess of the hearth from Greco-Roman mythology, built as a PL 10 superhero Hoodoo Doctor: My attempt at building a Hoodoo (rather than Voodoo) practitioner, heavily infused with Biblical magic Ice Princess: Elsa from Frozen, built as a PL 10 Infernalist Bluesman: What if a 1920s jazz musician sold his soul for more than just musical talent? Infernal Ringbearer: Matt Murdock with Satan's power ring Loose Cannon Psychic: Here's my build for an action-oriented psychic like Carrie White Magic Black Canary: Exactly what it sounds like Magic Merc: Deadpool with magic gadgets, sure, why not? Magic Robot: Or in this case, a golem who has learned to master the kabbalistic spells that brought him to life. Military Flyer: Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Mimic: Trying to make a version of this archetype who is formidable even without his powers. Mystic Giant: Daughter of Muspelheim; based on a picture Mystic Knight: This is my build for Shining Knight; Sir Justin/Sir Ystin Mythological Powerhouse: Hercules, Hercules! Paragon: Here is a flying brick of no particular origin Perceptive Paragon: A paragon whose focus lies in his Super-Senses Photovore: What if Jubilee still had her light-controlling powers when she became a vampire? Post-Apocalyptic Portal User: Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past Power Thief Paragon: My take on Rogue's animated incarnation Psionic Gadgeteer: A socially effective genius who can read your mind! Psychic Gorilla: A gorilla who can think. And read your thoughts as well. No, he doesn't want your banana! (Real) Stage Magician: A build of a Zatanna-style stage magician with real powers! Serpentine Paragon: What if Power Girl was from Lemuria instead of Atlantis? Shapeshifting Archer: A Jennifer Lawrence-inspired Mystique/Katniss mashup. Simian Infernalist: A gorilla wielding all the powers of Hell itself? Sign me up! Courtesy of my colleague trollthumper. Size-Changing Gadgeteer: My take on a giant/shrinker, like Marvel's Giant-Man Squishy Brick: A Sunspot-inspired gravity controller with a +5 Damage and +5 Defense tradeoff Unnatural Paragon: Mythos paragon, inspired by the Michael Turner Supergirl Teleporting Rock Star: Lila Cheney Vulcan Jedi Green Lantern: I think the name is pretty straight-forward Weather Controlling Cat Burglar: A pretty straightforward Storm/Catwoman mashup Witch From The Future: A magical character from a sci-fi setting Zombie Speedster: Oh no, it's Zombie Speedster! Historical Figures Benjamin Franklin: Specifically, Benjamin Franklin as an immortal electrokinetic in power armor Frost Nixon: Richard Nixon, Thermovore Giordano Bruno: Hermetic mentalist in power armor Regenerating Paragon: Abraham Lincoln as a flying brick Vandal Savage, courtesy of the Invincible universe. Starry Magus: Mystic priest of ancient Fertile Crescent National Heroes Camazotz: Tijuana's native hero, basically Black Widow in a Batman Beyond suit El Monstro: Hulking vampire defender of northern Mexico El Spectro: Mexico's greatest hero La Tiradora: Conflicted Mexican archer and magnetic controller Macuahuitl: 'Armored' defender of southern Mexico, wielding the Ten Rings of Quetzacoatl Offspring Dust Devil: Fastest desert tornado of them all! [Clock Queen/Set] Flame Cowl: Pyrokinetic avenger [Foreshadow/Ember Psion] Frostflower: Icy plant vampire [Comrade Frost/Fleur de Joie] Psychic Werewolf: So what if Jean Grey and Wolverine had a baby? [Blue Fox/Wendy Go] Swift: Tough archer [Woodsman/Nighthawk] Teslad: The smartest boy in the Interceptors of the future has a secret [Harrier/Miss Americana] Villainous Organization The Omega Mob: Australian Organized Crime Group ran by an Omegadrone! The Spiral: Far-future brains in jars who love to play with superheroes
  2. In the interest of keeping the forum a little less cluttered with pinned topics, here is a list of various character or archetype constructions provided by your fellow players. Feel free to reply to this thread and add your own construction threads to the index. (One reply only please, edit your post to update your index.) AA's All New All Different Oddballs Gizmo's Character Scratchpad trollthumper's Cave Ecalsneerg's Improved Archetypes Ecalsneerg's Expanded Archetypes From the Laboratory of Dr. Archeville Supercape's Supporting Cast
  3. Builds: Agent Avian: Secret Agent Biiird! Deep One in a Battlesuit: You didn't think the Atlanteans had all the technology under da sea did you? Four Armed Alien Swordsman (Aka: Shoon Gladiator): Bet he has to buy his clothing special order, Fungal Totem (Aka Mycanoid Hero): Mushroom Superhero from Maaaars! Heroic Screamer: Just make sure to not get killed off before all the big school defining events. Infernal Acrobat: Daredevil as an actual Devil! Kickboxing Ape: So that's why they called him Mighty Joe! Volcanic Totem: Ta-Gar Lord of the Volcanoes Teleporting Shadowmancer with a Sword: Never had a Bamf sounded so sweet . Fearsome Freshmen: (PL 7 Builds) Heroic Screamer: Banshee if he weren't 10 years the senior of those less cool X-Men Powerhouse PI: The mind may be your strongest muscle, but it doesn't hurt to have actual muscles too. Power Fister: I could have gone with a more mature name, but y'all know what I'm about. Random Archetype Generator Battlesuit: Now you too can be a billionaire playboy philanthropist with a box of scraps. Construct: What measure is a nonhuman? Crime Fighter: Throw out the box of scraps and be a billionaire playboy philanthropist with a fancy car. Setting Elements: Isla de la Reina Venerado: Corrupt island in the Caribbean for all your super drug needs. Setting NPCs: Detective Valerie Archer: Undead Cop in the Fens The Dragon: Kung Fu Killer shrouded in mysteries and kicks. Shitennō: Four Arms (Or rather 12 if you count all of Spider Hunting in the Darkness' arms) are better than 1 Woundmaker: (Rebuild)
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