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Found 4 results

  1. Tuesday, March 12, 2013 10:25 PM A thick cloud cover hung over Freedom City, intensifying the gloom of the already dark night. On the other side of the South River, the lights of downtown Freedom City glistened against the dark sky, seemingly alive with energy. Along the southern bank of the river, there were the bright lights and neon of the casinos of the Boardwalk, attempting to entice new patrons. But stretching out from the glitz of the Boardwalk were the dark streets of Southside. Long a middle and lower-middle class section of the city, Southside had for years struggled with the encroachment of crime in its neighborhoods. Despite the efforts of a number of costumed crimefighters, there still appeared that the bad areas were slowly expanding. As such, there often seemed to be something happening in Southside that would warrant attention, even from someone new to crimefighting.
  2. OOC for this thread, for when we need it.
  3. Saturday, March 16, 2013 2:13 AM "... I believe that is all the questions I will answer for now. I thank you for listening, this has been Etain Maher, next session I will get more in deph about the creatures I have mentioned before. Goodbye until then." Curtis leaned back on his seat as the recording finished, looking up at the ceiling murmuring to himself after just having been sidetracked from his research into fellow local magical superheros and whatnot by her blog. "Should I contact her or should I not... oh come on... you're a superhero, and superheros don't not do things. Besides you should make friends in the magical community sooner or later." He logged in to his email account and started writing an email. From: cwright42@usnet.com Subject: I do magic too Dear Etain Maher, Hey, my name is Curtis Wright and I do magic too. I have arcane talent I've inherited from my grandfather and a magic book he left me. It's mostly a very complex style of rune magic and I've been able to make very complex spells with it due to my already existing expertise in programming and computer science. (You'd be surprised at how similar programming and some styles of magic are.) Though my grandfather might have had other magic books lying around with details on verbal and somatic casting. Still haven't figured those out so I'm limited to whatever spells I make before I head out. I just thought you might like to know about other magic users in the city, since you're putting yourself out there for the world to see on your blog and on your podcast. I think as for the type of magic I use, it's technically not technomancy (not yet anyways, haven't figured it out) and I think of myself as more of an artificer, or perhaps a "program-o-mancer." Regards, Curtis Wright.
  4. ChrisClark13


    News stuff coming as Neospell does things that could be notable.
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