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Found 17 results

  1. GM Dreeda III, Lor Republic Nova-Lor City Lor time mark 1882.6 [February 14, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] During the incursion, the Lor colony on Dreeda III had been spared any direct effect of the fighting. But shortly after the incursion was over, it fell prey to a dozen super-powered criminals that had managed to escape confinement on a prison ship and size control over the vessel. The colony was rescued when a large force of Preatorians arrived in search of the escaped criminals. At the time, the planet was home to about forty thousand Lor. In the past few years, the colony had seen a massive influx of displaced beings from across the Republic and beyond. Entire cities have sprouted up on several continents, as well as the addition of at least two orbital ones. Now the world was home to over one billion sentients, though there were still large tracts of untouched wilderness across the planet, mixed with large areas of cultivated farmland. But along with the massive increase in population had come some of the problems associated with large populations. One such problem was the recent appearance of a number of Spectrum Knights operating in the system, which had brought a group of Praetorians back to the world to try to root out the threat. As the team of Praetorians had been investigating the Spectrum Knight activity on the world, they had received a communication that the Spectrum Knights were attacking a governmental facility in one of the new cities in the lower hemisphere. Boarding the Kavaca, the group had flow to Nova-Lor City, several columns of smoke rising into the air quickly pointing them toward the scene of the attack. Half a dozen Spectrum Knights, each in different colored armor, were still on sight, engaged in combat with Lor security forces which appeared to be having trouble dealing with the armored criminals.
  2. GM Ardor asteroid belt just a few light years inside Lor Space Along the inner edge of the Perseus Arm Lor time mark 1881.7 [January 16, 2019 (Terran Calendar)] The Ardor asteroid belt was a collection of various sized asteroids that stretched nearly half a light year along one of the boarders of Lor Space. For centuries it has lay well away from any inhabited Lor systems and thus was out of the path of any regular trade lanes. However, that had changed several cycles ago, back before the Incursion, when a Quantum Dark Zone singularity had caused the belt to migrate, pulling it closer to one of the outer space lanes of the Republic. A team of Lor scientists along with Terran scientist Quentin Quill had gone to investigate the singularity. However, Quill was accidently pulled into the singularity during the investigation and the Lor science team eventually returned to Lor-Van. And then the Communion arrived. The singularity had been all but forgotten by the Republic during the Communion War and the aftermath. That was until almost one Terran year ago, when Quentin Quill managed to free himself from the singularity. But even then, the Lor had not resumed study of the anomaly and it was ignored once more. Less than one standard day ago, when the passive sensors of the Lor research laboratory situated on of the larges asteroids in the belt had detected a massive energy shift from within the singularity, sending the readings back to the Republic…
  3. Kembel Outer length of the Perseus Arm, former Khanate Space Lor time mark 1482.4 [April 2, 2016 (Terran Calendar)] Kembel was a lush, mostly tropical world that rotated around a blue giant star. With more than half its surface covered with relatively shallow seas, the continents that extended out from the planet's equator were covered with thick jungles. Despite the seemingly inhospitable terrain, Kembel had been colonized centuries ago, and quickly developed into a rather thriving world with dozens of species from around the sector within its small cities. Its location along the outer edge of what had once been part of the Stellar Khanate meant that it had been fortunate enough to be bypassed during the Communion's initial advance. The tide of refugees from many other Khanate worlds had only swelled the planet's population, a situation that had not changed much since the Communion’s defeat. With the chaos that had gripped the Khanate in the aftermath of the Incursion, Kembel had been one of the worlds that had taken the opportunity to establish its independence from the Khanate. It was here that a small group of Praetorians made their way through the crowded streets of one of Kembel's major cities. Cavalier and Moon-Moth did not have to worry too much about being jostled by the crowds, as Seresk's massive presence just behind them tended to cause the crowd make a bit more space for them to pass. The old buildings of this part of the city were covered with trees, vines and other planets that had grown up along the walls over the centuries, making the city itself seem like just another part of the jungle that lay around it. The three had been sent here to meet up with Traveller, who, since the incident involving the two Terrans that had been caught up with the Spectrum Knights and pursued by the Lor military, had officially been disavowed by the Praetorians, and had headed off into the border regions of Khanate space. Of course, this had been a planned by Paradigm and Traveller, to provide Traveller the appearance of being an independent, as she made her way out into Khanate space to see what sorts of information she might be able to gather about the state of things.
  4. Okay, OOC for Here. Ex, let me know what Moon-Moth will be stunting once I post moving us on to the shuttle (via teleport) and lifting off toward orbit. (You can then post IC as well)
  5. Moon-Moth Power Level: 10/11 (177/179 PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack /+2 Damage, -4 Defence/+4 toughness Unspent Power Points: 2 Theme: In Brief:Moon-speaking Mothman Mage, Praetorian of the Delzatri Empire and Loveable Eccentric. Alternate Identity: Myothizar A’lira Identity: Public Birthplace: Moon of Lantern Occupation:Moth Affiliations: Praetorians, Delzatri Empire, Lanturnians Family and Friends: Oroda and Litha A'Lira; Sire and Dam, Fascinated with the technology of the Dalzatri they migrated with their Children and had taken up the study of whatever they can get there hands on. Loke, Orin and Shari A'lira: Younger Brothers and Sister: Left lantern to seek there fortunes in the wider empire, Tae'lun Ozmodae: Friend and Mentor, Tae was born before the Lanternians made their great migrations and even served as an architect of the ritual that Relocated them; Took Myothizar as a pupil when the young Lanternian showed an instinctive grasp of spell-craft, Remained on lantern to teach magic to future generations. Forwarded Myothizar to the praetorians in the hopes he could find peers amongst their ranks. Parth Larunzi: Friend; taught under Tae'lun alongside Myoth, the two have known each other nearly their whole adult lives and have always been close in terms of relationship and talent in Mysticism; Came to believe Myoth was forwarded over herself due to favoritism on Tae'lun's part and has become a little bitter towards him. Description: Age: 200 (DoB: Over 2200 years ago) Apparent Age: Adult Gender: Male Ethnicity: Moonborn Height: 6'6 Weight: 130lbs Eyes: Violet Hair: Fluffy White. Tall with slender limbs and powdery wings bearing large eye like markings, Myoth could easily be mistaken for the terrestrial Cryptid Mothman, His coat is a snowy white that would blend readily with the surface of his home moon; Power Descriptions: An Artist at heart, Moon-Moths spells are often highly visual and thematic, Serving either as tools for his work, like his constructs and illusions or themselves works of art Drawn From Phenomena, Cultures and Places that have captivated the highly curious lanternian. History: The Lanternian race evolved on the inhospitable world of lantern, a desert world plagued by a gaping hole in the atmosphere that let the fury of its sun scorch the surface unfiltered, setting its surface ablaze and granting its name. It was early in there history when, seeking to escape the fiery wrath of the unpredictable solar bombardments that they first developed there mystical capabilities, using them to as one migrate through space and to the surface of lanterns moon, already adapted to the harshness of there world it did not take them long to make the adoptions necessary to permanently colonize the satellite without the assistance of advanced technologies. able to view the resplendent beauty of the cosmos from there sanctuary the lanternians found there understandings of magic and philosophy greatly expanded upon by watching how the gears of the galaxy turned and interacted with one another; soon enough the colony became something of a monastery dedicated to the enlightenment and education of lanturnians in the mystic arts. Myothizar A'lira was one of the first so called "moon-born", having birthed and metamorphosed upon the moon, his coat was a brilliant white in contrast to the ruddy reds and browns of his ancestors and parents, his thin carapace trimmed with thick fur, his thinner arms and legs also afforded him a somewhat greater height and leaner build. perhaps on another world being born so radically different would've resulted in some form of prejudice or exile but now an amiable agrarian society, his people readily accepted him as something of a good omen and the promise of there future prosperity; an omen that seemed to come true when on the eve of his 20th decade of life contact with envoys of the Delzatri Empire made contact and after much discussion it was decided that the joining of the Delzatri's empire would be there next step into the greater cosmos; a decision that Myothizar had advocated most strongly; for whilst he was never the subject of outright fear or scorn, the discovery of his deep and almost instinctive grasp of mysticism had lead to him being somewhat demonized by younger members of his race as something of a monster, hoping to find peers amongst the varied members of the interstellar empire. A chance he got when he was forwarded by the elders as a potential candidate for the praetorians. Personality & Motivation: Lanternians are highly amiable creatures and Myoth is no exception, he greatly enjoys the diversity of the various species in the universe and whilst he is slow to anger and quick to forgive; wickedness and cruelty evoke his ire and fighting spirit. Powers & Tactics: With a keen mind and powerful magic Myoth can be a cunning and terrifying foe to face; Able to emit unerring prismatic energy bolts from his hands and antenna known for not only penetrating but passing through armoured vehicles and small starship hulls. generate highly complex Illusions, heal the wounds of others and spin silvery constructs from thin air It is little wonder he was all but demonized by the children of his home world; in general, Moon-moth runs interference and support, attempting to thin the enemy ranks and misdirect their strength Complications: Moonspeak: Myoth's Grasp of spoken language is somewhat poor; given he was born on the moon and the lack of atmosphere necessitated a Non-Verbal Language He Will often misspeak or confuse terms, occasionally getting punched in the face as a result. "I am Myoth, Not Monster.": Myoth's Slight ostracization has caused him to develope a craving for acceptance and Approval, the primary reason he enjoys working with the praetorians is the peers it provides him, He becomes extremely Distressed if he is called a monster, freak, demon or the like (he doesn't mind Alien, Lunatic or Fool.) and usualy tries to convince the accuser otherwise; Sufficient provocation however Might leads to Red Rages and/or Heavy Depression. Abilities: 0 + 4 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 4 = 48PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 20 (+5) Intelligence: 30 (+10) Wisdom: 20 (+5) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 12+6 = 18PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged (+10 Blast, Snare, Transform) Defense: +7 (+3 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +6 Knockback: -7 Saving Throws: 2+5+5 = 12PP Toughness: +15 (+5 Con, +10 [Force Field]) Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2) Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5) Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5) Skills: 48R = 12PP Concentration (8) +13 Craft (artistic) (4) +14 Diplomacy (4) +6 Gather Information (4) +6 Investigate (4) +14SM Knowledge (Arcane Lore) (8) +18SM Knowledge (Galactic Lore) (4) +14 Language 2 (Base: Lanturnian, Delzatri, Galstandard) Notice (5) +10SM Sense Motive (5) +10SM Feats: 14PP Dodge Focus 4 Eidetic Memory Equipment 7 (Praetorian HQ and Spaceships; 5 from veteran awards) Jack of all Trades Luck 2 Ritualist Skill Mastery (Arcane Lore, Notice, Sense Motive, Investigate) Speed of Thought Ultimate Effort (Knowledge (arcane Lore)) Equipment: 2PP = 10EP Contributed to Praetorian Equipment Powers: 50 + 2 + 10 + 9 + 4 = 75PP Array 20(“Master of Magic”; Magic; PF: Alternate Power 10)[50pp] -BE: Blast 12(“Vast Array of offensive magic”; Feats (Improved Critical 2) Extras Penetrating 5 PF: Accurate 2 (+4), Improved Range (300ft Incr) Indirect (3), Progression (Increase Range; 3000ft maximum) Variable Descriptor 2 (Any Magic)) [40pp] -AE: Create Object 11(“Moon-Silver Constructs”; 11x250’ cubes; Extras: Movable (55ft radius, STR 55 Force: 26 tons), Precise, Progression (Object Size) 5, Stationary) (40/40pp) [1pp] -AE: Illusion 8(“Mirage Arcana”; Affects: All sense Types, Progression Area 6 (100ft)(38/40pp)) [1pp] -AE: Move Object 18(“Audacious Alterations”/ “Subtle Shifts”; Strength 90, Heavy load: 3.3k tons; PF: Affects Insubstantial 2 (Full Power) Precise, Subtle, (40/40pp) [1pp] -AE: Snare 12 (“Moon-Silver Shackles”; Extras: Regenerating PF: Accurate 2 (+4) Precise, Subtle) (40/40pp)) [1pp] -AE: Teleport 12(“Magic of the Migration”; 1200ft as a move, 20 million miles as a full action; Extras: Accurate PFs: Change Velocity, Easy, Progression Mass 2 (500lbs) (40/40pp))[1pp] -AE: Time Stop 10("Moth-gate"; Extras: Accurate, Portal Flaws: Long Range)[40/40] -AE: Teleport 15("Long distance transmission" Extras: Accurate Flaws: Long Range PFs: Progression Mass 6 (10,000 lbs) Change velocity, Change Direction, Easy, Turnabout)[40/40] -AE: Time Stop 10 ("Myothizar's Moment"; 50ft radius Extras: Selective attack Flaws: Action(Full), Distracting, Range, Unreliable (5 Uses)[40/40) -AE: Transform 12(“Transmutations”; Affects: Broad (Matter to Matter) 5000 lbs; Extras: Duration (continuous) Flaws: Action (full) Range (Touch) PF: Accurate 2 (+4), Innate (40/40pp))[1pp] -AE: Dimensional Pocket 16("Myothizar Zone"; 12,500,000 lbs; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2 (Full Power), Extended Reach 2 (10ft reach)) (36/40) Flight 1(“Mystic Flight” 10mph 100ft a round) [2pp] Force Field 10(“Prismatic Scales” +10 toughness) [10pp] Immunity 8(“Lanturnian Biology”; Genetic, Aging, Enviormental conditions (all), Suffocation (all); Feat: Innate)[9pp] Super Senses (“Magic Sensativity”; Alien, Biological; Analytical, Visual Detect Magic)[4pp] Drawbacks: (-2) = -2PP Vulnerability: Fire (common) +1 to DCs (minor) (-2pp) DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC15 Toughness Damage Blast 300ft DC27 Toughness Damage Myothizars' Moment DC20 Reflex Time Stop Snare 120ft DC22 Reflex Snare Transform Touch DC22 Fortitude Transform Illusion Perception DC18 Will Illusion Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (12) + Feats (14) + Powers (75) - Drawbacks (-2) = 177/179PP
  6. GM 95923.87 billions of miles from anything 2 hours after Moon Moth woke up A gamma dragon can grow to the length of an astronomical unit. While made of molten minerals, they are encased in a thick crust of high-density rock and metal that is effectively impervious to most weapons fire. Unfortunately, the one currently outside the Lor science ship To Live Is To Labor was twice the size of a normal dragon. It stretched on and on, seemingly forever from the perspective of the tiny Lanturnian, the bright glare of the ship's lights creating fantastical shadows in the dust around its rocky corpse. It being dead was the good news. He couldn't see them, but Moon-Moth knew a small fleet of refugee-Asshui was stationed at a polite remove from the Lor and their technical officers. They'd come to find the reason the dragon was dead. The reason was a male of the Asshui who had come to this system five dreamful sleeps before Moon-Moth had received the distress call on CoVic Station. The Wanderers of Asshui hadn't come into known space without their own heroes. Moon-Moth had even met some of them, mostly great scholars or poets, people who recorded and studied the lore of the Wanderers and kept the past alive. Draz-Fel had been different. The mysterious enemy the refugees of the Diaspora were fleeing hadn't frightened him, nothing had. While without any powers he'd had a cunning mind and iron will, with the wisdom to know his own weaknesses. The clans who followed Draz had never faced a foe they couldn't at least outwit, and to the hero the gamma dragon wandering into the territory the Asshui claimed had seemed like a spectacular, grand challenge to be faced and not a titanic predator that bathed in stars and needed to be avoided at all costs. But now the monster was dead. It wasn't cold yet, the volcanism of its interior would take a thousand years to die down. But it would never again lash its tail and crack a planet into chunks, never breathe fire vast as a solar flare and hot enough to evaporate a fleet. And thanks to that volcanism finding Draz-Fel with the ship's sensors was nearly impossible. The ground crew of the To Live and some of Draz's closest friends and Asshui medical experts were headed down to find the dragonslayer on foot. "What are you thinking about?" The second in command of the ship, a a tripod with a hard black chitin and small red eyes named Commander Skral, had paused beside him. Their grounding suit was already on, various tools affixed at magnetic points on the uniform. Some were tied on, too. Just in case.
  7. OOC thread for this thread. Moon-Moth ponders what's dead and gone on the corpse of a dragon.
  8. Pilor II Along the outer length of the Perseus Arm, former Khanate Space Lor time mark 1753.1 [January 13, 2018 (Terran Calendar)] Liora Sylestrin, also known as the Praetorian Spectra, guided the sleek form of the Kavaca through the smoky atmosphere of Pilor II. The bleak rocky surface of the planet stretched out below the Praetorian spacecraft, spotted with rivers of lava that flowed up from below the surface. Located within the boundaries of a confederation of worlds that had remained independent from the Stellar Khanate following the Incursion and the return of Star Khan, Pilor II had become a focal point of industrial activity. Several newly formed corporations had been granted mining rights on the world, seeking to harvest the numerous precious minerals and ores to fuel the development of the confederation worlds. But recently some of those mining activities had been disrupted to such a degree that it had led to a request for assistance from the Praetorians. And so Spectra was piloting the Kavaca towards the Regulas Corporation's main facility on the world, along with her fellow Praetorians Moon-Moth and Cavalier. The facility had just come into view, a larger collection of attached buildings that stretched out on numerous pillars that kept them well above several lava rivers that flowed beneath. The Kavaca's sensors locked onto the landing beacon for the designated landing platform as they drew near.
  9. Galor System Outer length of the Perseus Arm November 2, 2015 (Terran Calender) The Praetorian spacecraft Kavaca dropped out of lightspeed near the third planet in the Galor system. A large planet slightly bigger than Terra, Galor III sat along a much closer orbit around its bright yellow sun. As a result, the planet was brown and tan in color, covered in desert and rocky mountains. But despite that hostile environment, the sentient reptilian species that was native to Galor III had evolved to develop at least minimal space travel, eventually making contact with scouts from the Lor Republic and established trade relations. The system had managed to avoid the onslaught of the Communion during the Incursion, but only just barely, as Communion forces had been moving toward the system when they had finally been stopped. But while that conflict had been avoided, Galor now found itself faced with a new threat, one that had cast a shadow over several neighboring systems as well. During the Incursion long standing differences had been set aside as the various powers of the galaxy worked together against the common thread of the Communion. During that struggle, numerous pirate groups had voluntarily joined with the Coalition, providing additional space power to the fleets. Among the pirate leaders to join the battle against the Communion was a renegade Broan prince called Dovox, who stylized himself as "Sovereign." Bringing together a number of pirate groups under his command during the Incursion, Sovereign had taken advantage of the chaos that existed when the Communion was defeated, using his forces to take control of a parsec along the outer edge of the Stellar Khanate and establishing himself as the rule of his own empire. After spending some time consolidating his position, Sovereign had begun to show signs of his intention to seek to expand his new domain, sending out forces to nearby systems to scout out potential targets for conquest. The Praetorians aboard the Kavaca had been sent to the sector to investigate and see what could be done to dissuade the would-be-conqueror. On the Kavaca's bridge, Seresk, a larger reptilian Praetorian, was at the sensors station and looked up from the displays before him. "Sri Steward, sensors are detecting a freighter sized vessel in orbit around Galor III. Its configuration is similar to vessels know to be employed by the pirate groups controlled by Dovox. It appears to be exchanging fire with several orbital defense satellites."
  10. High Earth Orbit The Lighthouse March 8, 2016 Amara Val-Ren slowed her velocity considerably as she drew close to the blue and green planet that was the third from this system's star. The young Naram, known to many throughout the galaxy as Paradigm of the Praetorians, had been to this system before, but this was the closest she had been to Terra, the world so famous (or infamous depending on who you asked) among a number of the major spacefaring civilizations of this era. Soon she was going to have an even closer look at the planet, but first certain protocols had to be followed. Amara's right arm was wrapped around her teammate, Moon-Moth, as she flew them both through the void of space. The pair had arrived in the system a short time ago, by way of the wormhole that now connected it to other parts of the galaxy. They had made a brief stop at the small space station the Freedom League maintained to monitor the wormhole, to arrange for their arrival at the group's main headquarters in orbit around Terra. It was this large station that the two Praetorians were now drawing near. The reason for their visit to Terra was to interview two natives of the world regarding the time they had spent among the Spectrum Knights in that group's original headquarters. The interview had been arranged with the assistance of the Star Knights, which had a representative both in the Praetorians and the Freedom League. The Freedom League would be overseeing the interview at a facility they maintained on the surface of Terra. Amara fully understood the need for having the Freedom League as an intermediary in this, given the misunderstandings that had taken place when the two Terrans had been discovered among the Spectrum Knights when a joint Praetorian/Star Knight task force had managed to assault the Spectrum Knight headquarters, a task force Amara had led. Slowing even further as they neared the Lighthouse, Amara guided herself and Moon-Moth over toward the airlock they had been instructed to use.
  11. Aboard the Kavaca, Kuiper Belt, Terran System The Praetorian craft zipped through the various objects at the very edge of the Terran Solar system. Everything had seemed to have recovered from the Communion attack but the station near the Pluto wormhole kept picking up stray signals from beyond Eris. Terran equipment was struggling to pinpoint anything solid, so they’d asked the Praetorians to come take a look with these more sophisticated sensors. With the general rebuilding of the Praetorians and their base they could only spare a one craft and crew, though with the Praetorians that was normally more than enough.
  12. The heart of the Delaztri Empire Over two thousand years ago Amara Val-Ren knelt on the smooth polished white floor of a large great hall of the headquarters of the Praetorians as she repeated the oath of allegiance to the Delzatri Empire. Her voice joined those of over a dozen other beings kneeling nearby, as they all swore their loyalty and life to protecting the Empire and its citizens. Amara was dressed in a full length white bodysuit, with black diamond shapes, surrounded by golden yellow trim, on the shoulders, upper chest and back. Her long black cape rested over her and was spread out slightly on the floor around her. For the young Naram, this was a moment she had long dreamed of, ever since her older brother had joined the ranks of the Empire's greatest protectors. Following in his path had been a difficult one, yet despite the hardships and sacrifice required, Amara had not wavered in her devotion or focus. "And I shall not falter in my duty, even unto death." Amara recited as she completed the oath along with the others around her. As she finished, Amara raised her head, looking up at the room around her once more. Gathered along the wings of the hall were more than sixty members of the Praetorians, gathered to watch the newest members recite their oaths. Gathered at the front of the hall were the six senior most Praetorians, with Amara's own brother, Daar Val-Ren in the center, similarly watching on. Darr Val-Ren was well over six feet tall, with a powerfully built physique. He had dark orange skin which was characteristic of Naram, with short dark blue/black hair. He was dressed in a uniform similar to Amara's, only his was primarily black, with red diamond patters and a long red cape. "Your oath is complete, welcome brothers and sisters, to the Praetorians!" Daar Val-Ren announced in a strong voice that carried easily through the large hall, followed quickly by a booming cheer from the gathered members. Amara stood back upright, an feeling of elation sweeping over her as she looked to her brother with a small smile, before turning to begin congratulating her fellow new Praetorians...
  13. San El-H, Djanei VI GM Post In the height of the Delaztri Empire Djanei was the height of learning bringing scientists and academics from throughout the empire and beyond. Now it was a forgotten world on the edge of Lor space, it one great universities lost to the deciduous forest that covered much of the world. Sam El-H was a small frontier town sat on the edge of a mine reclaiming exotic metals from the soil. Most of the miners were still working their claims so the cantina was mostly deserted when a half dozen armoured figures entered the bar. A mass of almost clashing colours and with an elaborate helmets it would be easy to underestimate them as purely ceremonial, except for the deadly blaster stapped to there waist. They began to harass the barkeep, one of the original Delazti settlers, about expected supplies that they had no intention to pay a single credit. There order didn’t say they weren’t meant to interfere, though technically it wasn’t there territory, but Sitara had alway been fuzzy about order in cases like this. “I do believe that he doesn't want to help you with your problems, I suggest you leave now before trouble breaks out.†she was seemed relaxed, though she kept her hand near her power pike just in case. “This doesn’t involve you stranger don’t get involved.†his spoke the local tongue with a heavy accent. “Besides...†he looked around a little over dramatically “I count six of us, who have you got on your side?â€
  14. Kestevan 79 Magnetar  23,000 LY from Terra November 2014 (Terran Calendar)   Why are we here?    It was a hard question not to ask as the Praetorians' starship approached the world Moon-Moth had designated as the next target of the Communion. Kestevan 79, and its companion magnetar were a long-dead supernova remnant - the nebula, the neutron star inside, and its magentar companion both had been classified as navigational hazards by the Delaztri and generally avoided by their fleets, something that as far as they could tell had remained the same for Lor and Grue both. After all, what could possibly live in the wash of gases and X-Rays produced by nebula and burning magnetar alike? But there was, as far as the Curator had been able to tell, life on the sole world orbiting Beta Kestevan - life that was by all accounts a target for the Communion.    For his part, Solar Sentinel found conditions equally grim as he headed out into the remote space near the Kestevan system, a system so remote and so irradiated that it had remained largely unclaimed in all the space wars he had ever heard of. There was no debris in the system, no asteroids or other planets - just the invisible at this distance neutron star that was Beta Kestevan (for all that it howled like a dead god on the radio) and the single white orb beneath the brilliantly burning shape of the Kestevan nova that floated over the system like the ghost of a dead star.    Kestevan I - the only life-bearing world for light-years. Kestevan I; the next target of the Communion. A small collection of older, disreputable-looking starships were in orbit as Sentinel and Praetorians took up their positions in the vast depths of space; the wash of radiation in the system making whatever signals they might be sending to each other impossible to read. The planet was cold and desolate even from space, frozen nearly from pole to pole. Down below, on the icy surface of Kestevan I, a small handful of city lights twinkled at the equator, the planet's only source of free water.    They had no idea what was coming.
  15. Continuing from >here. Amara Val-Ren had followed after Vince as the hologram led her from the room in which she had been awoken and into the vast chamber beyond, where seemingly endless rows upon rows of cryogenic tubes were stored in the cold air of the room. The cold no longer was bothering the Naram, as she moved over towards the nearest row of tubes, around which lights had just activated and the faint forms of her friends and comrades could be seen behind the frost on the tubes. She carefully counted the tubes as Vince moved over to a nearby control panel and began the awaking process for the other Praetorians. Just about two dozen tubes, the number of survivors she remembered from after their final battle with the Communion. And yet now they were being awoken to face the Communion once again. Amara stepped back from the tubes as she waited for the others to begin to wake. "We will want to see all information you and the Curator have regarding the Communion's advances. As well as that on any power groups that are there to oppose it."
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