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Found 1 result

  1. Pat's Pizzeria Bayview, Freedom City, New JerseyMonday November 16th, 2015 5:12 PM Finding dining off campus that was both hygienic and allowed a monkey to enter its premises was no small task. But, Annibal was up to the challenge. Spending the entire weekend searching the motivated youth was able to uncover a small hole in the wall pizzeria called Pat's. A secret hotspot among metahumans, Pat's was quite possibly the most primate friendly dining spot. The secret behind the place's cleanliness? Pat the owner had the ability to create and manipulate soap, bubbles, and foam. Making her a one woman cleaning machine. It also made eating at Pat's an attractive option for people whose powers came with a fur filled face lift. Not to mention the regular people who loved seeing Pat's nonthreatening powers at work. Suffice to say, Raina and Annibal had no issue finding a booth that would allow them to bring Merlin inside.
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