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Found 3 results

  1. Parkhurst Hotel, Lantern Hill, Freedom City 11 pm October 31st For the last few nights, every magician and sorcerer could feel it, something was clawing its way up through the deepest and darkest dimensions. It created a sense of dread that something very bad was going to happen and soon and it didn’t take a genius to figure out when Samhain or Halloween was when the barriers between worlds were at their weakest. So quickly a plan was quickly put together all of those with suitable magical gifts were summoned, mostly by text and e-mail, to the Parkhurst Hotel to carry out a ritual (at midnight of cause) to hopefully sealing whatever this creature was within the spaces between worlds. That was at least an hour or so however so everyone was gathered in the grand hall with its sweeping staircases doing one of the other favourite things that mages loved to do network and gossip.
  2. Freedom City’s Orpheum Theatre, The Theatre District, Freedom City 11 pm October 31st A hundred years ago it was the pride of Freedom City, a magnificent Art Deco building for those interested in the newest medium of motion pictures. Closed in the ’70s the building had fallen into disrepair and many sadly thought the building would soon be demolished for a newer more practical (but bland) building put in its places. Then a year ago it was revealed that the Summers Foundation had gained the building (through the ownership by Summers Advanced Dynamics) and were planning to restore it to its former glory. Now the building was was opening and in honour of the time of year, the cinema was going to show a series of classic horror movies and someone had the idea to invite the more “monstrous” heroes of Freedom City. With a promise of big donations to various charities from the first night's box office. For now, those invited heroes were being allowed to gather in the foyer to have a chance to socialise among themselves before any other guests were bought in for the movies to begin.
  3. It’s spooky season again and in honour of such, we’re going to have a few Halloween themed social threads along with a Halloween vignette Ghost Stories. In A Gathering of Mages your magic-based characters have a chance to discuss a potential threat to reality, whilst in Silver Screen Dreams the more monstrous heroes have a chance to gather for a good cause. These are social threads, but as an experiment, things will at regular periods change giving new ways to interact. If anything else Halloween happens, and please feel free to explore such things, let me know and I’ll add it here for everyone to enjoy!
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