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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, or rather everyone who checks this. First timer here. Stumbled on it while looking for a pbp forum for M&M. I’m also on the Paizo forums. I joined a M&M 3e game there for the first time and took a liking to the system. I know this is a 2e forum but I thought I’d take a chance. That said, I have a few ideas but I know I’m gonna have a few questions too. The first one I have is if I wanted retractable blades on a battlesuit would that have to be a separate power? I’m not looking for it to add to the attack or damage bonus necessarily, just to change the
  2. The Importance of Understanding Your Feelings Time: February 27, 2011 Place: Hughes Home Corbin had spent the last week being rather distant to...well, pretty much everyone. His parents, Quo-Dis, Blake, his other school friends, all of them had noticed he'd been quieter, more focused. Just not on school. He seemed to be living in another world. That wasn't to say he was cold or unkind; simply that he spent more time than usual on his own. Thinking, drawing, painting, or listening to music; one way or another, he was secluding himself. Today, he was in one of the top floor rooms of his fa
  3. Time: January 10, 2010 Place: Archetech The room was dark and quiet, mechanical humming and the whoosh of air recirculating the only noises that could be heard. Stesha lay on an uncomfortable bed, half-propped up by the lifting back and a couple of pillows. She looked at the blank screen in front of her, then over to Derrick where he sat on a stool next to the bed, and squeezed his hand. "I feel like we're waiting for a movie to start," she joked softly. He just smiled and brushed his lips across her forehead, even as the door to the hallway opened to let in light and the businesslike clic
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