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Found 2 results

  1. Just starting this as a sort of an intellectual exercise, but what if anything would the people and heroes (aka the Also People) of Freedom do about the ruined state of Kingston? This came up in chat, and I agree with the sentiment that something as dramatic as a Terminus invasion shpuld have a lasting impact on the city and the world, but could some use be made out of at least some of the land? Like a memorial park, a government lab to study the Doomforge and all things Terminus, or a heroic HQ. Just tossing this out there!
  2. It sits there in Kingston, an abomination. It's the biggest eyesore in the city (and arguably the world) and has transformed what was once a million-dollar neighborhood into a ghost town. If people are angry at superheroes, they're likely to be angry about that _thing_ in the heart of Freedom City. The heroes say they're working on it, but they say a lot of things. So what is it? The Kingston doomforge is about the size of a large industrial warehouse, a squat, cyclopean shape that has angles and curves where it shouldn't. There's a curve on top about the size and shape of a crosstown bus, the biggest definable feature of the thing. It's in the middle of a large crater in the heart of the formerly fancy neighborhood, having partially risen out of the ground during the battles in and around it during the invasion of '18. It screams wrongness to any magical sense because of the deaths that happened there - not just deaths, but worse than that. When even the mind is shackled, what happens to the soul? Entering the doomforge is not recommended - indeed, all the entrances were sealed not long after the end of the invasion. Sometimes those seals are broken. They should not be. The general consensus is that the machinery of the forge has been permanently deactivated, but even a deactivated thing from the Terminus can have terrible effects. Don't go in alone. The forge's 'roots' are sunk deep into the bedrock, both physically and spiritually. Removing it would mean shattering what's left of Kingston, and somehow that seems like yet another defeat. But isn't letting the venom of the Terminus drip into the world a defeat too?
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