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Found 2 results

  1. Recently I've been toying with the idea of bringing back an old PC of my mine, Jeena Vandermol, aka Cubic. I didn't get to use her much before I left back in 2011, which I've always regretted. I have three unused Rewards, so obtaining a new slot wouldn't be hard. The original sheet (linked above) was mostly the work of someone else (possibly a certain Brain-y fellow) and would probably require extensive revision. While I could age her up to 22, this being a superhero world, she could have been stuck in a stasis field for six years; not sure which would work better. I'm not a hundred percent sure on this, but I'm looking for suggestions and feedback; not having her twin brother Covalent around would be a big change, but to be honest, he was a bit of a trouble making hothead, so she might be better off without him.
  2. The King of Suits' left boot was still atrociously grimy from the scrabble up the building, with long splashes of mud, raw sewage, and the occasional piece of random detritus that lined the sewer tunnels leaving their marks all around his costume. The smell of the place was even more abominable than the dimly-lit sights that the young man's eyes could make out, a putrid, wafting stench of death, decay and waste hammering his nostrils like a really bad hangover. Only its noxious odor made it more like a bad combover, something obvious and utterly unbearable, but which you had to suffer with, and hope no-one said anythin- The caped and cowled man stopped abruptly, wondering what was wrong with himself. Shaking his head, he kept on down the strangely spacious and broad sewer tunnel, dodging the odd rat, reservoir dog, rodent, and large insect along the way. He had come down into the disgusting underworld due to a tip given him by one of his slightly-crazier acquaintances, who had told him about a gathering of rather well-armed people near back-alley sewer entries, and references to a 'Worm' of some kind. Hoping and fearing simultaneously that it was indeed the dreaded Conqueror Worm, the King of Suits kept his mouth shut and trudged on, his eyes peeled for any signs of a trap in the dank depths.
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