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Found 7 results

  1. Corporis Power Level: 8/10 (151/151) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A vampire given a second life as a hero Catchphrase: "Come stai?" Theme: "Blood" by Jim Johnston Alternate Identity: Jennifer James, Secret. Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana. Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey. Base of Operations: None. Occupation: Errand Runner. Affiliations: Good, Supernaturals, Heroes. Family: None. Age: 135 (born 1883) Apparent Age: early twenties Gender: Female Ethnicity: Italian-American Height: 5'7" (1.7 m) Weight: 140lb (64 kg) Hair: Black Eyes: Golden Her skin is darker, but still noticeably white. Her hair is long enough to reach her mid back, and is always straight. She has an hourglass figure. While she is not 'thick', her curves definitely show. She wears darker colors. Black mostly. Leather pants, boots, and coat. Black tshirt, and shades. This doubles as her costume. She carries a falchion at her side, sheathed, to protect herself. History: Back in the late 1800s/early 1900s, there was a place called Storyville in New Orleans. It was seedier than a pack of seeds! Prostitution was what brought in the main money, brothels everywhere. though some tried to cover it up under 'fine establishments' and 'house shows'. Dracula's Sin Den was one of the unlisted types. You had to know someone who knew someone to get in. You were basically lost to the city once you found it. The owner and proprietor, one Miss Dark, hand selected every 'performer' that crossed there. Jennifer - as she's known now, she doesn't remember her birth name - was one of those. Miss Dark found the girl struggling. Jennifer was an Italian, and homeless. Miss Dark picked her up. Jennifer cleaned up nicely. Miss Dark had mercy on her and gave her a job. Jennifer could carry a tune and could move well enough to 'dance'. Miss Dark gave Jennifer her second lease on life by turning the girl into a vampire. Vampire politics were 'simpler' at that time in history. Stay on your turf, do what your master told you, and don't make any messes you couldn't clean up. Jennifer took to the nightlife better than she did when she was 'alive'. Miss Dark was a good master who only asked of her girls to clean things up. Jennifer was part of the 'Brides of Dracula' comp. Anyone who got that got it for free, but they didn't come out. The end of Storyville came with the loss of Miss Dark and Dracula's Sin Den, but Jennifer had to move on. A while later there was an explosion of people in funny costumes who fought crime for truth, justice, and yadda yadda. Jennifer played it no mind until it was up in her turf. There were two full on invasions from other dimensions in the 60s. By the 80s, vampire politics were at an all time high. Freedom City was the safest unsafe place by then. Jennifer had a hunting ground there, but she couldn't stay there. Stuck in New Orleans She wasn't a pawn, but she was no where near the damn king or queen. By the mid 2010s, she found an out of the vampire life. A very unfortunate way too. The villain known as Mastermind was collecting things to experiment on as he was wont to do. He captured her and a few other vampires (Jennifer only remembers seeing a twelve containers, but their were other rooms) and tweaked and combined them with other things. For all the things he did to the other, Mastermind seemingly made Jennifer his pet. He said he'd cure her, which he did. He said he'd let her keep her powers, which he did. But there was always an underlying sinister tone to it that Jennifer didn't get. Luckily(?) she didn't find out what his end goal was. She, and what was left of the things Mastermind collected, was rescued by a group a superheroes. Jennifer showed them that she had bloody superpowers. She didn't tell them that she was formerly a vampire. They set her up with a place to stay in Freedom City. Unknown to Jennifer, there was another problem on her tail. You just don't leave vampire society. Her having over a hundred years of 'debt' made her a target. Freedom City was safe, but she wasn't. Personality and Motivation: Jennifer is finally happy. Finally free from all that oppressive undead responsibility. She has a wicked, dark sense of humor. Beyond that she's a very sensual type, the type that seems to not know what personal space is. A very hands on type. It's somewhat built into her nature over time. Jennifer wants to help people. Even as a vampire she wasn't a killer (unless she needed to be). She's very caring of the living. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural folks, she regards on a case by case basis. She's dealt with all types. Some evil types were the nicest people she knew. Some good folks were absolute sadists. She fights for everyone to have a chance at a good life. Power Descriptions: Jennifer is greatly gifted from her years as a vampire and Mastermind's experiments on her. She's quicker and more hearty. She can take harder hits. She'll live forever. She can use her blood others to do various fair and foul things to their bodies. Though she relies on her falchion more often than not. She's not the world's best swordsman, but she's learning! Her fighting style is powerful and graceful swings of her sword. She'll incapacitate her opponent with her sword alone. But if the danger rises, she'll use her blood manipulation in a retreating effort. Complications: Hee Hee... Oh, Sorry!: Jennifer's sense of humor is macabre. It might offend the squeamish. Hunted: Vampires are after her. You just don't leave the vampire after 100 years of 'service'. Smoke Break: Tobacco was one of those things she never gave up from her former life. She carried it into death and now into life again. What's Happening?: Every so often, Jennifer's body will betray her. It's something that Mastermind put in for all his escapees. At least she's still alive. What's That Smell?: Not needing blood to survive anymore, she does get the weird craving for it every once in a while. The smell of it is enough to distract her from her current situation. Abilities: 4 + 6 + 2 + 4 + 4 + 8 = 28PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 22/16 (+6/+3) Constitution: 18/12 (+4/+1) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 16 + 14 = 30PP Initiative: +10/+7 Attack: +8 Melee, +8 Ranged, +10 Swords Defense: +8 (+7 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +10 Knockback: -4, -2 without Protection, -1 without Protection and Enhanced Constitution Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 4 = 12PP Toughness: +8/+5 (+4/+1 Con, +4) Fortitude: +8/+5 (+4/+1 Con, +4) Reflex: +10/+7 (+6/+3 Dex, +4) Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4) Skills: 40R = 10PP Acrobatics 9 (+15/+12) SM Concentration 3 (+5) Diplomacy 6 (+10, 14 attractive) Intimidate 6 (+10) SM Knowledge (arcane lore) 8 (+10) SM Knowledge (history) 3 (+5) Language 1 (English, Italian [native]) Notice 3 (+5) Perform (dance) 1 (+5) SM Feats: 13PP Attack Specialization (swords) 1 Attractive Distract (Intimidate) Dodge Focus 1 Improved Block 2 Improved Disarm 2 Improved Initiative Precise Shot Quick Draw Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Intimidate, Knowledge [arcane lore], Perform [dance]) Weapon Bind Powers: 30 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 1 = 58PP Blood Manipulation Array 12 (24PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 6) [30PP] (vampirism, biological manipulation) Base Power: Healing 8 (Tincture; Extras: Restoration, Total; Flaws: Source [Blood]) {24/24} Alternate Power: Damage 8 (Exsanguinate; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Duration [Concentration]) {24/24} Alternate Power: Drain Ability Scores 8 (Dilute Blood) {24/24} Alternate Power: Mind Control 8 (Body Control; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Conscious) {24/24} Alternate Power: Move Object 8 (Blood Control; Extras: Area [Burst], Selective Attack; Flaws: Limited [Blood]) {24/24} Alternate Power: Nauseate 8 (Retch; Extras: Duration [Concentration]) {24/24} Alternate Power: Teleport 9 (Bloody Path; Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Limited [Blood]; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Progression 2 [weight, x500], Turnabout) {24/24} Device 2 (sword; 10PP Container; Flaws: Easy To Lose) [6PP] (weapon, steel) Damage 4 (Extras: Penetrating [2 ranks]; Feats: Improved Critical 2, Mighty, Precise) [10PP] (masterwork blade) Enhanced Constitution 6 [6PP] (biological manipulation) Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6PP] (biological manipulation) Immortality 1 (5PP Container) [5PP] (vampirism) Immunity 3 (aging, disease, poison) [3PP] Regeneration 2 (Resurrection 2 [1/day, unless beheaded]) [2PP] Protection 4 [4PP] (vampirism, biological manipulation) Super-Senses 1 (low-light vision) [1PP] (vampirism, biological manipulation) DC Block Unarmed Touch +8 DC 17 Toughness Damage Body Control Perception DC 20 Fortitude Mind Control, Conscious Exsanguinate Touch +8 DC 23 Fortitude Damage, Concentration Dilute Blood Touch +8 DC 18 Fortitude Drain Ability Scores Retch Touch +8 DC 18 Fortitude Nauseate, Concentration Sword Touch +10 DC 21 Toughness Damage, Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Penetrating [2 ranks], Precise Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (10) + Feats (13) + Powers (58) = 151/151 Power Points
  2. Silberman's Books, at the corner of Pratt and Frederick. Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. 10:00 am. Today it was the 'Tuesday Morning Power Trio' on the floor at Silberman's; Gretchen dutifully working the register, Lance at the bar pulling shots and making the magic happen, and Maddy on the sales floor with her warmth and English Lit degree. The morning crowd of old Jewish men playing checkers and moms chatting chatting over coffee while their babies dozed in their strollers was very much in evidence. The store's owner Lynn Epstein was in her office, sipping coffee and reading resumes while waiting for another applicant to show up for her interview.
  3. Supercape


    GM Freedom City January 17th The Residence of Jennifer James... 'Twas a most mysterious package, sent first class. The motorcycle courier had looked out of breath, saying he the delivery company had been ordered to send it with every speed. Ordered. Perhaps threatened. The package, once unwrapped, was an ice box. And inside the ice box was a jar of frozen blood, complete with a note. It was handwritten, and elegant. Dear Ms. James, My name is Winston Welsh. I am not a well man. In my bold endeavours for health I have read much about less conventional medicine, the supernatural, and so on. And I have dug deep into my family history, in search of an understanding of my haematological ailment, for no doctor understands it. I have come to believe (although I may be crazed and clinging to delusional hope), That you are a distant relative, and, maybe, a potential cure. Despite the remote possibility of my conclusion being true (as opposed to birthed from a maddened mind), I cling to hope. If correct, I would hope that this jar would give you good road to New Orleans, where I currently reside...
  4. Cline Building: 02/04/2018 GM: The Freedom League housing was a boon for those heroes who had not quite found their footing in a world that didn't always revolve around punching, blasting, or disintegrating the more mundane problems like rent. The small one bedroom apartments were tidy, furnished, and sufficient enough for Corporis after her sudden reversal of a very deathly condition. While she hadn't been either alive, or living there very long, it was starting to feel like home with some personal items beginning to give the space a personal touch. There was a semblance of food in the small kitchenette, some papers which appeared to begin the process to being recognized as a real person, and even some books scattered about. It was late on Sunday when Jennifer returned back from the small sports bar around the corner. Her need for human contact sometimes felt like it went beyond the social and the faint longings of the sweet nectar withing them was tempting. However, she had left that behind her and even if she wanted to be around people it was no longer to look at them as a convenient snack. So it was later than normal when she finally made it back to her apartment, the pleasant afterglow of a good evening still wrapped around her like a cloak.
  5. Right, let's start things out with a post about her typical evening routine and give me a notice check that I'll use when I reply.
  6. GM January 26, 2018, 3:30 pm It wasn't terribly unusual for strange things to happen out in Wharton State Forest. The wildlife made it dangerous enough, though no more dangerous than any other forest, all things considered. Campers and hunters frequented parts of it, so a distinctly human presence made it manageable. Nevertheless, there where times when things just took an unexpected turn--strange sightings, weird noises... and it seemed this was no different. Even from a mile or two away, one could see it: a great black haze covering a considerable portion of the woods like an opaque dome. Trees withered at its edges, and by all accounts, the dome was slowly expanding. The shadowy blight reeked of something ancient and terrible, attracting the attention of at least two interested parties...
  7. GM Some criminals run operations that Freedom League members won't touch. There are outliers that do the more grey stuff for truth and justice. Silent Justice is an app solicited to heroes who are looking to pay it forward. Sometimes it's just to get a cat out of a tree or help a granny across the street. Other times, there are cryptic messages that will be there for just a minute and then gone. These are the jobs that no one wants to do. Still within the confines of the law, but no one cares of the villain stops breathing air. No killing, yes yes, but accidents happen. Tonight's port of call were traffickers. Good Intentions was a business that dealt in warm storage. The more lively and healthy the body, the better 'parts' it would make. Don't worry, you've never heard of them. If you have you'd be gone, at best. The app described the job as 'Help wanted. Docks. Late night. Right now. Save people.' It was put up around 2330 and was deleted and deleted at 2332. Two, maybe three, people saw it. "2350," the dock worker looked at the ship carting on crates of various sizes, "ain't this a little early/late?" A man in a black business suit and red skin looked at the dock worker with a sadistic grin, "not that you'll remember, Smitty." The devil man invaded Smitty's mind giving him implicit instructions. Smitty's eyes whited over and nodded. "Getting right on it, boss," Smitty said taking out a walkie talkie, "guys we're gonna have another load to bare." There were a few collective groans heard from the walkie talkie. The devil man went back into his ship.
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