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Found 7 results

  1. Corporis Power Level: 8/10 (151/151) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None In Brief: A vampire given a second life as a hero Catchphrase: "Come stai?" Theme: "Blood" by Jim Johnston Alternate Identity: Jennifer James, Secret. Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana. Residence: Freedom City, New Jersey. Base of Operations: None. Occupation: Errand Runner. Affiliations: Good, Supernaturals, Heroes. Family: None. Age: 135 (born 1883) Apparent Age: early twenties Gender: Female Ethnicity: Italia
  2. Silberman's Books, at the corner of Pratt and Frederick. Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018. 10:00 am. Today it was the 'Tuesday Morning Power Trio' on the floor at Silberman's; Gretchen dutifully working the register, Lance at the bar pulling shots and making the magic happen, and Maddy on the sales floor with her warmth and English Lit degree. The morning crowd of old Jewish men playing checkers and moms chatting chatting over coffee while their babies dozed in their strollers was very much in evidence. The store's owner Lynn Epstein was in her office, sipping coffee and reading resumes
  3. Supercape


    GM Freedom City January 17th The Residence of Jennifer James... 'Twas a most mysterious package, sent first class. The motorcycle courier had looked out of breath, saying he the delivery company had been ordered to send it with every speed. Ordered. Perhaps threatened. The package, once unwrapped, was an ice box. And inside the ice box was a jar of frozen blood, complete with a note. It was handwritten, and elegant. Dear Ms. James, My name is Winston Welsh. I am not a well man. In my bold e
  4. Cline Building: 02/04/2018 GM: The Freedom League housing was a boon for those heroes who had not quite found their footing in a world that didn't always revolve around punching, blasting, or disintegrating the more mundane problems like rent. The small one bedroom apartments were tidy, furnished, and sufficient enough for Corporis after her sudden reversal of a very deathly condition. While she hadn't been either alive, or living there very long, it was starting to feel like home with some personal items beginning to give the space a personal touch. There was a semblance o
  5. Right, let's start things out with a post about her typical evening routine and give me a notice check that I'll use when I reply.
  6. GM January 26, 2018, 3:30 pm It wasn't terribly unusual for strange things to happen out in Wharton State Forest. The wildlife made it dangerous enough, though no more dangerous than any other forest, all things considered. Campers and hunters frequented parts of it, so a distinctly human presence made it manageable. Nevertheless, there where times when things just took an unexpected turn--strange sightings, weird noises... and it seemed this was no different. Even from a mile or two away, one could see it: a great black haze covering a considerable portion
  7. GM Some criminals run operations that Freedom League members won't touch. There are outliers that do the more grey stuff for truth and justice. Silent Justice is an app solicited to heroes who are looking to pay it forward. Sometimes it's just to get a cat out of a tree or help a granny across the street. Other times, there are cryptic messages that will be there for just a minute and then gone. These are the jobs that no one wants to do. Still within the confines of the law, but no one cares of the villain stops breathing air. No killing, yes yes, but accidents happen.
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