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Found 1 result

  1. Danger Manor North Bay, Freedom City Saturday, September 29, 2018. 1:00 PM The discussion had begun just before the start of the school year about making a trip to the beach to get in some last bit of surfing before the weather turned and it got too cold for such activity. From there it had sort of grown to more of a general social gathering for some of the Claremont students. The Danger cousins had taken the initiative to host the gathering at Danger Manor, given the potential privacy concerns, and thus had set Prudence to work coordinating things. This had included arranging for use of the private stretch of beach at the manor, arranging for the food for the beach cookout for dinner and securing transport for those students that needed a means to get to North Bay from the school. Of course, all of this had been work on top of her normal responsibilities as the personal assistant to Janus and Veronica. The young woman glanced down at her tablet one last time, confirming that everything was going as it should as she stood near the boathouse at the end of the long dock that ran out into the water. For once she was not dressed in her impeccable business attire, instead opting for a pair of dark blue jeans and white short-sleeved blouse, over which she wore a light windbreaker. The day had turned out to be a pleasantly warm one, even if the temperature was not likely to reach the low-eighties and a light breeze blew in from the ocean. "Everything appears to be in order." She stated out loud as she lowered her tablet. "The first van containing your guests should be arriving shortly." "Great! Thanks so much for all your work in organizing all of this Prudence!' Veronica Danger replied as she walked over near Prudence, carrying the sail for a windsurfer over to where the board section was lying near the dock. The teenage danger was dressed in a full body wetsuit, but her feet were currently bare. Setting the sail down near the board, she looked around the area she had been working to help prepare the last couple of hours before looking out along the long dock. "Too bad the Danger Yacht is out at sea for the moment, but probably for the best. People might want to go aboard if it was here." She said with a small smile. Turning away from the dock, Veronica looked back inland, where a gentle hill rose up from the beach, upon which sat Danger Manor itself. "Yes, that is likely a good thing." Prudence replied in agreement. "Besides, I believe you have a sufficient amount of watercraft for those that might be interested in going out. Although, I rather expect most will prefer to just stay on the beach." "Probably." Veronica stated. "But still should be a fun time for all."
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