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Found 2 results

  1. Saturday, January 18th, 2014 Early morning Approaching Blackstone Federal Penitentiary The water was still cold, and the waves crashed up over the bow of the ferry boat as it cut through the bay. The boat was small but fast, and the few individuals on-board huddled in groups, chatting and drinking coffee. Their shared location loomed out of the ocean like a mass of bad ideas, silhouetted blackly against the rising sun. Cho Paige hadn’t been able to get clearance to fly into Blackstone, the super-prison that held some of the most dangerous superbeings in the world. And somewhere, in the mess of power nullifiers and Impervium doors and alarms and armed guards, was a young man who wasn’t much older than she was, who had attacked a crowd of civilians. He called himself Ice Age, but the police report said he was Clive Ross.
  2. The thread for rolls in regards to >this thread.
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