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Found 1 result

  1. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a quick and handy resource when you're trying to decide how strong or tough or accurate to make your character. Because while numbers (like "X Strength lifts Y weight") are nice, sometimes it's good to be able to say "Well, this is probably about how strong this popular character was", or "This specific item is something you can lift" or "this is something you are as fast as or faster than". I myself find such things handy. I'm going to be separating things out into several small, easily-digestible posts, and trying to make sure I link them all in this initial Index post. That way, if you, for instance, want to double-check just what Impervious 5 can laugh off, you can click right to that post. I will reference a couple of characters that exist on these boards, but for the most part refer to popular culture characters (comics, movies, what have you). Index >General Ability Benchmarks >Attack and Defense Benchmarks >Toughness and Impervious Toughness Benchmarks >Damage and Power Bonus Benchmarks >Strength/Super-Strength Benchmarks >Speed, Swimming, and Flight Benchmarks >Skill Benchmarks
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