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Found 3 results

  1. In the interest of keeping the forum a little less cluttered with pinned topics, here is a list of various character or archetype constructions provided by your fellow players. Feel free to reply to this thread and add your own construction threads to the index. (One reply only please, edit your post to update your index.) AA's All New All Different Oddballs Gizmo's Character Scratchpad trollthumper's Cave Ecalsneerg's Improved Archetypes Ecalsneerg's Expanded Archetypes From the Laboratory of Dr. Archeville Supercape's Supporting Cast
  2. Builds: Agent Avian: Secret Agent Biiird! Deep One in a Battlesuit: You didn't think the Atlanteans had all the technology under da sea did you? Four Armed Alien Swordsman (Aka: Shoon Gladiator): Bet he has to buy his clothing special order, Fungal Totem (Aka Mycanoid Hero): Mushroom Superhero from Maaaars! Heroic Screamer: Just make sure to not get killed off before all the big school defining events. Infernal Acrobat: Daredevil as an actual Devil! Kickboxing Ape: So that's why they called him Mighty Joe! Volcanic Totem: Ta-Gar Lord of the Volcanoes Teleporting Shadowmancer with a Sword: Never had a Bamf sounded so sweet . Fearsome Freshmen: (PL 7 Builds) Heroic Screamer: Banshee if he weren't 10 years the senior of those less cool X-Men Powerhouse PI: The mind may be your strongest muscle, but it doesn't hurt to have actual muscles too. Power Fister: I could have gone with a more mature name, but y'all know what I'm about. Random Archetype Generator Battlesuit: Now you too can be a billionaire playboy philanthropist with a box of scraps. Construct: What measure is a nonhuman? Crime Fighter: Throw out the box of scraps and be a billionaire playboy philanthropist with a fancy car. Setting Elements: Isla de la Reina Venerado: Corrupt island in the Caribbean for all your super drug needs. Setting NPCs: Detective Valerie Archer: Undead Cop in the Fens The Dragon: Kung Fu Killer shrouded in mysteries and kicks. Shitennō: Four Arms (Or rather 12 if you count all of Spider Hunting in the Darkness' arms) are better than 1 Woundmaker: (Rebuild)
  3. Sos, talking in the chat an interesting point was brought up, that point being, there aren't many good examples of PL7 builds. There are some PL7 characters around, but no list of archetypes. Though AA makes tons, most if not all of them are set at PL 10 and the two starting slots are 7 and 10 so I thought I'd make a thread with some of my builds of different archetypes. Aquatic Badass Badass Martial Artist Boomerang Werewolf Bow UserDeathproof BrawlerDual Wielder Etain Maher The Full Body Prosthesis Half Ghost High Flyer Iron Chef Junk Man Lucky Charm Magic Gadgeteer Master of Disguise Mini Paragon The Puppeteer River Tam The Rock Shapeshifting Mentalist Shocky Spider Smart Speedster Sneaky Acrobat Tranquilizer
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