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  1. Thanksgiving 2015 Riley was waiting for Robin outside Claremont as soon as Wednesday classes were let out, sitting atop his pride and joy. Well, it wasn't really _his_ pride and joy yet - but the loaner motorcycle, black and chrome and shiny thanks to an evening's worth of dedicated polishing, was sturdy, functional, and could be trusted to get him and Robin from Bayview to North Bay in a reasonable amount of time. He'd been a little nervous about making this invitation, especially when it meant at least two days over at the home of his counterpart and his mother's duplica
  2. November 2015 The Fens Riley had had to come to the Fens separately from the girls - after weeks of detention and extra 'practice', he'd been authorized to carry his crossbow off school grounds again, and he hadn't wanted to miss the last day of training that earned him those rights. He knew some of his friends didn't like Mr. Archer very much, but as much as he'd screwed him over with that Metropolis thing, Riley had come to respect the drive and determination of the man. Not a lot of the teachers at the school would have been willing to put in these hours with
  3. Location: Claremont currently, later ???? Date: 9/21/15 In addition to the school's regular curriculum of classes taught by the stable of professors, there were the occasional guest lectures that were, perhaps, more akin to a college than a traditional high school. Of course, no one had ever accused Claremont of being a traditional school ever. Typically, from what the upperclassmen said, the guest lectures were for the one-off classes that the headmistress could rope active heroes into 'giving back' to the school. They were typically optional, although the staff wasn't above exerting pressure
  4. October 2015 Riley sat alone under the tree, methodically field-stripping his crossbow, his physics textbooks tucked away in the thick grass at his feet. So Headmaster Summers, after a serious conversation with him and promises of a serious conversation with his instructors, had set up a meeting with a famous superheroine. He'd heard of Erin White, of course, and the students of Young Freedom who'd helped save the world so many times. He didn't really care about most of them, half of whose names he didn't even know, but Erin White was someone whose name he knew very well. Alone in isolation
  5. September 2015 Bereft of his crossbow, Riley sat in the infirmary waiting room, reading a technical manual. He'd already filled out his paperwork, showed his student ID, and made sure Nurse Joy knew that he was there and was patiently waiting for his next turn. At least in theory. When he wasn't in a blind with a bow in his hand, or waiting up a tree, Riley had never been very good at patience. So instead he buried himself in stories about the construction and care of wind power plants, all the while making the usual adjustments for whatever tools and other equipment would be missing back on h
  6. Claremont Academy 9/18/2015 (three days post Lets get it started), 10:30AM Sunny with light clouds If Huang had been raised in circumstances less bizarre the trek down to the boiler room adjacent janitorial office would have been downright creepy with the poor lighting and strange sounds in the distant subterranean halls echoing like something out of a horror movie. As it was however event the more familiar environs could not improve his mood much. Not only detention but detention wasted on menial tasks for the mundane staff of the not so mundane school. He arrived a few minutes later than
  7. October 2015 Riley was alone in the gym for now; just the way he liked it. He'd even changed for the occasion, down to the binder and green and brown costume that were the minimum level of clothes he was willing to be seen in while walking around the school. On the obstacle course near one side of the ample gym, he took a moment to wrap his hands before beginning his run. First came the low wall of padded foam, which he vaulted with contemptuous ease, then the elevated, irregularly placed blocks that were equally no obstacle to him as he went. He vaulted to the balancing bridge without so mu
  8. On her way out of the awful test from hell, Robin hesitated in her blue and yellow uniform, debating for a moment whether she out to give Riley a bit of time or head directly after him. She could pause and change, but the memory of Riley's stricken expression decided her. Pausing only to grab her worn leather jacket, Robin headed up from Claremont's underground tunnels until she could reach a level where there was window access. There were many weirder sights than a student in a training uniform sprinting through the halls and diving out a window so Robin only garnered an occasional look as sh
  9. Danger Room, Claremont Academy Wednesday 9/15/2015 Early Afternoon When they were pulled from afternoon classes for a special assessment and Team Building Exercise Riley, Raina, Robin and Anibal were not precisely sure what that would entail though doubtless they each had ideas of what to expect. Few of them however were likely to expect what they found when they reported as directed to the athletic fields where in the distance they could make out Coach archer drilling a class of freshmen in a rather expansive obstacle course. Other than the distant coach and students there wasn't much to se
  10. Early September Common Room, Boy's Floor Riley sat alone in the common room, shoulders hunched, sharpening his hatchet. The jacket he wore was one size too big, a bulky, heavy outdoors jacket that had been a gift from his other self before leaving 'home' for Claremont. It was a nice enough jacket - it was certainly like nothing he'd ever worn back in his real home. Nothing this nice would have gone unpatched in fifteen years since the end of the world. The other boys were doing boy things; playing video games, watching television, and talking to each other. Riley, with keen ears and keen eye
  11. From the album: Alder's Artistry

    For Review! Pencils!

    © K Keppeler

  12. The OOC! Riley, Raina, Robin, and Anibal first day in the Danger room Special Appearance by Coach Capote (AKA Dauntless)
  13. September 2015 "Hey." Riley approached Raina outdoors in the quad, shooting a quick glance around for her monkey before saying, "I guess you got that stupid thing from Perry too, huh?" Raina wasn't in his developmental English class, but he'd heard some of the other kids complaining about the interview assignment while conducting his usual surveys of campus. After a couple of false starts, Robin had said Raina was OK, so..."You find a partner?" He was dressed in his usual fashion; hatchet on his hip, crossbow on his back, but with a brand-new three-ring binder tucked under his bare arm. He wa
  14. alderwitch


    Date: early September, just after the field trip After restlessly trying to settle yet again in her bed like a perfectly normal person, Robin gave up in short order. Sitting up smoothly and silently, she reached for the tattered black backpack that was never all that far from her fingertips, pulling it close. Her fingers ran over the fabric, checking in the dark to make sure the zippers were all closed and nothing might slip out in her escape. As she stood, all Robin had to do was find her sneakers with her feet in the dark. That was as far as she'd gotten in stripping for bed and even their a
  15. Replaced by sheet here Woodsman Power Level: 11/11 (182/184PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: +4 ATK/-4 DMG, +4 DEF/-4 TOU In Brief: Dimension-lost archer with a technical bent, trying to prove himself alongside walking gods and find a way to save his people Alternate Identity: Riley Smith Identity: Secret [Registered] Birthplace: Freedom City, Earth-J-Disaster-1 Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Casey Smith (father, dead), Peyton Quinn-Smith (mother, alive) Description: Age: 18 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Height: 5'6" W
  16. Abilities: 6 + 12 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 4 = 38PP Strength 16 (+3) Dexterity 22 (+6) Constitution 14 (+2) Intelligence 16 (+3) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 20 + 16 = 36PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +10, +11 with Ax, +14 with Bows Grapple: +13 Defense: +14 (+8 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback: -2/-1 flat-footed, -3/-2 with costume Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +6/+4/+2 (+2 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll, +2 Con) Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +12 (+6 Dex, +6) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 100R = 25PP Acrobatics 6 (+12) Climb 7 (+10, Skill Mastery) Craft (Elec
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