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Found 45 results

  1. Thevshi

    Firestorm OOC

    Okay, IC thread is up I am going to say that Velocity is listed as available to be called for any alerts, though she is off in England. Of course, that hardly means it will take her long to get back to FC and where she needs to go. I will leave it to Electra and Fox to determine where Fleur and Gaian/Tiamat are, although, might be helpful if both were off in Sanctuary, so it would not take long for Fleur to dimension portal them all back to Earth Prime. Totally up to you two.
  2. Ari


    GM 12.45 PM, 1st of May, 2014, Liberty Park, Liberty Perk The harsh winter hadn't yet given up its hold on the west Atlantic. There were still occasional snowfalls, and the air was chillier than any mid-spring noon had any right to be. The clouds reigned over Freedom City. Still, that made things like steaming-hot coffee all the better. One of the reasons Mega Howell had been invited to the busy coffee shop. The other was the man who had invited her there, Freedom City's Director of the American Elite Government Intervention Service, Stewart Bonham. His chair tipped back downright perilously, a mug filled with one of the shop's better blends in hand, and gazing at the bustling streets and busy park like a born sovereign, the handsome, cheerful Chief Administrator was nobody's idea of a secret agent. Dressed in a snug blue sweater and scuffed jeans with a Blades baseball cap over his curly brown hair, he looked more like a off-duty athlete than a government spy and soldier. "It's great to see the people you're fighting for, Velocity, catch a glimpse of the lives that need saving. Gives you some perspective, you know?" tossing back a mouthful of the rich liquid, he savored the taste with closed eyes. "That, and it's safer. People see us talkin...well, they won't think it's business." Regarding a passing schnauzer on a leash, and the old woman coaxing it along the cold sidewalk, Stewart added "You didn't have to come, so I'm encouraged you did. Tell me," he glanced up at the famed speedster and superheroine across the table from him, his normally bright blue eyes crinkling a little against the sun blazing between the clouds "If I told you 'AEGIS needs your help with a doomsday cult'...what would you say?"
  3. Ari


    For Out-of-character discussion and posting rolls/resolving conflicts. Megan Howell IS Velocity in...Conspiravision.
  4. The OOC thread for this thread. 
  5. North Bay, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday, February 11, 2014; 6:18 AM The sound of an alarm clock ringing for the third time in the last eighteen minutes pulled Megan Howell out of the half sleep she had fallen back into. The young woman's hand shot out towards the nightstand at speeds beyond what the human eye could easily follow, slamming the snooze button once more to silence the annoying alarm once again. But this time, Megan did not close her eyes again. Instead, she glanced at the room around her as her eyes adjusted to the faint darkness. The cold that had crept into the bedding on other side of the large bed reminded her that Robert was still back in England dealing with a few family matters and attending a conference back at Cambridge. Letting out a slight sigh, the blonde haired young woman sat up, reaching over to turn off the alarm. Once that was done, Megan was then up from the bed and had moved through the master bedroom and into the spacious master bath in a blink of the eye. A few moments later, she was climbing into a hot shower to help shake off more of her drowsiness, which should do until she was able to get some coffee. As the hot water ran over her, Megan closed her eyes for a few moments, thinking back to the various changes over the last few months. It had been toward the end of October when she and Robert had returned from what had been for them, six years in the Null Zone. Of course, because the Null Zone existed outside of normal time, to the rest of the world, they had not been gone long at all. Having returned with a six year old son, the pair had needed to make several changes to the lifestyles they had been leading. One of the first things Megan had done was to revel to her parents (and the later her older siblings) that she was Velocity, a secret she had kept from her family since she had been a Sophomore in high school. Naturally her parents had been quite shocked to learn their youngest daughter was also a superhero, not to mention that they suddenly had a six year old grandson. Megan and Robert had then begun looking for a place in Freedom City to purchase together. It had taken nearly all of November, but Megan had finally located a wonderful mansion in the northern, slightly more rural part of North Bay. The house came with extensive grounds, something Lawrence had become accustomed to growing up in the Null Zone. So Robert had more or less permanently relocated to Freedom City, although he was making bi-weekly trips back to England, though usually for only a couple days at a time and they had all spent the latter half of December and New Year's back at Robert's family estate in England. And of course, for Megan, there had been getting back into being more active with the Freedom League. Shutting off the water, Megan then exited the shower to dry her hair, get dressed and otherwise ready for her day. For the most part, her morning routine took mere moments, one of the benefits of having superspeed. But once she was dressed, Megan made her way down the dim hallway of the large mansion at a normal speed as she made her way to her son’s bedroom. The door to Lawrence's room was halfway open, as it often was, allowing some light from the main hallway to shine into his room so it was not too dark. Megan stopped at the door briefly and looked down at the sleeping form of the six year old. But then she turned on the lights as she called out. "Lawrence, time to get up and start getting ready for school." The figure on the bed began stirring as Megan added, "get dressed and the come downstairs for breakfast."
  6. Wakaya Island, Fiji Friday October 25, 2013; 11:33 AM local time (Freedom City time: 7:33 PM (Thursday October 24, 2013)) The late morning sun shone brightly in the sky over the small Fijian island of Wakaya. With the "cool" season coming toward an end, the day was turning out to be pleasantly warm, the temperature already approaching eighty degrees. Megan Howell glided through the water of the large infinity pool located on the spacious main deck of the large compound situated on the highest point of Wakaya. Dubbed Rai Ki Wai, Megan and Robert Howell had acquired the property a little over a month ago at a rather reasonable price, considering the size and quality of the property. This last week had been their first real chance to enjoy their new vacation home, other than a four day weekend back at the end of September. The decision to purchase the property with Robert had felt like something of a major move for the young woman. After all, it had only been about seven or so months since they had renewed their relationship, after nearly a year apart. Of course, Megan blamed that year apart on her on mishandling of things in regard to her identity as the superheroine Velocity. If she had not kept that a secret from Robert while they had been at Cambridge together, she was rather certain they would have recently celebrated two years together. Of course, the decision to purchase Rai Ki Wai together had also been made a bit easier by the knowledge that, at least in some timelines, she and Robert married. But that knowledge also came with the burden of knowing that in a number of those timelines (and perhaps even others where they did not marry), they had a son that would develop terrible powers. That possibility had made Megan consider not reconciling with Robert when he had initially indicated his desire to do so. But discussing the issue with a few fellow members of the Freedom League and their allies in the superhero community in Freedom City had convinced her otherwise. As she neared one of the stairs from the pool, the young blonde woman put her feet back under her, touching the bottom of the pool and standing back up out of the water slightly as she walked the rest of the way and up the stairs to the polished teak deck. Picking up a towel she had left nearby, Megan began to dry herself off as she made her way across the deck towards a row of lounge chairs overlooking the ocean. Seated in one of the chairs was Robert, the young English lord apparently in the process of making more edits to a paper he was to be presenting early next month at some scientific society he belonged to back in England. Unable to stop herself from smiling slightly, Megan moved over to take a perch at the edge of the chair beside him, running the fingers of one hand through his short blond hair. "You know, you have a long plane ride home early next week, not to mention several days once your back, to finish that up." She stated with a grin.
  7. From the album: Geez3r

    Height measured in inches, with each cell equating to 3 inches in height.
  8. Wading Way, Freedom City, New Jersey Friday, November 1, 2013 10:04 AM The Wading Way was best known for the towering office buildings that dominated the Freedom City skyline, the most easily recognizable being the three towers of Pyramid Plaza, but even it had a few small greenspaces wedged in among the business that dominated the area. While miniscule compared to Liberty Park, the Promenade or even Riverside Park, they still had plenty of trees, bushes and other plants to provide a discrete location for Stesha Lumins (more widely known as Fleur de Joie) to make a discrete appearance. One of Stesha's teammates on the Freedom League, Megan Howell (better known as Velocity) had called yesterday asking to meet with the greenhaired woman at Megan's apartment in this part of town. That building stood just across the street from the park Stesha arrived at, rising up over forty stories into the air. Megan's was up on the thirty seventh floor. It had been several months ago that Megan had come to visit Stesha at her home in Sanctuary, to talk about Megan's recent encounter with a former lover (a man named Robert Harrow) and learning that she might someday have a son with Robert who would have powers that allowed him to seemingly destroy entire timelines. In large part based on some of Stesha's advice, Megan had renewed her relationship with Robert, and had Stesha had gotten a number of reports about how well things seemed to be going over the intervening months. There had been an incident in early June where pieces of some sort of prototype to the Stopwatch that Robert had wielded during the earlier encounter in February that had led to Megan learning about their future son. But Megan had been able to handle gathering the fragments of that prototype Stopwatch with the assistance of an android named Hronos that had powers allowing it to control time, as well as Robert and a female archeologist/adventurer named Heather Steed. Since that incident, everything Stesha had heard from Megan seemed to suggest that things were continuing to go well. Early in October, the younger woman had even indicated that she and Robert were investing together in a property on an island in Fiji. In fact, Stesha had not seen Megan in well over a week, as Megan had gone to spend some time with Robert at their new home on the South Pacific island. But then Megan had called yesterday, stating she needed some advice and to talk, though the young speedster had not provided much else in the way of details.
  9. Gizmo

    Mercury Racing

    "Okay, I'm a, hoo, big enough man to admit that, huff, we may need a new plan," Jack of all Blades panted out with some difficulty, disengaging his grappling line and coming to a stop on a rooftop in the West End. Supporting one hand atop his knee, he wiped sweat from the gab between his royal blue bandanna mask and the edge of his black wig. "Take five, team," he told the rest of the Interceptors as he straightened and considered their options. Over the past couple of weeks there had been increasing chatter on the street about a new supplier for some variation of the drug commonly know as 'zoom', a potent concoction that overclocked the user's entire body, providing effective superspeed for as long as the high lasted but coming with the heavy risk of everything from heart attacks to paralysis. At first the Interceptors had had little trouble quashing the new variant, with Vince directing them to the most likely spots for drug deals in the neighbourhood before they could even happen. Unfortunately they'd had little success tracking down the actual supplier and in the past days the new zoom had flooded the West End, leading to a rash of superspeed B&Es and other crimes. This time they'd gotten enough warning to make it to the scene while a corner convenience store was being burgled but the thieves, still in the throes of the drug, had rapidly eluded the team as they sped off. Jack knew it was only a matter of time before they started running across the burnt out bodies of stupid kids who's luck had run out, assuming one of their petty robberies didn't go horribly wrong before that. It was time to call in the cavalry. "Hey, long time. It's your favourite swashbuckling pretty boy," he greeted into his phone once he had his breath back. "You got your sneakers handy? 'Cause I need a favour."
  10. 4th March 2013, around 10 am No one really paid much attention to Nicki as they sat listening to their lecture for the day. So no one noticed that she was dressed in a parody of the traditional Catholic Schoolgirl, a very short tartan skirt and a blouse tied in the middle, and her suddenly blonde hair tied into bunches. This was because the real Nicki was sat outside the offices of Summit Transnational watching again the video she had been aware off for only a couple of days. The video beginning with a close up of a teddy bear face who started to speak in a defiantly feminine voice.
  11. GM June 29th, 2013 Mayor Santo was a portly man with a bronzed face that was round and lined. He somehow carried off a magnificent smile and a handsome warmth, and had kept a magnificent lock of white hair on his head that made him look like a perfect mayor - approachable, experienced, warm but with authority. He smoked too many cigars. He drank too much port. He had a reputation with too many ladies. But he was not a corrupt man. That was a bonus. Yet politics was fierce, and he wanted to keep his job. And it so happened, that with the influx of several benefactors amongst the more successful upper class of RiO, and their businesses, he had the money to do it. Sure, every second float would have sponsorship's plastered all over it, but he had put together a city Carnival that would ignite the city this day. His younger - too young - some might say, and pretty - too pretty, some might say - wife, Sandra, came up to lean on his shoulder and comfort him from the stress he endured in the midday heat, as he coordinated with police, ambulances, and a thousand other details. The first signs of music, dancing, and costumes were already hitting the streets, and the smells of street food complimented the sounds and colours. It would be a long day, and a longer night. "My love my love" he said, patting Sandra affectionately, but - it should be said - patronisingly - "Leave me to my work. There will be time for fun later. Now! I must concentrate!" he said, with a smile. Something tickled the edge of his brain. He couldn't put the jigsaw together yet, but as he chomped on a cigar, he had the nagging feeling from various irritations and frustrations, and reports, that something wasn't going quite right...
  12. Alright, superspeed and supernatural shenanigans! Interceptors, feel free to establish yourselves either on the same rooftop or nearby checking in on communicators. Thev, I'm assuming Jack has some way of reaching Velocity but if we need to specify how exactly, go for it. Temperance will get folded in a little later, so we'll keep you in the loop, troll.
  13. Thursday, May 3, 2012 Cambridge, England 7:20 AM (BST: British Summer Time) Megan Howell closed her eyes as the warm water of the shower washed over her. The twenty year old was in the house owned by her current boyfriend, Robert Harrow, who was finishing his graduate work at the University of Cambridge. Megan was nearing the end of a year studying economics at Cambridge as part of a study abroad program through her school back in the States, Yale University. Though she had her own apartment near the university, since the end of the Christmas holidays Megan had generally been spending more nights at Robert's than at her own place. Of course, spending so much time with Robert had made it more difficult for the young woman to be out as Velocity, but she did what she could to get out in costume at least a couple of times a week, even if it was not for more than an hour or so (which was still enough time for her to get out to the European continent and to deal with some situation if she wanted). Those outings had been the source of some tension, as Robert at times questioned the reasons she gave for being unreachable if he happened to try to contact her while she was out. But thus far Megan had been able to defuse most of that and had generally tried to time her outings for when she knew Robert was busy and thus far less likely to try to get in touch with her. The young blonde had a fair bit of experience (not that she wanted it) with the problems her superheroing could place on her relationships, particularly romantic ones. The need to lie and keep secrets had caused tension in a number of her past relationships, but Megan had yet to really figure out when, if ever, was the right time to tell someone she was with about her dual life. But she was starting to wonder if perhaps it might be time to tell Robert the truth. The nearly seven months since she had begun dating Robert ,not long after Megan had arrived at Cambridge, was very nearly the longest relationship Megan had ever had. In some ways, the entire relationship with Robert was still somewhat unreal to Megan, particularly given how they had first met, more than two years before she had come to study at Cambridge. It had been during the summer after Megan's senior year in high school, when she and a couple of friends took a European vacation before they started at their respected colleges in the fall. Part of that trip included a several day stop in Ibiza, where Megan had celebrated her eighteenth birthday. It had been that night that she and Robert had met at one of the clubs on the island, before they ended up going back to Megan's hotel room together. That prior night together actually was a part of the reason Megan had not yet told Robert about her powers or her life as Velocity. There was a part of her which worried that for Robert, their relationship now was nothing more than a tryst he knew would end when she went back to the States to finish her undergraduate degree back at Yale. Overall, Megan was starting to feel this was less and less likely, but it was still a fear in the back of her mind. The blonde young woman's anxiety over the possibility was not helped by the fact that Robert had been somewhat quiet about any thoughts he might have on the future of their relationship after she did return to the States. Turning off the water, the Megan stepped out into the steam filled room, taking a nearby towel to dry herself off. The young blonde still had tan lines from the recent vacation she and Robert had taken to the Maldives over the Easter holiday. The trip had been very relaxing, allowing her and Robert to just spend time together with little else to distract them. For her part, Megan had been able to get through the tip without feeling a need to use her powers, though she had gone out as Velocity the very first night after they had returned from the trip. Wrapping her towel around herself, Megan took another to dry her hair some as she looked into the foggy mirror. Even if Robert wanted their relationship to continue after the end of the academic year, there was still the fact that she would be returning to the United States to finish her last year at Yale. While Robert would be done at Cambridge next month, his father had been ill recently, and the young man would likely be needed to help in running his family's holdings, meaning any continued relationship would need to be a long distance one for at least a year or so. Getting her hair about as dry as she could for the moment, Megan looked at her reflection in the mirror for a few more moments before turning to make her way out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom.
  14. GM Port Regal, Freedom City Thursday, July 4, 2013 7:00 PM There was a time when Port Regal was one of Freedom City's most affluent districts. But over the last few decades, that affluence had declined somewhat. But while many of its mansions and Victorian-era homes had been turned into bed-and-breakfasts or as part of other business ventures, the district still retained some of the trappings of its former glory. One such example was the Silver Glen Country Club. Almost a hundred year olds, the exclusive Silver Glen Country Club was originally designed by the well renowned gold course architect, A. W. Tillinghast. Situated on the northern tip of the western peninsula that jutted out into the Centery Narrows, the country club had a magnificent view of downtown Freedom City and the harbor, as well as the Narrows itself and its northern shore. As such, it had a long history of hosting a Fourth of July party for Freedom City's high society. This Fourth of July was no exception. Located along the western shore of the peninsula, clubhouse was decorated with red, white and blue steamers and other decorations. In addition to its large decks and patio areas, the large gardens located next to the clubhouse now had catering tables set up among its well manicured hedges and flower beds, in addition to a makeshift dance floor in the courtyard surrounding a circular fountain. There was already a good sized crowd of some of Freedom City's wealthiest and most influential, with more arriving by the minute in the parade of sports cars, high-end luxury cars and limousines that were arriving at the front of the clubhouse.
  15. HGM

    Opening Bids (IC)

    February 27th, 2013 8:00 P.M. North Bay Marina Ever since the fateful events in the previous month in which the Curator sprung a sense of terror that the city hadn't seen in well over twenty years, the word charity had become synonymous with Freedom City's night life. And although the city itself would never be desperate for repairs with the spirit of Dr. Metropolis, the families of the victims and the civil servants who gave their all still needed the proper assistance to get through the most trying of times. Of course proceeds for the needy in general would not go forgotten. The somber subject didn't stop many an event from becoming such a grand celebration that it could be considered the go to event of the evening. As could be expected along the piers of the North Bay Marina overlooking Freedom's own historical museum from the distance, a large 534 ft. luxury yacht would be home to just such an event. Celebrations were well under way, as one by one an expensive vehicle or limousine began arriving bringing many of Freedom City's elite all under one place. The generous spirit of the night would do nothing to dissuade those with unsavory intent from partaking in the festivities. In fact, it was even suspected that some of the items put up for auction were simply a means to transfer illegal goods. The massive vessel belonged to the financial titans at Rath & Stromberg. Though one would be hard pressed to find the two children of Stromberg whom actually chose to attend the event. Choosing not to be on full display as the family was one that valued privacy. The roar of an engine would rip through the night as a dark blue rear engine sports car pulled into the pier. Erick Sloane adopted son of David Sloane accompanied promptly exited the vehicle. The handsome young man was dressed in a sleek custom tailored suit. The 2-button classic styled vent jacket worn over a collared dress shirt afforded him little protection against the cold night air. The Russian wasn't a stranger to less than favorable ambient temperatures and the only concession afforded to the temperature would be the slight moment in which he checked to see if his breath was visible. Erick's light blue eyes rose to meet with the large lumbering vessel. He didn't often attend the showy functions, and in fact dreaded the small talk that inevitably followed. Other than sharing a tax bracket, Erick didn't often find he melded with higher society all that well. "Remember it's for a good cause. I can nod along for at least an evening...I think."
  16. Saturday, February 16, 2013 11:04 PM Megan Howell was somewhat quite as she and Kyle Conner rode the elevator in her apartment building to the thirty seventh floor. Because of Megan's business trip to Sweden last week, which had included Valentine’s Day, the couple had gone out tonight for a belated Valentine's Day. They had spent the last few hours having dinner and dancing at the Starlight Room, the revolving restaurant at the top of the Tremont Hotel in Midtown, which offered some of the most spectacular views of Freedom City's skyline. It had been a very enjoyable time, despite all the chaotic emotions that were currently at war within the young woman mind. In the month since she and Kyle has started dating, Megan had been enjoying herself, as one friend had put it, for a time she had practically been bouncing with every step. But then, almost three weeks ago, while out as Velocity, she had met another superhero named Siphon, who had inadvertently copied her superspeed and then joined her in chasing down a Chinese street gang who were on motorcycles or using Speed. While Megan really liked Kyle, there was something about Siphon she found so very appealing, someone that was part of the world she lived in as Velocity, AND could copy her powers and keep up with her, as she had allowed him to do when they had arranged to met up to patrol together once after that first meeting. As if all that were not enough, during Megan's trip to Sweden, she had gotten caught up in a situation involving her ex-lover from a year ago, Lord Robert Harrow, who had come into possession of a powerful artifact. She had also learned that in at least one possible timeline, she and Robert had been married and had a son, a son who had the ability to cause space and time collapse around him, and was driven mad by his powers. But the blonde young woman was determined not to let all that ruin her evening, and thus far, she had done so. Leading Kyle down the short stretch of hallway to her door, she gave him a wide smile as she opened it. "So, welcome to my little corner of the city." She said, stepping inside to a small foyer with hardwood floors, where she placed her small black purse and keys on a narrow table along one wall under a mirror. After she and Kyle had hung up their coats in the closet on the left side of the foyer, Megan led him straight ahead to where there was a step down and the apartment opened up into a dark area that faintly glowed with lights from other buildings. The living room area was a large space that ran perpendicular to the foyer, and connected to a small dining room area as well to the left. But the rest of the details of the room were quickly overlooked, as ones eyes were naturally drawn to the left wall of the living room, and the walls of the dining room. which were all large windows, providing a amazing view of the buildings of the Wading Way outside, including the three, twisting towers of Pyramid Plaza rising up in the distance.
  17. Monday, February 4, 2013 4:30 PM Though the late afternoon air was rather cool, the sun was shining as Megan Howell made her way down one of the tree-lined streets of Riverside. She had left work at her internship with Summit Transnational a bit early today to take up Angus Stone's invitation to see the small recording studio she owed in this part of town. The young blonde had met the former pop star during the Midnight Society's holiday party back in mid-December. But given the holidays, starting her internship at Summit, as well as Angus' own busy schedule, it had taken until now for Megan to be able to take her up on the invite. Looking around as she made her way towards the address Angus had given her, Megan smiled as she took in some of the sights of the bohemian neighborhood. I really need to try to get down here more often. The young woman thought to herself. Especially now that it is an easy monorail ride from my apartment in the Wading Way. Reaching the street the studio was on, Megan turned to her left and walked down another block before coming to a stop in front of a building with the sign *Zenith Stuido* out front. Well here we are. She through as she opened the doors and made her way in. "Good afternoon," she said to the receptionist inside with a warm smile. "I am Megan Howell, and I am here to see Angus Stone."
  18. December 13, 2012 Megan was on the second day of apartment hunting with her mother, and the young blonde was well past the point that she wanted to just give up and forget the entire exercise. She and her mother had looked at six apartments yesterday in the Wading Way, and they were now their fifth for today, an apartment building not far north of Midtown. All the apartments they had seen were nice, often with elegant finishing and fixtures. But none of them really grabbed Megan. For the amount of money she would be spending on rent, Megan felt it was not too much to ask that she find a place that she would really enjoy spending her free time in, even if that proved to be very little. Megan forced herself to keep an open mind as she and her mother followed the leasing agent for the building into the northeast corner unit on the thirty seventh floor that she had available. "As you can see, the unit has a spacious foyer with hardwood floors." The leasing agent stated as they stepped into said foyer. "There is a good sized closet here to the left. One of the many closets in the unit." She added, indicating the open closet. Ahead of them, Megan could see that directly ahead of them the foyer led to a step down into a large brightly lit area, likely a living room. But the leasing agent instead diverted them first towards the small hallway that headed off to the right. "Here you have a half bath, perfect for social guests." The agent stated, indicating the door off to the right of the hallway. Megan took a quick look into the small bathroom, noting the marble finish. "And across from it is a small lien closet." The agent continued, before leading the two women to the open doorway at the end of the small hall. "Through here is the bedroom suite." The agent noted. "First you have another closet." She said as she indicated the open close directly across from the doorway. "Off to the right is the full bath, also with marble finishing." Megan joined her mother in moving over to look into the apartment's full bath. It was a bit crowded, but not any more so than Megan had been used to in her dorm at Yale. The bathtub seemed a good size. The agent then led them into the large bedroom, with high arching ceilings which was rather well lit. The entire opposite wall was large windows, with a small slight angle at the right end. With the windows facing east, Megan could see parts of City Center, and even the Century Narrows beyond. After giving Megan and her mother a chance to take in the view and look about the large room, the agent continued, moving to open a door on the wall opposite the windows. "And here there is a spacious walk in closet." Once Megan had taken a look inside the walk in closet, the agent led them back out of the bedroom and through the short hallway to the foyer. "But I think that this unit's true charm is the living and dining room area." She said as she led them into the well lit area Megan had noted when they had entered the apartment. The living room was a long open space that ran perpendicular to the foyer. The upper portion of the living room was framed by a wall opposite the foyer that had a doorway. But it was the lower portion of the living room, connected to the dining room, that immediately drew Megan's attention. Large windows, similar to those in the bedroom, ran along the bottom of the living room and the dining room sat right at the corner of the building, so all of its walls were windows looking out over the city. And it was the view beyond that enthralled Megan. Looking to the north/northeast, the windows looked over the Wading Way, with the three, twisting towers of Pyramid Plaza rising up in the distance. Megan only half paid attention as the agent continued to talk, leading her and her mother into the kitchen, which also featured hardwood floors, with stainless steel appliances and a stacked washer/dryer just off the kitchen. As the loop through the kitchen brought them back into the living room, Megan's attention immediately went back to the breathtaking view. The blonde young woman looked over towards her mother, who gave a small smile and slightly arched one eyebrow. Megan nodded slightly and then looked over at the leasing agent. "I'll take it." "Fabulous!" The agent replied with a wide smile. "Shall we head back to the office to start the paperwork?" Megan nodded, but looked back out at the view once again before looking back over at her mother, who was looking around the spacious open space around them. "I think we are going to have to do some furniture shopping." Erin Howell stated to her daughter.
  19. Velocity Power Level: 15 (243/250PP) [322] Trade-Offs: -2 Toughness/+2 Defense; -4 Damage/+4 Attack with Rapid Fire and Rapid Attack Unspent Power Points: 7 Old character sheet is >here. In Brief: Archetypical speedster. Alternate Identity: Megan Howell Identity: Secret Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Socialite Affiliations: Freedom League Reservist Family: Donald Howell (father); Erin Howell (mother); Samantha Howell (sister); Jason Howell (brother); Lawrence Harrow (son); Robert Harrow (fiance) Age: 22 (July, 1991) Gender: Female Height: 5' 5" Weight: 110 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde (in costume wears a brunette wig) Megan has always been an attractive girl, one of those lucky ones who seemed to completely skip the awkward teenage stage. Now she has matured into a very stunning young woman, with a lean and tone body that still has plenty of curves. While she has long had a taste for the more expensive end of fashion, since attending Yale, she began wearing more moderately priced clothes around campus and has continued to do so in more general casual situations since returning to Freedom City. As Velocity, her costume is a yellow, form-fitting bodysuit with thin black and white checkered strips running down the arms and legs. She also wears yellow gloves and boots, and a small utility belt in which she carries a few things, such as steel ball bearings which she throws at supersonic speeds. In addition, she covers most of her head in a yellow mask, leaving only the lower part of her face exposed. To further conceal her identity, a brunette wig extends out of the back of the mask. Hi-tech, mirrored goggles cover her eyes and part of the upper half of her face. Power Descriptions: Megan has the ability to move at many times the speed of sound, her speed allowing her to run across water, up the sides of buildings, and even vibrate fast enough to pass through walls. Her speed goes beyond just movement, with Megan able to perform tasks that might take a normal person an hour in a few seconds. History: Megan is the youngest child of Donald and Erin Howell, both parents coming from old money families (Donald's is from Boston while Erin's is from Freedom City). Her father is currently the chair of the corporate law practice group of Hartford, Grayson & Cole, Freedom City's largest law firm. Her mother is a well known philanthropist, involved in a number of charitable foundations around the city. Megan grew up in North Bay, where her parents have a very large home. Her childhood years were filled with numerous gymnastics and dance classes, which lead her to cheerleading when she attended the exclusive private high school, North Bay Academy. Early in her Sophomore year, Megan was on a field trip to Astro Labs when a supervillain tried to steal some invention or another. During the chaos of the battle with a superhero that arrived to stop the theft, Megan was exposed to some chemicals which granted her superspeed. It was not long before Megan was using her new found powers to help people and fight crime under the identity of Velocity. While her activities were initially restricted to North Freedom and parts of downtown, in her Senior year of high school Velocity found herself involved in more and more encounters with supervillains. At the same time she began teaming up with more of the other superheroes in Freedom City, even having chances to work with some of the members of the Freedom League. After stumbling across a plot by the Tyranny Syndicate to replace various key and influential people in Freedom City with their duplicates from the Syndicate's dimension, Velocity teamed up with Raven to put a halt to the Syndicate’s plan, and in the process took down Johnny Speed, the Syndicate's version of Johnny Rocket. Velocity was extended an invitation to join the Freedom League and accepted the invitation, even as she finished high school and began attending college at Yale University. While easily able to quickly travel from New Haven to Freedom City when needed, the stress that being called away to missions, often in other parts of the world, placed on any attempt to have even a semblance of a "normal" college experience began to wear on Megan. She had herself placed on reserve status with the League, and briefly associated with a group of Freedom City based heroes, the Interceptors, but that proved short lived, as she soon choose to try to focus more on college. However, Megan soon found she could not so easily set aside her identity as Velocity. Attempting to live life at a more normal pace (save for studying) soon had Megan feeling as if she was going to go insane from boredom. Once again she began making outings as Velocity, generally basing her activities around New York City to keep any attention off New Haven. As most of these outings were random good deeds and non-superpowered crime stopping, it was easier to develop the balance in her life that had existed at the start of her career. Last year Megan had the opportunity to spend a year abroad, studying at the University of Cambridge. While in England, Megan reconnected with Robert Harrow, a young member of the British nobility with whom she had had a brief fling in Ibiza during her pre-college European vacation with a pair of high school friends. By Megan's standards, their renewed relationship was a long one, but it came to its inevitable end when Megan was unable to explain a several day absence when Velocity had been called up by the Freedom League to help with a mission. After finishing her year at Cambridge, Megan has returned to the United States, and is now in her last year at Yale. She managed to arrange that the bulk of her credits for her last semester at Yale would be covered by a internship with Summit Transnational Group’s corporate headquarters in Freedom City. She has a couple of seminars, which she mainly attends via teleconference, and really only has need to be up in New Haven once or twice a week. Personality & Motivation: Megan has always been something of an overachiever, exactly what one would expect given her highly successful parents, not to mention two accomplished older siblings. While certainly one to have fun when she can, Megan has a strong work ethic along with a desire to help others. Outgoing and confident, she has little trouble in most social settings. As Velocity Megan has a chance to cut loose and be more carefree and impulsive. Begin a superhero gave her the opportunity to stop bad guys, crack jokes while doing so, and help people along the way. While time and experience has tempered this with a bit more seriousness, she still presents an overly energetic and free spirited persona. Powers & Tactics: Speed is Megan's primary tactic, allowing her to almost always react before anyone else, make an attack, and be gone and out of sight before most would even realize she has even moved. Her powers provide her an array of offensive abilities, from being able to throw punches at supersonic speeds to being able to generate a localized sonic boom that can be rather destructive. While speed and agility are Megan's primary defense, she is much tougher than she looks, a side effect of her body having adapted to being able to move at such high speeds. Complications: Secret Identity: Megan has long sought to keep her identity as Velocity secret to protect those she cares about. Fear the Future: Megan has recently learned that in some timelines, she and Robert Harrow have a son named Collapse who is capable of shredding the time/space continuum. As Velocity, she has also run into agents from an organization in the future working to stop Collapse in as many timelines as possible. Relationship: Despite learning about Collapse, Megan and Robert Harrow have renewed their relationship. Abilities: 0 + 10 + 8 + 6 + 2 + 10 = 36PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 30 (+10) [20 (+5)] (Enhanced Stat) Constitution: 28 (+9) [18 (+4)] (Enhanced Stat) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 20 (+5) Combat: 14 + 20 = 34PP Initiative: +50 Attack: +7, +15 w/Strike, +19 w/Rapid Fire, Rapid Attack Grapple: +6 Defense: +17 (+10 base, +7 Dodge Focus)(+5 flat-footed) Knockback: -6, -4 flat-footed Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 9 = 19PP Toughness: +13 (+9 Con, +4 Defensive Roll); +9 flat-footed Fortitude: +13 (+9 Con, +4) Reflex: +16 (+10 Dex, +6), Evasion 2 Will: +10 (+1 Wis, +9) Skills: 104R = 26PP Acrobatics 14 (+24) Bluff 6 (+11, +15 w/ Attractive) Concentration 9 (+10) Diplomacy 8 (+13, +17 w/ Attractive) Drive 2 (+12) Gather Information 8 (+13) Kn: Business 10 (+13) Kn: Civics 4 (+7) Kn: Current Events 2 (+5) Kn: History 2 (+5) Kn: Physical Sciences 2 (+5) Kn: Pop Culture 5 (+8) Notice 9 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+8) Perform: Dance 15 (+20) Pilot 1 (+11) Feats: 22 PP Attractive Benefit 3 (Wealth 2/Rich; Freedom League Member) Connected Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 2 Dodge Focus 3 Elusive Target Equipment 6 (free from Gold Award) Evasion 2 Improved Initiative Luck 3 Move By Action Power Attack Uncanny Dodge (sight) Well Informed Equipment 6PP = 29EP Freedom Leagues Communicator Communications 5 (Radio, 5 miles; Extra: Area; Flaw: Limited [Other FL Communicators]) [5EP] Communications Link 1 (Freedom League HQ) [1EP] North Bay Estate Headquarters: Size: Huge; Toughness 10; Features: Communications; Computer; Dock; Fire Prevention System; Garage; Grounds; Gym; Laboratory; Library; Living Space; Pool; Power System; Security System 2 (DC 25); Stables; Staffed; Workshop [21EP] Alternate HQ: Compound in Fiji [1EP] Alternate HQ: Country Estate in England (Robert's family home) [1EP] Note: Grounds increases size to Colossal for purposes of gardens, estates, etc (used in 3E); Stables function as a garage for horses and the like. Powers: 4+10+10+13+11+11+3+1+43 = 106 PP Device 1 (Visor; 5PP Container; Flaws: Hard-to-lose) [4PP] Super-Sense 5 (Extended for normal vision, Infravision, Ultravision, Radius for all vision) {5/5} Enhanced Constitution 10 [10PP] Enhanced Dexterity 10 [10PP] Enhanced Feats 13 (Dodge Focus 4, Improved Initiative 9 (10 total) [+40]) [13PP] Quickness 11 (X5,000) [11PP] Speed 11 (25,000 MPH) [11PP] Super Movement 3 Wall Running 2 [Flaw: Only while moving]; Water Running [Flaw: only while moving]) [3PP] Super Strength 1 (Flaw:Limited only to carrying capacity up to heavy load; Hvy Load: 200 lbs) [1PP] Super Speed Array 19 (38PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 5) [43PP] BP: Strike 15 (Feats: Accurate 4 (+8 hit), Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Takedown Attack, Stunning Attack) {23/38} AP: Sonic Boom (Blast) 15 (Extra: 75-ft. Area Burst; Flaw: Range/Touch; Feats: Progression 2 (x5 Area (150-ft or 375-ft radius area)) {32/38} AP: Maximum Velocity: Quickness 6 (17 total: x500,000) and Speed 6 (17 total: 2,500,000 MPH) and Super Movement 5 (Permeate 3; Sure-Footed 2) and Concealment 4 (all Visual Senses; Flaw: only while moving) {26/38} AP: Insubstantial 4 (Affected by Vibration effects)and Concealment 4 (all Visual Senses; Flaw: only while moving) {24/38} AP: Rapid Fire: Blast 10 (Extra: Autofire; Feats: Accurate 6 (+12 hit); Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) {38/38} AP: Rapid Attack: Damage 10 (Extra: 250-ft. Targeted Area Burst; Selective; Feat: Accurate 6 (+12 hit); Progression 2 (x5 Area)) {38/38} Drawbacks: 0 DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch 15/Toughness Bludgeoning Damage Strike Touch 30/Toughness Damage (crit 18-20) Rapid Fire Ranged 25/Toughness Damage (up to DC 29 w/autofire, crit 18-20) Sonic Boom Touch 30/Toughness Sonic Rapid Attack Touch 25/Toughness Bludgeoning Damage Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (34) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (26) + Feats (22) + Powers (106) = 243/250 Power Points
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