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Found 2 results

  1. Sadly, the Ultimate Dragon Knight had to work and thus was not in town when Storm of the Century happened. Bitter, he is. But whatever. Because Dragoneer a rich, charismatic fellow who vastly prefers getting his way to anything else and thus can be very persuasive. Surely he can get the Mayor of Vibora (or whoever else) to invite Vibora's new heroes to his house for a meet up and maybe a bit of a housewarming party? Could they possibly turn down one of the most famous celebrities on the planet? Well, I'm not the one who knows that. That would be you.
  2. Dragoneer Power Level: 10 (180/183PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -+2 Attack /-2 Damage In Brief: World famous pro wrestler & rock star’s nickname is surprisingly literal Catchphrase: “Just try and stop me” Themes: Opposite of Adults, by Chiddy Bang; Farther Than The Sun, by Alter Bridge; The Fire, by Rev Theory; Dragonfly, by Shaman’s Harvest; Fury Of The Storm, by Shadows Fall Themes Playlist (a couple extras in there he doesn't use anymore, but eh) Alternate Identity: D, Ultimate Dragon Knight, UDK, World’s Finest Wrestler, Pretty Much Amazing Birthplace: Boise, Idaho Residence: Vibora Bay, Florida Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Florida Occupations: Professional wrestler, rock musician, actor (occasionally), the various things celebrities get into Affiliations: The Avenging Dragons (rock band), The Young Guns (pro wrestling faction) Family: The Maguire family (original black sheep of); Luis Guiterrez (brother from another mother, deceased 2008); Niro Saki (best friend); Michael Maguire (son, born April 1996); Sarah Maguire (daughter, born July 2000); Alison Hardy (sister, born 1992); “Little Lito” Carlito Guiterrez (good friend); Henry Peterson (friend & lead singer, Avenging Dragons); Robert Saki (Niro’s younger brother & friend); Hiromi Saki (Niro’s wife; friend); Sayomi Saki (Niro’s daughter, born 2005); Russ Allen (bassist, Avenging Dragons) Description: Age: 38 (Born September 1980) Apparent Age: Late 20s Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’ 4” Weight:225 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Dirty blonde & curly Appearance: D is a jeans man, full stop. His shirts are always merch shirts. Dragon design on the front, “World’s Finest” written on the back. The shirts come in white and black. The coloring of the design elements is always red, but is a different shade depending on the color of the shirt. The Dragon Armor covers him from the bottom of his neck to his feet in shining green plate armor. He can even manifest a helmet if he so chooses. History: Dragoneer wasn’t both with that as his only legal name, of course. He was born Davis Maguire, not that he’s answered to that name in actual decades. He was the wild middle child of five, then seven (the fraternal twins at the end were a bit of a surprise). Absolutely uncontrollable, he did whatever he wanted to do. Though that’s not how he framed it in his mind, of course. We’re all the heroes of our own stories. Alcohol, sex, drugs, crazy stunts, he did it all. He started wrestling (badly) at 15, having lied to the local promotion about his age. At 18, he changed his name, left Boise and didn’t look back. His life didn’t change all that much. Wrestling for cash that was quickly spent on booze and partying. However, he did have a immense talent for wrestling and had picked up enough to get noticed. Dragoneer went to Japan. He learned a lot during his stay. He returned to the US with better skills, the power of moderation, and a contract with the biggest pro wrestling organization in the US. Not too long afterward, he helped found the Avenging Dragons. Their first album was a smash hit, and D was an instant celebrity. Not that he did much with it, as wrestling was his main focus at the time. It was after this when he first met Luis Guiterrez. They partnered with Niro Saki to form the Young Guns faction. The group was a big success, leading to multiple championship runs. Luis always encouraged Dragoneer to be a better man, but at the time UDK was deaf to that kind of talk. The success of the group reached a peak, but not too longer after that peak, Luis died of an unnoticed enlarged heart. Dragoneer was deeply affected by Luis’s death, and pledged himself to be a better man. Unbeknownst to literally anyone else, the catalyst for his name change was a dragon he met in a field outside of Boise as a child. The dragon granted the teenage Davis magical power for reasons it did not deign to share, while laughing the entire time. It was a unusual dragon, to say the least. With Dragoneer’s newfound commitment to being better, he decided to embrace fatherhood (as he had studiously ignored their existence before) and attempt to be a superhero with his powers. Surprisingly, the former was considerably easier and embarrassed, he stopped superheroing. He put more focus on his rock career (they’d done a few more hit albums, but his touring presence was erratic at best) and eased off on his wrestling career for a little while. In short, Dragoneer attempted to finally mature from a selfish and petulant child to a full grown adult. Success was far from easy. But with generous help from his remaining friends and kid sister, he made the transition as best he could. Now, with even his youngest away at university, Dragoneer is going to make a serious attempt to be a superhero. Vibora Bay is a good place to start doing that, he thinks. His life is settled in a way that it previously hadn’t been. AvDrag are among the grizzled veterans of the Top 10 charts. D himself is a massive crossover star, and a multi-time world champion. One last hill to climb. Personality & Motivation: At his core, Dragoneer is the kind of innately selfish person who wants everything his way all the time and automatically assumes that only things that affect him are important and/or worthy of his attention. No exceptions. This has always been fairly well covered by an ultra easygoing manner and immense personal charisma. What is different now from his early days is that he has a fully functioning conscience, and is very mindful of his essential nature. He doesn’t just do whatever he wants, he does whatever he thinks the right thing to do is. He is living proof that a person does not have to be a slave to their nature, but in fact can choose who they are. He also has immense confidence in himself, which let’s be honest is a big ol’ ego. Honestly, he’s never acted his age, so why start now? Life’s much more fun when you’re twenty something, right? Additionally, UDK’s never been exactly all there. Just a little bit crazy. So there’s that. His motivation is pretty simple, but encompasses the whole of what he does what he does now. He wants to be a good man. To feel redeemed for the sins of his selfish past. One day. Maybe. Powers & Tactics: Dragoneer’s powers are basically a magical transformation. Armor of hard dragon scales, functional wings on the armor, a lance that’s a part of the armor, and fire breath out of the helmet. He’s also better in combat overall. Tactically, he’s just a hit ‘em until they stay down kind of guy. He hasn’t really thought to develop anything more complex than that, aside from stripping out the dodge bonus (with Acrobatic Bluff) if he’s having trouble hitting or damaging (because follow up Power Attack). Power Descriptions: Green dragonscale plate armor with wings. Lance generated out of same that he can stab with or throw and have return to him. Fire breath (out of the helmet) in a cone. That’s it. Complications: World Famous: Dragoneer is a well known public figure. A bonafide celebrity. This means whatever he does tends to be some kind of news. He, his family, and his friends tend to get stalked by paparazzi. And anyone with access to the internet can find their faces, names, and probably their personal addresses. When this sort of thing becomes a problem for a superhero, a GM may award a Hero Point Ultimate Dragon Knight: Being a Dragon Knight does technically come with responsibilities to the dragon who granted him the power, not that the big lizard’s ever called in that marker. Dragoneer is also marked in a way that supernatural senses can effortlessly detect. And this may cause certain beings to assume what his allegiance is before he even opens his mouth. When this becomes a problem, a GM may award a Hero Point. World’s Finest…Even At Screwing Up: So…Dragoneer has a big ego, a couple of his screws are a little bit loose (who’s literally Fearless altogether?), and he’s known for sometimes making…questionable…decisions based on Insane Troll Logic. Basically, this is the “make D do the exact wrong thing” Complication. GMs can hit this one as often as seems reasonable. No matter how hard he tries to be better, he’ll always also be this guy. God love him. I Had A Friend: A decade plus later, and Dragoneer still desperately misses Luis Guiterrez. They were very, very close friends. D would be over the moon to have an opportunity to speak with Luis again. He wants the Puerto Rican’s approval desperately. This can obviously, be used against him. To trick him or force him into being his worst self at the worst possible time. Or to just use the face and voice to shatter his emotions. Or violate the grave to inspire an unreasoning rage. A GM may award a Hero Point for this or whatever similar thing they may think of. Abilities: 6 + 14 + 10 + 4 + 0 + 14 = 48PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 24 (+7) Constitution: 20 (+5) Intelligence: 14 (+2) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 24 (+7) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +7 (+7 Dex) Attack: +8 Base, +5 without Powers , +12 Strike & Blast Defense: +5 (+5 Base, +5 Enhanced Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +15, +12 without Powers Knockback: -9 (-3 without Powers, -2 without Defensive Roll) Saving Throws: 2 + 3 + 7= 12PP Toughness: +10/+7 without powers (+5 Con, +3 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+7 Dex, +3) Will: +7 (+0 Wis, +7) Skills: 80R = 20PP Acrobatics 13 (+20) Bluff 2 (+9/+13 Attractive) Diplomacy 2 (+9/+13 Attractive) Knowledge (arcane Lore) 3 (+5) Knowledge (art) 13 (+15) Knowledge (business) 3 (+5) Notice 10 (+10) Perform (oratory) 8 (+15) Perform (singing) 3 (+10) Perform (stringed instruments) 13 (+20) Sense Motive 10 (+10) Feats:36 PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Specialization (Unarmed) All-Out Attack Attractive 1 (Unique Personal Charisma) Benefit (Fame) Benefit 2 (Wealth) Defensive Roll Evasion Fearless Grappling Finesse Power Attack Sidekick 21 (Niro Saki) Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Perform (strings), Sense Motive) Takedown Attack Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Dodge Focus 5 Powers:47PP Container 9 (Ultimate Dragon Knight; 45 PP Container)[45PP] (magical) Array 8 (Dragon Knight’s Arsenal; Power Feat: Alternate Power 2) [18PP] BP: Strike 5 (Extra: Penetrating; Power Feats: Mighty, Accurate 2, Improved Crit 2, Precise) (Spear Strike) [16PP] (piercing) AP: Blast 5 (Power Feats: Mighty 3, Accurate 2, Precise) (Spear Throw) (piercing)[16PP/1PP] AP: Strike 8 (Extra: Area [Cone]; 80 ft cone) (Flame Breath) (fire) [16PP/1PP] Enhanced Attack Bonus 3 [6PP] Enhanced Feats 5 (Dodge Focus 5) [5PP] Flight 3 (50 mph, 440 ft/rnd; Drawback: Restrainable) [5PP] Protection 3 (Extra: Impervious 8 ) [11PP] Leaping 1 [1PP] (natural) Speed 1 [1PP] (natural) Drawback: Normal Identity (has to speak) Uncommon, Major [-3PP] Basically strip out the Ultimate Dragon Knight Container. Ends up PL 5 Off, PL 6 Def DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Spear Strike Touch DC 23 Toughness Damage Fire Breath Touch (Cone Area) DC 23 Toughness Damage Spear Throw Ranged DC 23 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (20) + Feats (36) + Powers (47) - Drawbacks (-3) = 180/183 Power Points
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