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Found 12 results

  1. GM You don't know the time. You don't remember the date. You don't know where you are. You feel cold. Your eyes open, and you find yourself in a bed that you know is not your own. You appear to be in a hospital, with an IV drip connected from the back of the wrist on your left arm to a clear back that hangs by the side of the bed. You're sure that you're not dreaming. You are alone. The room is small, quadratic. Your bed is squashed up against the corner so you can see the door over the foot of the bed. The walls are light, grey. Monotone. Boring. The door is a slightly darker grey, barely standing out, if not for the handle and a small window that lets you see another door outside your room. There is a window on the wall opposite of your bed, with bars over it. It is closed. A single chair stands next to the bed. It seems to be made of a shiny metal. Aluminium, maybe. You don't remember how you got here. Were you in an accident? Did something happen? And realization slowly begins to set in. You are alone. And you are not dreaming.
  2. MarsTech Campus Emerald City, Oregon.Wednesday, March 10th, 20219:15 AM Sydney Alexander is Mars Tech's Chief Operations Officer. Second in command as far as the administrative day to day was concerned it came as a shock when she never made it home after clocking in for the night. That is to say, she never made it out of the building either as her vehicle could still be found in the parking garage. Then came the real commotion. First, MarsTech announced not only a reward for anyone who had information relevant to the safe return and recovery of the missing executive. But, also that any Ultio suit rentals for the party who found her would be half off for a year. But MarsTech was not the only company to offer a bounty on Sydney Alexander's safe return. In fact, Majestic Industries and Kesscorp both offered competing bids for information on her recovery. Exclusive information that was. Almost as if it wasn't a living person they were competing for the technology giants were attempting to claim their own stake in Ms Alexander's safety. It seemed the only person(s) not weighing in on the missing Ms. Alexander was whoever kidnapped her. If this was in fact a kidnapping. The multinational business empire came to a screeching halt seemingly dedicated with one goal in mind. Maximillian Mars was nowhere to be found. Leaving the public perception that Grace Graves, one of Maximillian Mars' personal assistants, had taken over Sydney Alexander's duties in the interim. Going so far as to personally answer police, reporters, and would be heroes questions. And yet, not a single answer had yet to have turned up as to where Sydney Alexander had disappeared to. The when and the how also lingering in the air.
  3. GM 11:30 PM February 12th, 2021 Jadetown, Emerald City The Night of the Chinese New Year Celebrations It was an evening of celebration in the streets of Jadetown, and on this evening, even the Takazumi-gumi seemed to be at ease, content to simply celebrate. It was the year of the metal ox. Some saw that as a sign, the year that the Steel Shogun would rise even further. Others simply enjoyed the festivities. Anyone and everyone in the city were welcome, at least for now. Perhaps the party, a smell of the supernatural at play, or something else entirely, would bring heroes to this night. While a parade made their way through the streets, a group of Takazumi-gumi that were defintely not in a party mood, led by a young man, led a young woman through the streets of the city...
  4. OOC for the IC. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/13063-fate-of-the-serpent/
  5. The Undercity, Emerald City, Washington Sunday, May 17, 2020 07:38:21PM @Kaede Kimura The Red Summer's resident magic specialist smokes a cigarette as he watches Mixnus and Nixnus lug the bars of gold from the deck of the PT boat down to its cabin. Blonde, sporting an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, and eyes half-hidden by the rim of his glasses and the darkness there is no mistaking the naked greed and slightly slack-jawed awe as he intently follows the gargoyle twins carry their newly gained wealth. It had been nearly half an hour of continuous back and forth trips from the gargoyles, and only a small pile of gold bars lies in neat stacks on the sewer floor, when Alaynah goes up to you. She smacks her pack of cigarettes and offers one up to you. "Gotta tell you, should have asked for more." She chuckles slightly then shakes her head, obviously in a good mood. "Tell me, you can create all this wealth so why're you here chasing after a murderer knee-high in sewer water?" *** A few more minutes pass before Zach, holding a hand-held radio, waves at Alaynah. "Boss, the package's coming." Alaynah nods at the comment and turns to you, her one good eye hard, all business now. "We'll keep this simple. We all get on my ship and when we're in the middle of the river, nowhere for him to run to, and then you take him and leave. Then me and my crew gets out of dodge, never to show our faces in this city again." She motions for the gargoyles to finish their work with a "Hurry up." "Oh, and I almost forgot," she turns back to you. She raises two fingers. "There's another one coming with Advay, some P.I. in-the-know and packing magic. Goes by the name of Christopher Daye of Blackstaff Investigations. He's yours to handle and, uh, your pet if it comes to that." *** @Spacefurry At long last your trip is nearing an end. You can see the metaphorical and literal light at the end of the tunnel as you guide Advay down the sewers, the professor's boxes of personal belongings and research bobbing up and down as they trail the both of you in the air. "I-is that it?" Advay asks as your flashlight gleams against a PT boat's hull. "I must say, I can't wait to finally sleep somewhere that isn't a cramped, dusty cave always with one eye open. It takes a lot out of a person, you know." Your flashlight quickly beams over the whole of the PT boat and its light is joined by several other flashlights from the crew of the boat. A dark-haired woman with an eyepatch, who looks to be the leader, walks forward to meet you. A bespectacled man in an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt watches from the deck, smoking a cigarette. Then two gargoyles emerge from the boat's cabin, matching and glowing runes on their foreheads. They move to a a couple of gold bricks lying on the sewer floor and haul it back into the PT cabin. Lastly, a woman in armor atop a clockwork pony made of bronze and brass. "Cristopher Dayes?" The woman with the eyepatch greets you with a smile and an offered cigarette. "Advay Upal? Welcome to The Red Summer . We're your ticket out of here." She gestures at her PT Boat. "None of us want to be inside a sewer for longer than we have to. So get on board."
  6. OOC for this, @Kaede Kimura.
  7. GM Emerald City Saturday, May 16, 2020 10:54:2APM "How are you liking Emerald City, Miss Adrianna?" Vicente Cruz sat beside your dining table, a folder full of official papers laid unopened on your table. You had heard a knock on the door and when you opened it, he had introduced himself and his partner, Daria Bell, as officials from the government agency handling your refugee status. He had flashed his badge and asked that you let him inside. "We heard about the commotion you caused a few days ago. Nothing too serious? Everything turn out alright?" Daria piped up from behind Vicente. She began to count with her fingers. "No one hospitalized? No charges for assault or disturbing the peace or--" Vicente, his eyebrows twitching in what you assume to be irritation, motions for her to stop. "That's enough, Daria." Then he returns his gaze to you. "But why we are here is somewhat because of that... incident, Miss Adrianna." From out of the folder he draws a document and slides it towards you, a primer of Emerald City University's Cryptozoology program. It boasts its curriculum and faculty, including among them some of the country's leading Sasquatch experts. "As you might know," Vicente continues after you finish reading. "Emerald City has a bit of a reputation for, how would you say it, weirdness? There's an undercurrent of the hidden and the odd in the city and its surroundings, even if most people could go about their lives not really seeing anything explicit to validate their beliefs." He gestures, palm up, at you. "You yourself is a prime example. A refugee from a world where dreams are made real, and who can dream up monsters and creatures from nightmares and fairy tales." "Oh, don't string her along, Vicente. Just say what you need to say to the poor girl." Vicente, for his part, ignores his partner's comments and continues as if she had said nothing. "So perhaps you would like to be part of a community made of beings like yourself? The flotsam of space or other dimensions. Humanity can never really understand us. They see us as a phenomenon to study, or bedtime stories to frighten. Sometimes, they hunt us, believing us a threat even when we have called this Emerald City home longer than any of them. Longer than this country even." Over his shoulder, Daria is beaming at you. "We're extending you an invitation. What do you say?" Daria says and this time Vicente is nodding thoughtfully. Then visibly his features begin to change, melting back into flesh that slowly turns a bright orange. Soon, his face is blank save for solid white eyes and a mouth, which opens as he speaks. "Don't be alarmed, Miss Adrianna. I just wanted to show you who I really am." He slides his hand, orange like his face, forward as if to reassure you. "Like you, this isn't the dimension where I was born. And even then I was from another planet in the galaxy, not that Earth."
  8. ooc for this. @Kaede Kimura @Cubismo Let's start off with a post from Kaede to set up what the Dreamer and Carnifex is up to, now that they've stopped the purse snatcher and there's Ultio Suits coming in to chase them!
  9. GM Lakeside, Emerald City 3PM, May 11th 2020 Lakeside was normally peaceful. No Takazumi-gumi or Malakov Mafiya, it was not the place where one would expect much trouble. Especially not on a day where the rain was simply pouring down. All day long, the rain had been falling. And yet, trouble was afoot. A monster was running rampant through the streets of Lakeside! A great beast had caused trouble, assaulting an innocent man, and now, Ultio Suit Users were coming in from all over town, flying, running and leaping through the streets. Of course, not was all as it seemed. The monster was merely a dream, and the Dreamer had just tried to stop a purse snatcher, but now, all these would-be heroes were coming for her. But perhaps one among them would see things different? Perhaps it would take an Ultra Girl to help a Dreamer?
  10. The Dreamer Power Level: 7 (105/118PP) Unspent Power Points: 13PP Trade-Offs: -4 Defense / +4 Toughness In Brief: Interdimensional Refugee who found their way to Emerald City, Earth Prime. Theme: Just a Dream Vixy and Tony, Meet my Friends, Cami-Cat Alternate Identity: Adrianna Liddell (Secret) Birthplace: Earth S-Omega-1 Residence: Emerald City Base of Operations: Occupation: Affiliations: None Family: None known Description: Age: 19 (DoB: 13th November 2001) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'2" Weight: 140lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde The Dreamer has long flowing golden hair that reaches to the small of her back, framing a pale face. She examines the world with large blue eyes, trying to discern her dreams from true reality. Were she able to stand she would be short with an hourglass figure, but lacking the toned muscle of most heroes, instead being soft. She tends to wear dresses that match to her curvy figure and are easy enough for her to put on without use of her legs. She sits on a wheelchair covered in whimsical designs that remind her of her home and the dreams of others that she would always see. Some designs that people from Earth Prime would recognise are a grinning cat, a tea party with a man, a hare and a mouse and a caterpillar puffing on a hookah. When she goes out as a hero, she dreams herself a variety of suits, but tends towards a dress with thin plates of metal to give the appearance of being armoured. She adds a split down the front to allow her to sit astride her dream steeds. History: The Dreamer hails from a world where just before the end of the 18th Century the dreams of man had come out to play, so the world was filled with the whimsical, the wondrous, the macabre and the terrifying. Over time people learned to lucid dream and hold in their dreams, but generally only held back the few nightmares they couldn't wipe away. The world changed with the first hyperlucid or true dreamer, Alice Liddell. Her dreams were physically present in the world, there were very few of them, but they changed the world. When they dreamed of flame, it really burned, and many people lost their lives as the first and second generations of hyperlucid dreamers came into their own. Eventually the world settled once more, with the true dreamers at the top of the world order. This proceeded as the status quo centuries, but this cam crashing down. The world came burning down as someone tried to enhance their own power, using some dream device that they thought would make them a god of dreams. It instead made them a calamity. They lost control of the nightmares they held within, causing disasters and monsters across the world. Eventually a strike team was used to kill them, cutting their nightmares off at the source. There was another dimension that saw this disaster, Earth G-War-3 and used it to their advantage, hoping to capture hyperlucid dreamers to use in their own wars. This dimensional colonisation was something all sides were using, and was beginning to drag many other dimensions into their war. This dimension conquered over the decimated countries before they managed to pull together enough to fight back. This was the world The Dreamer was born into, latest child of the Liddell family, the richest and most powerful true dreamers who had helped maintain the dominance of the English even with the damage done to the world. Soon The Dreamer was taught to use her power to help the war effort. As she was wheelchair bound instead they used her vast dream power to create weapons, vehicles and supplies. Despite the war front beginning to stabilise, doomsday cults were beginning to form in the civilian population. The Terminus was laying the groundwork. Already exhausted by the war effort, and not prepared for the opening of a new front, the Terminus Invasion destroyed the opposition, laying siege to London with no hope of relief within a week of the portals opening. As the city's fall became inevitable, The Dreamer's father used a captured dimensional transporter to send The Dreamer away, hoping that she could be safe, and she found herself lost in Z-Space. Quickly she made a container for herself, dreaming herself food and propelling her way through the endless void. After a year and a half by the count of the clocks she dreamed up she found herself in Earth Prime's Emerald City. She enrolled as a dimensional refugee under her given name. Personality & Motivation: The Dreamer may come across as strange when people first meet her, as she will often do and say curious things to discern if the individual is the product of her dreams, or actually real. It may take some time for her to determine if the person in question is real, but afterwards she will show that she is a person of good humour that cares for the people around her. She will often go out of her way to help people around her, providing the people she cares for with materials that she dreams into reality, like she once did in her home dimension. Powers & Tactics: The Dreamer uses her summons to fight for her, doing damage, trapping enemies and moving objects. She uses her Dream Steed to avoid being trapped while using her Wonderland Array to control the battlefield. If she has to she will bring forth the Carnifex ex Imaginatio, which will allow her to concentrate more on using her powers to control the battlefield, but this is a last resort. Powers Descriptors: The Dreamer is a hyperlucid or 'true' dreamer. While most of the people from her world's dreams were harmless, a dreamed dog couldn't dig up a flower garden, her dreams are not like that. They are fully real. She is surrounded by creatures spawned from her dreams, which protect her from harm and fight for her. She can warp the world around her, creating items from her dreams, changing the environment, moving objects, and even transforming non living matter into something else. She can fly upon the backs of her own dreams, create creatures to attack people, summon chains, ropes or have creatures like pythons to ensnare her enemies or summon creatures or engines to move objects. Working in tandem with her dream creatures she can move far larger objects than either power alone, as she focuses most of her dreams to shifting it. Her most dangerous summon is the one known as the Carnifex ex Imaginatio. It is made of her deepest fears and all of her vices and evils personified, a creature born of all the nightmares she holds back from appearing. The Carnifex rages to be freed from her, to release it's fury upon the world. It hates everything and wants to be free. It is aware, however that were it to kill The Dreamer that imprisons it within her that it would cease to be. So for now it will protect her, but that does not mean it's not willing to cause her troubles, especially as she may be forced to let the Carnifex out to save her. Complications: A Dream of Comfort: The Dreamer works to help people, donating clothes, food and other necessities wherever she can. She deeply cares and wants to help wherever she can, even if it puts herself in danger. The Dreamer's secret identity could be tracked down through her donations to charity, and will often put herself at risk to keep civilians out of harms way. Through the Looking Glass: The Dreamer struggles to tell what is real and what is a product of her dreams. As such she has to find ways to discern if people are real, and can come off as strange or rude in the process. The Dreamer's attempts to discern dream from reality can cause difficulties for her as she may offend people, or damage her credibility. Nightmare Breach: The Carnifex ex Imaginatio is always trying to force its way out or force The Dreamer to let it out. There are times that the Carnifex manages to force its way out (Switching to Summon in the Array) and it will often try to cause some trouble for The Dreamer to force her to bring it out again. Butcher of Dreams: The Carnifex ex Imaginatio is uncooperative and unfriendly, wanting to be free to cause misery and pain but constantly held back by The Dreamer, but under no compulsion to help her. The Carnifex ex Imaginatio will often refuse orders which it does not agree with, forcing The Dreamer to work without it, or come up with a deal that it would accept. Menagerie of Dreams: The Dreamer cannot hold back all of her dreams, and is followed by her dream creatures constantly, although she encourages them to hide when she is in public as a civilian. The Dreamer is constantly followed by her dream creatures, and people who recognise The Dreamer's powers can recognise her civilian identity. Abilities: (-4) + 0 + (-2) + 8 + 8 + 8 = 18PP Strength: 6 (-2) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 8 (-1) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 18 (+4) Charisma: 18 (+4) Combat: 6 + 2 = 8PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +3 Melee (+3 Base), +7 Powers (+3 Base, +4 Accurate) Defense: +3 (+1 Base, +2 Shield), +1 Flat-Footed Grapple: +1 (-2 Str, +3 Base)/+12 (Move Object 6 [Perception])/+18 (Move Object 9 [Perception])/+30 (Move Object 15 [Perception]) Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 1 = 9PP Toughness: +11 (-1 Con, +12 Protection) Fortitude: +3 (-1 Con, +4) Reflex: +4 (+0 Dex, +4) Will: +5 (+4 Wis, +1) Skills: 8R = 2PP Bluff 0 (+4/+8)Attractive Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+8) Diplomacy 0 (+4/+8)Attractive Notice 4 (+8) Feats: 2PP Attractive Jack of All Trades Powers: 25 +11 + 2 + 1 + 31 = 70PP Summon Array 11 (22PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [25PP] (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned) BP: Damage 7 (Assault of the Dream Beast; Extras: Range; Feats: Indirect 3, Accurate 2, Split Attack, Variable Decriptor 2) {22/22PP} AP: Move Object 6 (Strength of Fantasy; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Decriptor 2) {22/22PP} Stacked Power: Move Object 15 (Strength of Dreams; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 2) (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned) AP: Snare 6 (Grip of Dreams; Extras: General Area [Shapeable]; Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Decriptor 2) {22/22PP} AP: Summon 7 (Carnifex ex Imaginatio; Extras: Heroic; Feats: Mental Link) {22/22PP} Protection 12 (Defence of the Dreamer; Drawbacks: Noticeable) [11PP] (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned) Enhanced Feat 2 (Guardian of the Dreamer; Dodge Focus 2; Drawbacks: Noticeable) [1PP] (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned, Shield) Flight 2 (Dream Steed; Flaws: Platform) [2PP] (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned) Wonderland Array 15 (30PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3; Drawback: Action [Full Action]) [31PP] (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams) BP: Create Object 15 (Dreamscape; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Feats: Indirect 2, Precise, Progression 10, Subtle, Innate; Flaws: Action [Full Action] Permanent) {30/30PP} AP: Environmental Control 7 (4PP/Rank, 28PP, Mix-and-Match Environments: All; Extras: Independent [+0]; Feats: Indirect 2) {30/30PP} AP: Transform 5 (Dreamshaping; 5PP/Rank, Affects non-living matter; Extras: Duration [Continuous]) {30/30PP} AP: Move Object 9 (Dream Movement; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Indirect 2, Subtle) {30/30PP} Stacked Power: Move Object 15 (Strength of Dreams; Extras: Range [Perception]; Feats: Indirect 2, Variable Descriptor 2) (Alien, Bloodline, Magic, Dreams, Summoned) Drawbacks: -4PP Disability (Paraplegic; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major) [-4PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 14 Toughness Damage AotDB Ranged DC 22 Toughness Damage Grip of Dreams Ranged DC 16 Reflex Snare Totals: Abilities (18) + Combat (8) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (2) + Feats (2) + Powers (70) - Drawbacks (-4) = 105/118 Power Points
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