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Found 8 results

  1. OOC for >this thread. Lets have some initiative rolls!
  2. West End, Freedom City, New Jersey Monday, March 30, 2015; 10:21 PM The West End had its share of restaurants, bars and other night spots. But on a Monday night, the crowds were starting to get a bit thin at this time of night, the streets and sidewalks less crowded. The more secluded and dark streets could prove to be an opportunity for some of the cities criminals, able to operate in the dark and away from too many prying eyes. Of course, any environment that attracted criminals also tended to attract some of the cities many costumed heroes. While most had made their way to the safety and seclusion of home, those costumed crime fighters took to the dark rooftops. Tonight was no different, as four separate heroes had all made their individual ways into a section of the West End, moving by rooftop, or through dark alleys. Thus far, the night had been rather uneventful, looking to possibly be one of those quiet nights where nothing took place. But that changed suddenly, as the faint sound of a police siren sounded in the distance. In moments, a dark sedan sped around a corner of an intersection, almost swerving into another car as it made a wide turn. Just a short distance behind, a police cruiser whipped around the corner as well, fast in pursuit of the sedan. And the vehicles raced down the next block, a man leaned out the passenger window of the sedan and a gunshot rang through the air as he took a shot at the police car….
  3. GooseInduced


    Hi everyone. Goose here! Not sure where to put this exactly. Tomorrow I'm going out of town for about ten days. I know I haven't been very on top of my posting but we've been busy getting ready to leave. I don't think I'll be taking my laptop (very full car) so any posting I do will be from my phone and difficult to format. As such I won't be able to do much until we get back. I will have down time though so posts should happen they just might not be the longest or the best creations. Hope everyone understands. I plan to jump back in when I get back though. Have a good week everyone! :-)
  4. OOC for Skaere becomes the hunted!
  5. GM Thursday 5th June Late... Sidewinder Tattoo Parlor It was hard to say when custom grew short in a Tattoo palor in Riverside. The place kind of buzzed along until the earlier hours of the morning, along with all the other new age shops, bookstores, gay and lesbian bars, and every other kind of new millenia bohemian and hippy who wandered the streets. It was, overall, a pretty friendly atmosphere, but, like all of Freedom City, pass midnight and dark, things sometimes got unfriendly. Drink had been drunk, and, given the bohemian artistry of the place, drugs had been smoked. And nasty things did happen. It was happening to one man right now, Vince Cotton. He had had a few many to drink, and was stumbling out of a gay bar worse for the wear, badly singing some club tune. Vince was a regular guy, but dressed up too well for a night in an alley. Gold watch, diamond cuff links, and a wallet stuffed with cash that nearly fell out of his pocket. He happened to be a literary agent for one of the biggest book publishers in Freedom, or indeed the states. And his job paid very well, including a rather vague notion of expenses that allowed him to party hard, and free, most nights. Drunk as he was, he barely felt the kick that took him tumbling into some trash cans and cut his head open on the metal edge of the can. He sobered up as best he could, but his legs had gone from under him. The two guys who approached him could have easily just picked up his wallet and left it at that. They didn't look like those kind of guys. The shaved heads, leather jackets, and nazi tattoos gave one the impression that it was about cutting a hole in some homosexuals heart first, and the money was just the bonus prize. If only it had been the other way round... Snickt! was the sound of a flickknife opening...
  6. Temperance, Set, Sekhmet, and Skaere deal with a little lycanthropy outbreak.
  7. Wednesday, April 2nd 8:34 PM The night was peaceful. It had been a hard fight, but Spring was starting to break through in Freedom City. The air was warm enough to be on the faint side of pleasant, cool enough to be tolerable. Conditions like this made the ice sled a little harder to keep together, but Temperance was willing to accept such trade-offs. Liberty Park was usually fairly serene as heroic patrols went. Every so often, there might be an attempted mugging, but the park was usually well-lit and well-trafficked, especially at this hour. If you knew where to go, there wasn't much risk. But those were on normal nights. Lately, there'd been stories of wild animal sightings in the middle of the city - "large dogs" or "coyotes," in the initial reports. But her dad had heard different stirrings in the courts of spirits, upset from some of the primals because "those not of the pack" were in town. And, well, most New Jersey residents wouldn't really know how to tell a wolf from a coyote, would they? She hung over the park, waiting. A jogger had been attacked here a few nights ago. He survived, but was scratched up badly and was in the hospital for observation. She'd swung by, and found a heavier than usual police presence. Now, it was far from the full moon - just as it had been on the night he'd been attacked. But those in authority still felt the need to keep watch, even if they didn't feel the need to say why. After all, if you grew up in Freedom, nobody really had to say the W-word, did they? You saw weirder stuff all the time. So Temperance flew over the park, waiting for the sound of howling, and hoping that the night might stay peaceful.
  8. Sorry for the lame title lol Looking for a thread for my werewolf Skaere. Just wanna put some feelers out and see if anyone would be interested. She's a brand new PC so I don't have anywhere to put her. No affiliations of note. If anyone is interested in GMing and/or playing with her it would be awesome!
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