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Found 1 result

  1. Riverfront August 5, 4:10 PM GM It was a fairly standard afternoon in the Riverfront. The cars pushed along, their drivers eager to get out of the downtown and retreat to the suburbs where they lived. The heat made things slightly sticky, only encouraging people to want to vacate faster. The sidewalks similarly were lined with people going about their daily business, entranced by their phones and latest purchases. Yet in one alley, there was something quite un-standard. It started as a small pulse of light, before the air in the alley began to ripple and shudder. For only a split-second, that light became a crack in the border between worlds and just as soon, it was gone. In its place stood a man clothed in the stereotypical outfit of a burglar: A black-and-white striped shirt, a black beanie, a domino mask, and black pants. In his left hand, he held a strange-looking gun - shaped like a ray gun from 1950s sci-fi movies, it was coloured shiny gold and covered in dials and meters. “Myah!” He cried. “I did it! They thought it would not work, but they were fools to doubt Captain Crime, who breaks even the laws of causality!” His victorious gloating was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. Captain Crime turned to see a young man, dressed in a black polo with khaki pants and a similar apron, carrying a bag of trash. The young man stopped, and stared at Captain Crime. “Uh… You lost?” he asked. Crime smiled, and raised his pistol. The young man backed away, raising his hands. “Hey, now, buddy, we can talk ab--AAA!” His high pitched-shriek intermingled with the sound of a laser blast, the light of which enveloped his whole body. When the beam had faded, the young man had changed. Now he was dressed in an open, sleeveless leather vest, along with torn up jeans and combat boots. What had once been a fairly neat blond undercut was now a lime green mohawk. He stood still for a moment, looking at his surroundings, before a cruel grin crossed his face. “Eyyy,” he said. “Now this is nice. Hey, boss, you wanna go and mess some stuff up?” Captain Crime’s grin grew wider. “Oh, oh yes, my felonious friend, I do.”
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