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  1. So, Bloodline has (or rather will) arrive in the current timeline of the Freedomverse soon, Terminator-style. His objective beign to prevent his timeline/universe from hapenning, either altering time or just saving this universe the same fate. Details aren't clear and time travel is a complicated and messy thing and HE doesn't know how it works, so it can be kept vague. What I need; Someone to GM the arrival thread. Maybe another hero or two to investigate Bloodline's arrival and actions, since while he's not a rampaging Terminator, he's not exactly entirely squeaky clean and might leave
  2. Okay, who left the keys in the prison lunchroom? So! Seeing as how my ex-con superhero Breaker's been approved and put into the list, I think it's a fine time to scramble together a story that I was hoping would be his first! Before Project Freedom lets him out, that is. AvengerAssembled has very kindly agreed to set up a prison break thread, with a pack of villains attempting to escape Blackstone prison, and a squad of brave and courageous heroes attempting to stop 'em cold! With maybe a little unexpected help from the inside. Thinking about 2-3 other people, at this point - anyo
  3. With the approval of Miras, I am now working to get her into threads. There's one I've had bubbling in the back of my brain while putting the finishing touches on her. Basically she is doing her set at a club when a fight breaks out, with some minor superpowers mixed in. So I'm looking for two or three other PCs, all around PL 10, all of age to be in a club/bar at night.
  4. Since I've managed to float my way back here yet again, I find myself needing some Adventure! (I promise to try really hard not to vanish mysteriously again or I'll just leave you all alone forever. >.<) As my only character is Amelyth she'll be the one I'm looking to play as, I would prefer some kind of Claremont related thing though anything with younger heroes would be good too.
  5. The Plot: The usual celebrations are going on in Sydney on Australia Day, when suddenly, a monster appears out of Sydney Harbor! Can the PCs SAVE AUSTRALIA DAY? The Characters: Whoever has the means and motive to be in Sydney for the Australia Day celebrations! Maybe you're there to put in an appearance at the League party that night, or just there for the parties in general, it doesn't matter much. I will note that the planned monster for use is PL13, so keep that in mind. The Tone: Fairly light-hearted. This is a fun fight against a Monster Of The Week, poking good-natured fun at si
  6. I am looking for two or three PCs for a thread. It will be set on the outskirts of Freedom City, at an impromptu ice-carving competition. Which will be interrupted by dinosaurs. This is to be a somewhat low-PL adventure, so no one above PL 10. Who's interested?
  7. So, looking to help CorsecJedi get some more threadage, I'm thinking of trying out GMing another thread. In this case, I'd be GMing only. I don't really have a specific story idea yet, but I kind of want to tailor it to the characters involved. Maximum of 4 PCs counting Shadowblade. PL 9-12, though looking more for street-level or skill-based, anyways, moreso than raw powerhouses. But, I think I can be flexible! If we get more than 3 other people (besides Corsec) applying, I'll go over who's put their names in the hat and decide from there.
  8. Allright, I'm doing it. I'm jumping into GMing, since he who risk nothing get nothing. Or something. This should be a pretty simple, hopefully not too long thread. Mostly because I need to 'warm up' my GMing skills before tackling something more complex. There's been a slight upsurge in gang activities in the West End. What's unusual is that once small-time criminals have seemingly gotten their hands on superpowers. What's unusual is that witnesses and police say that the gang members exhibited different abilities whenever they commited a crime. Currently there is no explanation as to why
  9. While I've GMed before, GMing M&M (beyond a one shot or premade adventure) is new for me and so is PbP gaming. Would anyone be kind enough (and interrested) in perhaps co-GMing something with me so I can get the hang of it all?
  10. So, now I've gotten back into Freedom PBP, I'm looking to get into something involving Vector, and I've got a couple of ideas, involving high-tech weapons being smuggled into Australia. Freedom City's been identified as a source, and since Vector was already planning to return to Freedom City, the Australian Federal Police have asked her if she could help investigate. Given that AA mentioned that Omegadrome Mafiosi have been a thing in some of his past plots (and gave the okay), they could easily be Terminus-tech weapons with said Omegadrone Mafiosi being involved, but that'd be up to th
  11. What: A fairly brief mostly skill & social thread, with possible combat. Where: The Lands Beyond(around the Spanish side of the Straits of Gibraltar). Who: Cobalt Templar and one or two others, with heavy preference for former members of Young Freedom. From Spain word reaches Corbin: the Indigo Ring has been sighted. Elusive and seemingly in ceaseless movement, its new bearer has cloaked themselves in darkness, but the light that shines from their hand into the minds of the few eyewitnesses, and the ethereal power it wields leaves no doubt. Along with a handful
  12. Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Come up! Come down! The carnival has come to town! It's hard to not love the carnival. It's got rides! Prizes! A circus! Something for everyone to love! Except for some members of the Freedom City Police, apparently. A couple of members at FCPD believe that Circus Maximus, the traveling carnival setting up shop just off of the highway between Bayview and Southside, is guilty of some illegal activity, but are unable to dig up any actual proof. These agents are out to round up a group of heroes to act as their eyes and ears at the carnival. Are th
  13. Players: me and TheAbsurdist. Characters: Asad and King of Suits The Scheme: I am reasonably sure nobody has picked up the DeCosta Construction company's possible ties to the Freedom City mafia, so I figured we might as well get on with that! The Gamemaster may use any plot they choose, just remember to run your request to use DeCosta and/or the Mob past the Refs.
  14. I'm looking to run a thread for lower PL characters, probably in the 7-8 range, facing off against the Fearsome Five, a villainous team who's shown up a few times. Set and Sekhmet will be a part of this, so it's also an opportunity to team-up with them. The Fearsome Five are all PL 10 and individually dangerous, with a broad range of abilities so a group of PL 7-8 heroes are going to be in significantly over their heads. That means figuring out a way to win other than a straight fight and knowing as a player that your character may well have their butt handed to them in the process of saving
  15. The landlocked African country of Dakana, home to wonders of science thanks to the mysterious and powerful Daka crystals, lately emerging from centuries of isolationism onto the world stage. They are few, yet still hold the keys to a fantastical future. The submerged continent of Atlantis, a living myth from a vanished age whose people once held sway over half the world with their fusion of magic and technology and the mighty Orichalcum metal, now all but ignored and forgotten by the surface. They are many, but still a shadow of what was. For eons these two have had nothing ill to do w
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