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  1. Claremont Academy has organized a summer school program based around projects on and vists to non-human societies. This thread is about a visit to Coalition space, the newly-joining worlds of Xix(around the nearby, undiscovered star of Lia) hosting an open celebration around their union with the interstellar alliance. The hope is that observing a peaceful transition between isolation to community will provide a safe, helpful means of understanding the galactic neighbors they might encounter later in life. At the same time, a group of spacefaring heroes have also come to the party.
  2. So for my first outing on the website as a GM I was thinking about doing something a bit lower on the power level scale. Something in the range of maybe PL:7-8. Maybe with a bit of a mixed PL Range. A PL 9-10 with a two or three PL:7-8 might actually work. I would intend this to be the first relatively short part of a three or four mission narrative. So if your in the first one your likely to at least end up in another one. The general requirement for the start on this would just be. #1: Be in Freedom city. #2: Be some one who can either explain why you would catc
  3. Face forward, true believers! In the spirit of Marvel Team-Up and The Brave and The Bold comes Freedom's Finest! Each month I'll be running a team-up adventure for a newer player character and one of my own characters at request! The idea is to give new players and established players with new characters a chance to dive into the world of Freedom City and beyond, letting them show their stuff and jumpstarting connections with existing heroes, just like those classic team-up comics! Naturally not every team-up idea will make it into a monthly installment of Freedom's Finest, with preferen
  4. Alright, so I'm in a thread-running mood again. Now, for one of the ideas I've got whirring around in my brain I really don't have any go-to PCs, so I'm doing this as an open recruitment. As you can probably tell from the title, it'll be a somewhat occult-themed thread, although that doesn't affect the character so much as you as a player, if you'd rather not go for that. The thread will be set in Freedom, so characters from other cities would have a bit of a harder time making the cut (although I'm not gonna say it can't happen) I'm looking for 2 PCs (possibly a
  5. Thinking of doing a thread with Elias/Errant and his 'alma mater' This can be something like a camping trip. Or maybe a meet and greet with some students who have psychic abilities, or interesting [read: traumatic] backstories.
  6. Here's an idea. Four Claremont students meet a mysterious punk and decide to help rescue her misfit friends from the clutches of some very, very bad people. Oh, and they also go back in time to the 1980s. Expect copious amounts of "subtle" references and 80s nostalgia porn. If any of that sounds at all interesting and not a nightmare to you than feel free to submit one of your Claremont PCs for play! Power level requirements are loose. I'd prefer PL 10, but PL 7 and everything between the two is more than acceptable. There are no especially vital skills in this, but Computer, Disa
  7. I'm looking for one Bedlam City based PC, for a single-encounter thread with Mister Strix and some NPCs. I'm not looking for any out-of-towners on this one. Please come up with some reason why your PC would happen to be in the Ash Street neighborhood at night. Strix is going to be investigating a series of murders targeting homeless people. You can be, too, or you can have some other agenda or issue. It doesn't matter if your PC has already met Strix or not. It's going to be a sort of prologue for another, slightly longer thread, which Strix will
  8. After a good start, one or two hiccups in threads using WEST, the cheat way to get plot hooks! Its still active, but I fancy doing (and have space for) another thread as GM. Super science heroes may need to investigate some jurassic chronal flux, or cancerous dimensional lensing. Maybe with some hyperzero radiation thrown in! Etc Etc. Interest?
  9. Some day soon, Forever Boy will learn that he's not the only one from Neverworld that's come to Earth! And there will be Sky-Pirates following in his wake! So, I'm looking for Claremont characters that could be interested here, preferably, but not limited to, someone that has some sort of relationship with Forever Boy. PL shouldn't matter too much, but preferably PL10-12. My original plan was for 3-4 characters including Forever Boy, but if the number of positive reactions in discord was an indication of the interest, I might figure out a way to run it for more, or do dual th
  10. Read everything before you do anything. I'm going to run another supernatural-themed horror-ish thread set in Bedlam City, co-starring my own PC, Mister Strix. There are currently 2 slots open for other PCs. Since the thread will take place in Bedlam City, I cannot take any PCs with an effective combat Power Level higher than 10. Investigative skills are good. Aptitudes for either magic or technology are good, each in their own way. The ability to power-stunt to adapt to the unexpected is good. I'll leave recruitment open for at least a week, maybe two, s
  11. So I started a transdimension teams, in the mold of the Legends of Tomorrow or the Exile, but unfortunately things kinda drifted for various reasons. But I'm in the mind set to try again, so is anyone interested in going on such an adventure? It'll be a one off for now with the potential for more later, with a fairly light tone I'm leaning towards. Let me know if your interested and we'll hopefully be ready to go to adventure in 2019!
  12. You are from Anti-Earth. A place where everyone is evil. You are a villain. Everything is 'great' until reality blows up. That kinda sucks. You may be evil, but you like having reality to be evil in. The Norn, an all powerful being who cannot interfere herself, pulls you out of reality to save reality from destruction. Again, you're evil, but not omnicidally so. It's nice to have things to push around and take things and do things evilly. I'm looking for interested parties on being the bad guys. Don't worry about who it is. If we're short staffed, or over/underpowered, I can adjust
  13. Chatting with SuperCape in the chat inspired me to do an ocean focused thread, preferably starring some sea based heroes (and any others that might be interested). I'm still putting together the exact ideas, but wanted to test the waters. So, anyone interested? EDIT: Gonna be going with a max of 3 characters here. I'll pick the ones that'll fit best.
  14. I've decided after a long sabbatical to take another crack at this GM business. The jest of the game was more or less described in the title and will involve Claremont students fighting demons on Halloween because I think that would be awesome. Does anyone else? Looking for three to four players PL 10 who are Claremonters (because they need something that isn't a social thread) unless you give a good reason why'd you'd be on campus. At least one of the PC's should have a decent Arcane Lore and Theology and Philosophy score. Also, having a ridiculous high Ci
  15. I'm looking to run a horror thread set in Bedlam for 1 to 3 characters. It will probably be primarily investigation based, but there is potential for some relatively simple combat encounters, depending on what happens. No PL requirements. Characters doesn't have to be supernatural to fit in or deal with the issue, but it might help to have some investigative abilities. And if you'd like, it would be nice to have a mention of where in Bedlam your characters could be around the middle of December.
  16. Hey there! After a very long period of not playing M&M, I just can't fight that itch any longer. I need to run some games, and boy, do I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. So, I propose two games to start with, complete with combat, mystery, and intrigue. One will feature my own character, fresh from the presses (once she is approved), and the other will be just me GMing. Now for the pitch: Dark Red Tide (PL10-11) A trip to the Freedom City Aquarium should always be a fun occasion. After all, even heroes need some R&R from ti
  17. https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/5630-change-is-necessary-for-growth-ic/?tab=comments#comment-150175 Seven years after the walls fell, it's time to return to Dunwich Prep. Looking for characters with a plausible connection to chaos or the divine - but characters without either of those things are also good!
  18. I'll be trying my hand at GM'ing a bit, so I figured I would start with something relatively simple to help me get into GM'ing fight scenes: A villain really wants to get the gold reserves stored in the Eastern Seaboard Bank, and it would be great if some heroes would try to stop him! I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join, preferably with a post from each at least every other day.
  19. So I'm looking to just generally get into more threads not just revive the old threads I have been reviving as of late. So come one come all. In the spirit of Gizmo's Freedom Finest (Seriously go check that out those with newish characters Giz will make you care for NPCs like never before) and Electra's And I Was Just Standing There (Also seriously check that one out. E's characters are awesome why wouldn't you want your characters to know them?) a here's my thread. A shameless piggy back of their excellent ideas. Essentially, anybody whose interested in groupin
  20. Forever Boy is the character of new player RocketLord, and since he was just approved, no reason not to have a debut before Claremont gets into the swing of things. I'm looking for 1-2 other PCs who'd be interested in foiling the machinations of two loving, cautious and powerful space-villains come to Earth for reasons of stealing a prototype dimensional conduit from A.S.T.R.O. Labs' Freedom City headquarters. PL is 10-12, any origin or theme. Date is 7th September, 2018, late afternoon, verging on evening. Tone is very light. Very heavy on actio
  21. Rumors have spread throughout the poor folk of the Fens of Freedom City - tales of opportunity to take a chance and grow one's own power to affect their life. One rumor claims that it's a pyramid scheme - a con run by an overzealous fan of superheroes. Another claims that the speaker's friend's cousin actually gained powers by visiting a specific club on the river's edge. A third tale tells of how some people have been gaining fame and fortune for their folks by visiting the club. All stories share some commonalities - that there's a club in the Fens where the proprietor claims to
  22. What: First-response and life-saving in the aftermath of a container ship's nagivation equipment malfunctioning, sending the several-hundred thousand tonnes of ship and cargo into the half-built MarsTech wave-power generator just off the coast. Hundreds of people need rescue, both in the ship and around the power generator. Who: Anyone, really. Max of four people, Maximum PL of 12. Where: Emerald City, Oregon coastline. When: August 2nd, Late night. @Jander-Prime Here you go, Jander. How's this?
  23. A new, relatively unknown hero called Hypno-Hippie has recently arrived in Freedom City, and is looking to make her public debut by hosting a public Super Freaks sermon as a charity event. Fliers have been passed around, ads placed on what seems to be every single bus stop and lamppost in the city. Some heroes have been invited by the city as security detail in the event that something goes horribly, horrendously wrong, and a message like hers is bound to rub some people off the wrong way. I'm kinda hoping @Avenger Assembled could attend, because, since because it's his creation, I
  24. Hey y’all I’m back! And that means so is Hyperactive! Without further ado! A plot hook: Did you know that Cameron Park in Waco is the second largest municipal park in the United States Of America? At least it was. Now it’s definitely the largest. The park is expanding. People are going missing. The animals in the Cameron Park Zoo are loose and seemingly altered. Well, Hyperactive is going to be on the case, but he needs help. Probably looking for one one or two other heroes!
  25. I've been mulling over (for over a literal year now) having Terrifica put together a team of sorts. Now I know, a proper team has to have players that'll commit to working with each other long term. So my solution is...let's not do that. Terrifica's an obsessive investigator. She's got more leads on crime than she can personally handle. Even looping in @Heritage's Miracle Girl (her protege and friend) isn't quite enough. So I say let her form a network of heroic contacts. A rotating cast of folks that handle street level crime. If we do it right, Terrifica herself doesn't have to be a presence
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