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Found 815 results

  1. OOC thread for this thread. To start off, anyone who wants to have done digging the night before can roll for Gather Information or any Knowledge Check you believe may be appropriate. Also, because Terrifica provided a phone number to a detective on the case, let me know if you want to have contacted him to meet you at the cafe.
  2. OOC for this Hope it works, it's a bit short but this way a lot of the details on how the two message each other or what Tristan is currently doing are up to you to decide! Timeline-wise, I'm not sure if you want this to be pre- or post-kidnapping, tell me and I'll adjust the date! Tagging players as usual: @Blarghy
  3. Hey guys! Finally have things ready to go for this adventure and hoping you guys are ready as well. Do forgive me for making error here and there. I mainly play 3E and this is the 1st 2E I've run so bare with me. The 1st bit of story is going to be just Facsimile until you get into the thick of it. Shouldn't take too long to get there so don't worry about having to wait to play Blue. I look forward to running this for you guys. @Zeitgeist Blue and @Exaccus
  4. OOC thread for this thread. @Letty @Supercape
  5. OOC thread for this thread. Moon-Moth ponders what's dead and gone on the corpse of a dragon.
  6. @Heritage @NotAHoneyBadger @Cubismo @Exaccus @Tiff @Kai Wren @trollthumper So here's what we've got so far. Case 1 is HoneyBadger's Igneous and Ex's Facsimile, plus whoever else. Case 2 is Heri's Miracle Girl & Cubismo's Replica, plus whoever else. Case 3 is troll's Temperance, plus whoever else. Terrifica is still available. The idea was for everyone to sign up IC, but thread's slowed some. So if folks would prefer we can sort it out OOC. Also, I don't plan to run any of these. HoneyBadger's volunteered to help out, but I'd rather not pawn all three off on him(yes, I'll provide any necessary help, but still). So I'd like to not end up doing one or two myself and getting annoyed with bookkeeping again. So...help me out?
  7. @Blarghy, give me a Sense Motive check, DC 20. If you pass, you realize You can also just have Puigo realize that if you figure it out yourself, but this is mechanical proof.
  8. OOC for this. You can bring in your characters in one by one, or meet privately nearby and come in as a group, or whatever suits you best. It's now early the following morning after Tristan's disappearance; he went missing around, let's say, 10PM that night, and the police haven't turned up anything yet.
  9. OOC thread for this thread. Scarab III versus tech-crimes. @Tiffany Korta Okay, so Tiff. Would you make me a Reflex save for Scarab to get herself and the panicky guard away from the grenade? Or do you have some alternative notion?
  10. Okay - @Thevshi, @Blarghy, @Electra What should we do before the Atlanteans show up - if anything?
  11. OOC Thread for: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10522-ic-under-cove-r/ You are all free to determine how you heard about this terrible smuggling operation! Details are broadly sketchy, but there's definitely Daka crystals involved. Or you can just have been taking a nap in a dank cave because that's how you chill out! You know, whatever works.
  12. Supercape

    Hot Shot

    Ooc for this No rush, but you may wish to roll Knowledge (Streetwise) and Notice
  13. OOC for this Tagging @Supercape and @Azuth65
  14. @Supercape @Avenger Assembled So here we go! Let’s go find some sea serpents. http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10540-something-smells-fishy-here/
  15. OOC thread for this thread. A Scion of another Earth steals the Holy Grail. @Moira Morley I apologize for taking so long. If you would, please roll Reflex/Acrobatics(whichever is higher), DC15. Wisdom at the same DC and Stealth/Dexterity(higher takes precedence) at DC10. The idea here is that Scion just leaps out and slides down the side of the skyscraper. Then steals a rando's(Marcel's)car, at which point it becomes more open.
  16. @Heritage Heroic hijinks are about to ensue!
  17. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica meets her personal devil!
  18. Initiative! Watchdog: http://orokos.com/roll/609465 6 @KnightDisciple
  19. OOC thread for this thread. Jessica Witchblood, Sea Devil and Mag-Might deal with some snakey folks. @Avenger Assembled @Crimson Beguiler
  20. OOC for this thread, Levity and Sha'ir deal with sky ghosts. @Sailor @olopi
  21. A thread for all the latest news on Incognito! Hopefully there'll be more stuff in here soon. HellQ
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