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Found 834 results

  1. OOC. For stuffs. Infiltrator: Empousa; Portrait Thief: Kobalos; Portrait Muscle: Hekatoncheire; Portrait Mastermind: Arachne; Portrait The above are the 4 NPCs being used. At the moment, no rolling, but. :twisted:
  2. Gina's spending an HP to create a detector that will pick up Harrier's unique signal due to the special modifications she has helped make to him through the course of their association. With her mental Quickness and the HP expenditure, an invention can be made with eighteen minutes of design and eighty rounds (eight minutes) of building that will last the length of one encounter, so hopefully long enough to let the gang zero in on the abductees. Super-Senses 20 (acute analytical extended 15 [same solar system] radius ranged detect Free Omegadrones [mental]) [20PP]
  3. Cobalt Templar, the Liberty League, and Eve Martel deal with some bad medicine.
  4. Are we in initiative? I dunno. Disable Device, Notice, Sense Motive, or Technology checks might also be prudent.
  5. The Liberty League deal with the Crime League, a new hero, and other weirdness.
  6. The swordsmanship class for Blodeuwedd, Gaian Kight, Myrmidon and Sage!
  7. Cannonade, Glowstar, Wail and Gabriel all deal with shark drugs. And we don't mean "drugs for sharks."
  8. Nick Cimitiere, Ghost Girl and Wraith deal with an extremely weird smuggling ring.
  9. Temperance makes her heroic debut, runs into Wail, and deals with Rant, Rave... and other weirdness.
  10. Power swapping! Whee! We'll catch up with the first bit soon enough, but for now just describe arriving at the museum.
  11. The New Midnighters on their first real mission - dealing with Tarot troubles on the Boardwalk.
  12. OOC thread spawned from this thread I'll go ahead and re-post my villain stat blocks now, so the two of you can review. Main Villain: 1.)Base Attack raised to 11, so that his attack with his Builder Array (for lack of a better term) is 15 2.)Base Defense raised to 10, for 15 total (with Dodge Focus) and 5 Flat-footed 3.)Toughness goes to up to 15, thanks to Protection upgrade (more in a moment) 4.)Fort, Reflex, and Will all go up to 10 (3pp boost to each base save) 5.)Add 1 rank of Dodge Focus 5.)Power changes: a.)Damage goes up to 15, DC is 30 b.)Drop Emotion Control c.)Move Object goes up to 15, DC is 30 d.)Add the following to the Array: Blast 15 (Extra: Targeted Area [shapeable], Flaw: Full-Round Action), DC 30 e.)Protection goes up to 12 DCs: Damage: Toughness DC 30 Move Object: Toughness DC 30 Area Blast: Toughness DC 30 **Done** Now, for the 3 minions. Using: Paragon with a Power Ring. I'm not making them full-on constructs mechanically. I'm now thinking they might be small-time thugs utterly infused with the Builder's powers. Anyways. Changes: 1.)Attack up to 8, 12 total for Energy/Unarmed 2.)Base Defense up to 8, Total up to 12, Flat-Footed 4 3.)Overall Con goes to 34 w/base powers, gives him +12 mod. 4.)Overall Str goes to 34 w/base powers, gives him +12 mod. 5.)Toughness goes up to 12 with Con 6.)Fort save up to 12 thanks to Con 7.)Ref is 6, Will is 8, both due to base save boost 8.)Powers a.)Device gets...eh, it has more points. I'm more concerned about combat caps and such really. These are one-shot NPC mods. b.)Blast is 12, DC is 27 c.)Enhanced Str and Con raised to 18 (to change above total stats) DCs: Blast: 27 Toughness Unarmed: 27 Toughness **DONE** IC thread soon! EDIT: IC Thread up!
  13. Oh snap, a baby! For reference, the first floor of the Espadas house: Backyard _|-|___________________ | | | | | | ___| | | | | | |____________|-|__| | | ..... | | | | | | | | | |_| |_| | | | | | |__________|-|__________| Porch Erik and Gina are near the forward wall, near the front door. The kitchen/dining room is a long, narrow room along the left side of the house; that's where Vince's laptop is set up right now. The stairs up to the second floor are in the middle while the first-floor bedroom and bathroom are along the back wall, which is where Willow, Ellie and Yolanda are. Feel free to have your characters already there or just arriving as you like.
  14. For sparring purposes later on! This is a thread for Bee-Keeper III, Blue Jay, Catalyst and Glow.
  15. Miss A, Wail, Glow, and Citizen deal with a legacy from the recent past and the very distant future.
  16. OOC for This Thread. Shortish intro thread that will bring Ghost Girl into Death Count Thread
  17. The OOC for this thread. The thugs are using the builds for generic, well, thugs from the core book; two of them have Shotguns instead of pistols.
  18. When: 14 April 2012Where: Martel Estate (Windrush), North Bay, Freedom City Who: Both YF 1.5 and YF 2.0 have been floated invites, so who attends is up to the players of the cross team PCs. Etain was, of course, invited.
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