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Found 815 results

  1. Oh snap, a baby! For reference, the first floor of the Espadas house: Backyard _|-|___________________ | | | | | | ___| | | | | | |____________|-|__| | | ..... | | | | | | | | | |_| |_| | | | | | |__________|-|__________| Porch Erik and Gina are near the forward wall, near the front door. The kitchen/dining room is a long, narrow room along the left side of the house; that's where Vince's laptop is set up right now. The stairs up to the second floor are in the middle while the first-floor bedroom and bathroom are along the back wall, which is where Willow, Ellie and Yolanda are. Feel free to have your characters already there or just arriving as you like.
  2. For sparring purposes later on! This is a thread for Bee-Keeper III, Blue Jay, Catalyst and Glow.
  3. Miss A, Wail, Glow, and Citizen deal with a legacy from the recent past and the very distant future.
  4. OOC for This Thread. Shortish intro thread that will bring Ghost Girl into Death Count Thread
  5. The OOC for this thread. The thugs are using the builds for generic, well, thugs from the core book; two of them have Shotguns instead of pistols.
  6. When: 14 April 2012Where: Martel Estate (Windrush), North Bay, Freedom City Who: Both YF 1.5 and YF 2.0 have been floated invites, so who attends is up to the players of the cross team PCs. Etain was, of course, invited.
  7. The Liberty League deals with something weird in the Pine Barrens and gets dragged into some of the stranger mysteries of the Soviet Union. For those among the League who are curious about the first incident, there are some folders in the helicopter with a much more detailed account of the first incident.
  8. OK, folks, give me some social investigation checks! Interaction skills, Gather Info, Notice, Investigate, Search, and various socially-based Knowledges are all appropriate.
  9. Because we need one of these now!
  10. Harrier, Jack of all Blades, and Gabriel learn that in vino, danger!
  11. April 2012 The HAX crew vs. the Terminus
  12. Second Week of January, 2012 Young Freedom 2.0 goes to the Sanctum, and by extension to the Claremont Academy. (This is set after Wraith's return from the Hunter planet, chronologically)
  13. February 2012 The team helps some stranded travelers get home. But who?
  14. Mara and Ellie take the day off to celebrate the former's birthday! It goes about as according to plan as you'd expect.
  15. Wail, Asad and Pyre dress up as Santa for charity! And then: DOOM!
  16. Arrowhawk and Midnight deal with Madame Marvelous's latest mayhem through stealth, guile, and cunning. Also, beating people up.
  17. Young Freedom starts off with a conventional assignment to protect a Freedom City gathering that will soon become anything but conventional. I'll give Young Freedom a few minutes to enjoy the Columbus Day parade before the chaos begins. Sample the cannoli!
  18. November 3, 2011 The Liberty League deals with neo-Nazis.
  19. September 24, 2011 Rene, Nick Cimeterie, Kid Cthulu, Equinox, Dead Head, and Phantom deal with an invasion by magical creatures and their goons. Trollthumper be runnin' this.
  20. September 25, 2011 Crow, Changeling, Myrmidon, Wisp, and Glowstar face off against one of their own. Raveled be runnin' this.
  21. September 26, 2011 Jack of all Blades, Jill O'Cure, Miss Americana, Geckoman, Ferros, and Willow deal with some thorny problems. Yeah, Gizmo is running this.
  22. September 20-27, 2011 The Lab: Torque, Supercape, Gossamer, Ironclad, Dragonfly, and Protectron solve the problem at its source
  23. September 26, 2011 Young Freedom Citizen, Ghost Girl, Sage, Cobalt Templar, Wraith, and Papercut are left to watch Freedom Hall. What could go wrong? (It turns out a lot)
  24. September 22, 2011 Wander, Midnight, Edge, Ace Danger, Bombshell, and Cannonade get a visit from that old-time Norse religion.
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