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  1. Bluebound Books Saturday, July 19th, 2014 7:30 PM Joe Macayle considered himself something of an amateur historian. But some times, that could be a broad consideration. There were areas he didn't know a whole lot about - the medieval era, the Civil War, the early American Revolution. But, at the same time, he knew there were areas that he could just tear into. World War II, early labor history, the superheroic record of Freedom City... and the town's punk scene. Which was why he was spending tonight at a bookstore instead of a club. Marc Varren, veteran Freedom City journalist, was presentin
  2.   Freedom City April 2014 The Crime Lab (Remote Site)    Richard Cline was not one for advanced planning most of the time, but then again most of the time he wasn't going back to dinosaur times. "All right, the advance team has been on the island for almost a week, and they haven't run into anything larger than a Great Dane, so I think we'll be all right." He let one of the techs pop a USB into the computer's port (something he had deliberately notmastered), playing what looked like an iMovie recording of a mostly-deserted tropical island, complete with birds in the air and
  3. -Richard Cline, An Oral History of the Terminus Invasion   Summer 1993 First National Bank of Lincoln   Richard Cline stuck out in the crowd of customers waiting in line for the teller for three reasons - his tapping foot, rolling eyes, and general air of impatience marked him as someone eager to be anywhere else than waiting in line, his white skin and flashy clothes marked him as an outsider among the bank’s mostly working-class customers, and his baseball cap and sunglasses were just a little odd for this early in the morning. The other customers gave
  4. Let's see, go ahead and give me an unmodified d20 roll for this one.     
  5. The OOC thread for this thread. 
  6. Two weeks after the events of "Cry for Justice"    All in all, the murder of Professor Parker Psion and the capture of his granddaughter had gone largely unnoticed by the Freedom City press. Even after the attempted break-out two weeks earlier, one that had seemingly targeted Frances Psion in particular, the media hadn't really gotten involved. A superhero had been mind-controlled by a suicidal elderly supervillain; an attempt to break out said supervillain's confederate had been foiled, and that, or so it seemed, was that.   -   "We moved her back into the psych ward
  7. GM January 19th, 2014 Freedom City   Fingers fly over a keyboard faster than the eye can see.    "Dear Set II? Set Jr?    This is Clock Queen, and it's high TIME we got together and talked about your old man. I'm in Freedom City right now and it's gloomsville around here. If you remember where the old Set put his stuff, you should meet me tonight at eight in the warehouse where the old Set kept that helicopter with the giant snake face. He really dug those snakes, hah-hah. Don't keep me waiting!   Your good friend, Clock Queen.    PS: Is it
  8. December 7, 2013 Kingston Midnight   "Fullæstum! Cwæ, fullæstum mec!" The cry was coming from a deserted stretch of half-grown forest near a recent development as Cobalt Templar and Stronghold flew overhead, and as the ring-bearing sentinels flew low they soon found the source of the cry - a young woman about Corbin's apparent age, with long black hair cascading down her back and nearly chalk-white skin. Her clothes were a mess, a torn and slashed fast-food worker's uniform exposing half-healed wounds beneath as if she'd been attacked by a
  9. A DC 20 Bluff check reveals that's not Samedi at all, but an imposter.   Initiative time!        Richard goes on 15+27=42       Samedi goes on 21        Clock Queen goes on 23+12=35
  10. 2AM (Los Angeles time)  December 5, 2013    Richard Cline sipped his coffee and checked his 1989 Chrono-Quartz digital watch, a 20th anniversary present that he would get tired of about the time his son stopped asking him when he was going to learn how to text. Six am in Freedom City. Better get moving. "Juanita," he said, slapping a twenty down to pay for the several cups he'd drunk that morning, "your coffee is great every night, but this stuff?" he picked up the cup and winked, glad as ever he'd found this greasy spoon diner instead of the trendy coffee shops eve
  11. Port Regal, Freedom City, New Jersey Cline Home Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 William walked into his family's home with less than his usual vigor and energy. He was oddly subdued and, unusually, glad his father wasn't home. His mother could feel the relief. She'd felt Will's subtle probe and inquiry earlier, when he'd been "told" that his father and younger sister were out and about in the city, likely getting into some sort of trouble. William wasn't carrying an overnight bag or anything (not that he needed one; he had enough supplies at home to split his time if he liked), and didn't
  12. Index of Hologram News Pages: History Part One: 1939-1965 Part Two: 1965-1979 Part Three: 1979-1984 Part Four: 1984-1991 Part Five: 1992-2005 Part Six: 2006-2013 Timeline
  13. Players Name: Electra Characters Name: Hologram Power Level: 12 (221/222PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 1 In Brief: Last and least scion of a famously villainous family, Paige kicked over her bad-girl traces back in the 90s and took up on the side of good. Twenty years later, she's back in Freedom City with her super-husband and wonderkids, trying to keep all her plates spinning while avoiding any unfortunate family reunions. Alternate Identities: Paige Psion Identity: Paige Cline Birthplace: Freedom City Occupation: Television Personality Affiliations: Nicholson School, Discovery Cha
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