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    So I feel like I should try to help Cho from being hit by this collapsing ceiling, but ThoughtSpeed seems to be in a bit more dangerous situation being staggered and dazed. I am not sure of the distances each are from each other, since Cho just landed on the black salamander but here is a thought I am having that triggered this question. Could I use a hero point and perform power stunt performing a move-by-action grabbing Cho and using her as a thrown weapon at BlackSalamander, then move to ThoughtSpeed and guard him? Forgive me if this sounds like an impossible WTH action that we all sho
  2. Valcili


    I am not sure what this means....but here is my reflex save with the Evasion feat: result 24 does it mean reflex save DC22 to avoid damage and TOU save DC27 for 1/2 damage effect? Also I am not sure if this was factored in from my last attack (as I didn't note it) the roll was a roll of 19 which was a crit.
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    I didn’t put here who I was attacking but I had put that in the IC thread, my apologies. I was targeting Black salamander
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    Here is my save VS Suffocation DC20, result 30 I believe this is a successful save, does that mean I am not affected or do I still have the hamperd movement? If not then I'll be making my leap move-by-action attack.
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    Satisfied with her quick assessment that all the civilians appear to have successfully retreated, Baby Brawler directs her attention to these four hotties still present. BB quickly prepares her focus, flexing her fists, then her forearms, to her biceps, to rolled shoulders and rolls her neck with an in audible popping. And her focus settles in and the adrenaline surges with the anticipation of battle, the subconscious presence of her father’s appears just at the edge of her peripherals. She has learned to not try and focus on those ghostly visuals as they immediately disappear whenever she t
  6. Looking for something a little taller than the ground to stand on and sturdy enough to support her weight baby mirrors the other man, with a simple, “Agreedâ€. Locating an old decorative metal plat pot she turns it on its head and hops up on it. Turning to face the other two she shifts her eyes form one to the other taking them in, she is still a stranger to the whole team up meet and greet protocols but tries her best to roll with it. "I am Baby Brawler, you can call me BB if you desire. Now let’s kick this off shall we, I am not too familiar with you all here, fill me in on what you know
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    I have copied my post so you can freely ask the Ref to delete the post. I see now that we are not to post out of sequence.
  8. Seeing her associate activate her holographic toy on her arm immediately grabs BBs attention. Quickly standing she grabs the chair she was sitting in and drags it over to the to the lady with a screech and thud Knowing well enough she could pick it up noiselessly and stands on it so she can get a better look at the hologram. Looking at her now at eye level if just a few inches taller with the chairs assistance when she asks about her skill set. “I primarily do my best work with my fists. Don’t get me confused however, I am not a brainless brute so don’t confuse this with blonde.†She
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    wasn't sure of the protocol on posting after inititive is rolled but I posted. Move-by-action with an unarmed strike against the black Salamander on my initiative.
  10. Following detective into the living room, Baby Brawler takes a seat easing herself down, in her usual fashion, no need to break another chair as she had on many other occasions. As her body settles the wood creaks a bit from the newly applied weight. Looking over the others who are in the room, she takes in each in turn then directs her focus on what the detective has to say trying to retain a serene appearance under the gaze of these strangers and trying to decide if the detective’s insults were intentional or if he is just oblivious to them. Listening to what the slender girl is saying, an
  11. Valcili


    Now suited and in route to the scene; a few moments later Baby Brawler arrives on scene weaving her way through the rush of people heading away from the bank she yells to any would listen. “Get as far back as you can from the bank if you know what’s good for you. Trouble is in there and danger is imminent. Get back I say, get back!†Baby blitzes in past the entry way, cutting immediately to her left putting the wall to her back and assesses the room and it’s lay out. Seeing the wreckage and flames Baby looks for the enemies as well as any remaining civilians too scared to run
  12. Putting on a mischievous but friendly smile, Baby Brawler tilts her head back to look at the tall slender figure in front of her. Jesting back to him, “Now if I were a ninja, you really think I would be using the front door?†She Joins in with his chuckle then gestures with her hand with a (lead the way) manner towards the voice from the kitchen. She rolls her shoulders and neck making muted popping sounds as she loosens up for the conversation to come.
  13. Walking up the driveway Baby Brawler could see the entry just as the man with the large bladed weapon on his back walks in. She quickens up her pace a bit and reaches the door a few steps after it shuts behind the individual. She rushes forward to catch the door before it could be completely closed and latched shut missing by just a step snatching her hand back just in time from them getting smashed. She may be able to take a beating but still feels pain like anyone else even if it is muted. She breathes a sigh of relief to see it was not latched. She opens the door and invites herself in.
  14. The thud of heavy set boots could be heard to anyone in the room, the sound approaches the door, and the door swings open with a creek but nothing appears through right way. Baby Brawler walks up to the door to the dingy hotel listening to her boots echo through the rooms. Stopping at the designated door she reaches out and gives it a slight push to open it up pausing before entering to see if she can hear any sounds coming from within. Not hearing anything she steps through the door and looks about the area. Seeing the individual leaning against the wall, she looks him up
  15. Valcili


    Valentine, had just finished a luncheon with her longtime friend Celeste who was in town visiting for the week wanting to see the new place her bestie was now calling home. The luncheon had just ended, the two were say their goodbyes for the afternoon, as Valentine need to run some appointments and Celeste was off to the waterfront for a little leisurely exploration. “I’ll be back at the house in a few hours after I run some errands Celeste, we can get another bite and check out the night scene maybe find you a guy that will make you want to call this place home as well.†With a parti
  16. Jessica was driving down the road as she usually does every evening after work, this time she has finally decided to follow through with her new year’s resolution to lose those extra couple inches in her waste. She is stopped at the light noticing there is only a couple more blocks to her destination. Her windows are up to help drown out the noise of the outside traffic. “I really need to get my radio fixed†she thinks to herself. Jessica grabs her phone while she is waiting for the light to change so she can go and puts in her ear buds to make a call. Looking down she begins to dial the
  17. I think I should be ok in regards to this, as I joined your "WYRM grows not to dragon...(Claremont Recruitment drive)" thread. so I'll be potentially running both in pparallel.
  18. Well at this point I am not really interested in attaining as many points as I can in a months time. As I am still new to this PbP thing I think just having the opportunity to post and gain anything for doing so is good enough for me. I just hope I don't need to have a canon appearance before doing a non-canon.
  19. I need to make a non-canon appearance with BB this would be a good opportunity I think...
  20. I am interested in joining BabyBrawler to something this woudl be her first run at anything good to get her feet wet.
  21. Yes AA, she is just a short girl thus the name Baby and she like to brawl, the named seemed appropriate. The original concept was designed by me for my wife she had asked me to make a female PC in City of Heroes. We liked it a lot and so I adopted it for this game. Per your request, I have fixed the formatting in the “Skills†section, I have added the distances to the leaping for reference, and fixed the issue with the swapped bonuses in the “Saves†section as well. I think that was all that was needed, please give it a once more over and let me know if it is good to go or if I need t
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