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  1. Whiplash: Birthday Wishes The Devil his Due Vignette Medic: Bound in Dust Vignette
  2. Medic Medic stood almost motionless outside the burning house, sucking thoughtfully on a cotton ball. It was the first time she'd worn her hero costume in the field, and it was half-obscured under latex gloves and protective masks and frocks... should she find that funny? She couldn't enter. She couldn't risk damaging her clothing. So she waited until she saw the fireman push his way out the front door, crying toddler in his arms, before moving her mask aside long enough to spit the cotton ball into her palm and jogging over. She pressed the cotton against the child's inner elbow. “I'm still not sure exactly how this healing thingy of yours works,†the fireman admitted as he carried the child toward the ambulance. “Not very well without skin-to-skin contact,†she replied. “Normally my nanites can interface with the command inside my body during diagnostics and...†… idle questions are not requests for detailed medical lectures... “... I mean, I'm just infusing my saliva with crude skin and muscle repair nanites. They're not great, but they'll get things started.†“Why are you out here instead of healing people in the hospital?†“The hospitals already have doctors, doctors with procedures and equipment that I'm not trained in. I'm a lot more useful out here. If I could touch my patients, staking out an emergency room might not be a bad idea, but in these conditions I'd just be in everybody's way.†“Hey, maybe you'd get infected and get even better healing powers,†the fireman joked as a paramedic pulled the toddler from his arms.†“Maybe.†Medic wasn't about to experiment with the idea, but she thought she was probably immune to the symptoms of the... whatever was going around. Her nanites “knew†what Chloe's body was supposed to be like; they'd probably be able to counteract changes as they happened, including developing powers. But she had no idea whether they'd be able to recognise the contagion. She could become a silent carrier, unknowingly dooming uninfected patients as she laid hands on them to heal them... She ran a hand up her arm nervously, reassuring herself that her entire body was covered. No touching anyone, no matter how certain they were that they weren't infected. The risk was too high. “Hey, if your nanites can diagnose stuff, maybe you'll solve this crisis for us,†the fireman said with a wink as he got into the truck. Medic laughed. “My medical training isn't that good.†“You want a ride to the next one?†His partner was already starting the truck as he buckled in. “Is it big?†“Pretty big.†“Then I'd be in your way. Good luck.†She stared at the truck as it drove away. She'd laughed, but he was right. What if she could cure the spreading illness? What if she could? She didn't know what it was. But she didn't know exactly how she repaired skin either. She didn't need conscious medical knowledge any more than an athlete needed to know the biological details of muscle contraction. Most of her nanites' work was unconscious. Would they know, if she gave them a chance to diagnose? If she laid her hands on an infected patient, would her nanites be able to heal them? Even if they couldn't, would the experience tell her something – anything – that the scientists could use in developing a cure? Medic started walking. She didn't know where she was going. Wherever it was, there'd be somebody who needed her help, if she walked around long enough. It was too risky. It'd put her out of commission for good. She couldn't risk even one exposure. She couldn't risk the possibility of becoming infected and not knowing, of passing it on to future patients... even the possibility that her nanites might not recognise the contagion but might counteract the cure, if it was found. She had no idea how her body would react to drugs. The nanites might not allow any chemical interference, might not distinguish a cure from a toxin. Then she'd be a permanent carrier, never able to touch anybody again. To heal again. “Help! Miss! Are you a doctor?!†Well, that is why I have a big red cross on my back. Medic turned to the woman calling out to her. She looked about thirty, and scared, loitering in a doorway. “What's the problem?†“My daughter...†Medic rushed into the house and let the woman lead her upstairs. “She said she felt sick a couple of days ago and I didn't think anything of it but now she has a fever and she's not responding to her name...†An open bedroom door. Medic darted inside. The girl lying on the bed looked about eleven, caked in sweat and shivering. Her eyes were half-open but unfocused. Medic took the thermometer from her mouth (she could choke on it in that state), glanced at the reading, and winced. “Do you have any ice, ma'am?†The woman, standing in the doorway, silently shook her head. “Has your daughter recently developed superpowers?†She glanced away. Not good. Medic looked back to her patient. They needed to get her temperature down immediately. No time for an ambulance. It might already be too late. They needed ice, they needed to bring down her temperature, and she probably couldn't cure the infection, she... She didn't know if she could help with the infection. But she did know that she could bring down a fever. Medic peeled off a glove. She could cure fevers, and she could heal bones, and she could repair the skin and internal organs of those that the paramedics couldn't touch for fear of infection. Even if she couldn't touch the uninfected, she could keep infected patients in one piece until a cure was found. She could save this girl. And if she had any effect at all on the power-causing infection... well, that would be a nice little bonus. Without giving herself time to reconsider, she pressed her hand against the girl's forehead and focused. After a few seconds, the shivering stopped. I am a healer. A world-endangering plague can't scare me away from that.
  3. Hot Zone -- Whiplash The three young men were clearly amateurs. They couldn't stop grinning at each other for the whole robbery. The beefy one laughed out loud as he walked up to the shop and tore the reinforced door from its hinges with one hand, completely ignoring the floor-to-ceiling display windows on either side, and the tall, lanky one winked at him as he waltzed inside, hands growing to massive size, and simply filled them with random snack foods, adding the till almost as an afterthought. “Come on, let's go,†the small one said, peering up and down the street for trouble. But he, too, was grinning. They looked about sixteen years old. Amateurs, robbing an unattended convenience store. Not something that Whiplash would normally bother with. But petty theft wasn't the current problem. The small, alert one hadn't seen her crouching on the roof above them. Hardly anybody ever thought to look up. The question was, how to round the idiots up without panicking them? She wasn't sure of the exact nature or extent of their powers and neither, presumably, were they. She ran one hand over the top of her gas mask, ensuring once again that her entire face, like the rest of her body, was completely covered. Then she leapt down, careful to make sure her hands were clearly open and empty. “Boys, you're sick. You need to let us help you.†The small one visibly jumped, and all three turned to look at her. They looked her up and down, sneers playing on their faces. “Oh,†the big one said. “A hero. Yeah, we know there's a quarantine. Of course you want to keep all the powers to yourselves, don't you? Can't have everybody running around with superpowers. Then you don't get to be tough and special. Well now we can meet you on your level.†He took a step towards her. “So. What are you gonna do about it?†The three of them moved to form a semicircle, backing her against a wall. She wasn't as cornered as she looked – she could be up the wall in seconds – but that they were aggressive at all was distressing. It was worse than if they'd fled. She couldn't afford to fight, she couldn't afford to get her outfit cut or torn. With the superpower-inducing contagion spreading, any skin contact with these three was an infection risk. The city around them, erupting in chaos and panic as people tested or fled from new superpowers, was a testament to the efficiency of the disease. “Listen,†she said, “you're going to burn out. You need to let the doctors take care of you.†Her instincts told her to reach for her whip, but she kept her hands stubbornly open and away from her belt. “We're looking for a cure but this sort of random chaos only makes it harder! People are going to die, do you understand that? And by the way, I don't have any superpowers.†“Then this is gonna sting a bit, isn't it?†The big guy bunched his fist and leapt forward. Whiplash automatically lashed out, her whip snaking around the boy's feet to trip him up. The other two fled; the lanky guy dropped his loot and grew his legs to immense size, taking half-block steps to flee, while the small one was a blur for a half-second and then, suddenly, not there. Whiplash snaked her whip around her prone opponent, binding him. “Please calm down and let me help.†The boy roared and strained against his bonds, and Whiplash felt a sudden, inexplicable pain shoot up her right arm. She screamed, and somehow the boy slipped from the coils of her whip while she was distracted and fled. Well, that was a failure. Time to get above street level and finish her patrol. She was reaching for her first handhold in the wall when it occurred to her that she hadn't drawn her whip before lashing out with it. Whiplash looked down. A long, fleshy tendril trailed from the palm of her right hand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't panic. It's fine. It'll all be fine. Whiplash stared at the... the flesh whip dangling from her hand. She glanced at the freshly robbed convenience store, picked a crack in the window as a target, and struck out. The glass cracked further; a dead hit. She felt the impact, an odd sensation. It handled just like her normal whip. But it was going to get in her way. She'd grown it instinctively, when she needed a whip... Whiplash closed her eyes and imagined putting her whip away. There was an odd, tingling sensation, and when she opened her eyes, her palm was normal, a hole in her glove the only sign that anything unusual had happened. She had a feeling that, with practice, she could learn how to handle the flesh whip better than a real one, be even more accurate, learn how to feel properly through it. But she wouldn't get a chance to learn that. Not if the doctors were right. Two months. Two months in which she couldn't touch her daughter, couldn't share a meal with her sister. Then she would die. How had it even breached her clothing? When? Didn't matter. She called her sister. The phone was picked up on the second ring. “Hello?†“Jenny.†“Helen! Oh god, Helen, it's... look, where are you?†“King street. Look, I... I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to leave Anna with you. Again. I'm so sorry. Jenny, I... I've developed superpowers. I can't... I can't see you any more, it's too dangerous.†“You too?†“What do you mean, 'too'?†“It doesn't matter, Helen. You can't contaminate us. Any of us.†Whiplash knew that she should head for a hospital. She didn't. She got to the rooftops, safely away from any uncontaminated civilians crazy enough to be wandering the streets, and headed for her sister's house. She stopped briefly to stash her whip and utility belt in one of the many rooftop nooks she occasionally employed for such things before she approached the house. Not that her secret identity mattered any more, unless they could find a cure. But she would not be Whiplash inside that house. She would be Helen Crey. Her family was sitting around the table, drinking tea, when she came in. Her sister Jennifer was transparent, like a glass sculpture carefully clothed. As she nervously tapped her fingers on the table, they gave a sharp sound much harder than human flesh, but she seemed to be able to move normally. Jennifer's son David looked much calmer than his mother, and it took Helen a moment to notice that he was actually hovering above his chair. Her daughter Annabelle looked normal. “Anna! Are you sure...?†“There are seventeen mammals within 100 feet of us, not counting people in this room. Two of them are human.†She met Helen's eyes. “I'm sure, Mum.†“Okay. Okay.†Helen closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. “This will get better.†“Hel... what do we do?†Helen had never seen Jennifer at such a loss. The collected woman who'd raised her daughter while she was in prison, whose words had convinced her to reform, and who even now continually stepped in to support her and look after Anna even though she thought Helen was still stealing was biting her lip, looking to her for guidance. Helen realised that she couldn't afford to break down. Not now. Her family needed her. The sensible thing to do was to remain isolated, to keep themselves from becoming a danger to the public. But they couldn't sit alone in a house for two months and the hospitals were overcrowded and not entirely safe. “Everybody get dressed. Cover every inch of your skin. If we're already contaminated, there's very little risk in making ourselves useful. “We're going to go restore some order.†---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helen crouched on the rooftop, trying to make out the vague shapes inside the dark electronics store through her binoculars. “You're sure, sweetie?†Beside her, Anna nodded. “Three humans and a dog. Two inside the building, one lookout on the roof two buildings away. Behind that chimney.†Great, an opponent who thought in three dimensions. “Some people and a dog in a trashed shop might just be the owners, but with a lookout... David, fly by for a closer look and make sure you're not seen.†The boy nodded and jumped off the roof, eliciting a gasp from his mother. He started to fall, then slowed, and finally hovered a few inches above the grass for a few seconds before gaining altitude once again. When he came back, he said, “They're definitely robbing the place.†“Alright. David, keep an eye on the lookout. He hasn't noticed us so I don't think he's very good at his job. If he does, distract him. If he leaves, tail him. Jenny, Anna... let's do this.†Helen and Anna entered through the back door and carefully locked the door behind them. Anna confirmed that the thieves were both in the front room, so the two headed there. They watched the thieves wrestle with a particularly large sound system for a few seconds before Helen said, “Okay, boys, time to give this up.†The two looked Helen and Anna up and down, raising their eyebrows at the head-to-toe black costumes. “What are you supposed to be, ninjas?†“No. Cautious. Just out of curiosity, have you two developed superpowers recently?†One of the thieves hurled a bright blue fireball at her. She ducked. “I'm going to assume that's probably a yes.†She raised her hand and flung out her flesh whip, which tied neatly around the firethrower's hands. He responded by lighting them again. Under the sudden, searing pain, she released him. Right. Not a real whip. His friend was headed for the front door, but Jennifer blocked it, her hard, transparent body hidden by her clothing. “Nope, sorry.†The thief sneered and swung at Jennifer, who made no attempt to avoid the blow. The thief's fist landed with a sick, wet crack and she screamed. Jennifer reached up and took her gently by the forearm. “You know who's great at treating broken hands? Hospital. Come on.†Helen carefully tripped the firethrower. As far as she could tell, he could only light his hands, but it was almost impossible to find a way to bind him without getting near his hands. She entangled him in the whip once more and braced for pain, but as he lit his hands, Anna rushed forward with a fire extinguisher and doused them completely in foam. Helen looped more whip around his hands, feeling it move in ways a real whip couldn't. A tentacle, really. She bound his arms to his body, but left his legs free. “Alright, get up. We're going now.†“You're scarily self-assured about all this,†Anna said as they left. “You're eleven,†Helen replied, “you're not supposed to use words like 'self-assured' on a regular basis. And I'm an ex cat burglar, remember? Observation and infiltration are my thing.†“I guess.†Helen didn't know whether the doctors and scientists could save them. She didn't know whether they had only two months to live. She didn't know whether fighting crime or getting carriers off the streets was making any difference at all. But it didn't matter. Whether it was their last couple of months or not, whether their actions had any impact or not, Helen Crey was exactly where she needed to be in a crisis like this; with her family, fighting for a better tomorrow.
  4. Sorry about temporarily vanishing. Streetwise check: 1d20+8=11. Well, that's something.
  5. Chloe quickly inactivated her calming nanites before anybody touched her. She was going to have to keep an eye on that or it could get awkward. She shrugged at Kristin's words. "I just sedated him," she said to Kristin. "A mixture of luck and surprise, I think." Except that was a lie. She'd manipulated him, played with his emotions... and she wasn't entirely sure that that was the right thing to do. Not without permission. Sometimes patients needed to be sedated against their own will for their own safety, but had she gone too far? "It was Serge's... sonic... thing that did most of the damage, I think. Anyway, I'm glad we didn't have to kill the mummy. It wasn't its fault." Sh felt a moment of panic when she realised that people were looking at Saiph hovering above their unmasked heads, but it was unlikely that anybody was looking away from the flying hero long enough to pay any attention to them and nobody seemed to have thought to turn their phones back on mid-marathon and take video. She reminded herself that she really needed to take her uniform everywhere, just in case. Since apparently, even a trip to the movies couldn't be guaranteed to be villain-free.
  6. Chloe gave Heqanefer one last dose of nanites before he was taken away, to calm him from the effects of her fear-inducing nanites. "You know," she said as they cuffed him, "I don't know much about humans but it seems to me that it's easier to inspire long-term loyalty and respect by getting people to like you rather than fear you. If you want to show people the real power of your magic, you might have more luck using it to help them." She quickly checked to make sure that nobody required a quick healing before settling in to enjoy the movie. Only then did she allow herself to acknowledge the tiredness settling into her bones. She was going to have to learn her own limitations. A simple school outing had turned into a supernatural attack, and they'd been able to put a stop to things without anybody getting permanently hurt. If they hadn't been there... It was starting to look as if, if she wanted to help people, coming to Claremont had been the right choice.
  7. Derin

    Birthday Wishes

    Helen was startled out of her thoughts when two arms wrapped around her from behind. "Nice to actually get together for once, sis, even if only at birthdays." "Hey Jen, we saw each other last week." "YEah, when you dropped in for two minutes to drop Anna off. When was the last time we even had coffee together?" But Jennifer didn't look upset. She was grinning. "You know what it's like; you work days, I work nights. But Saturday, we do something without the kids. Okay?" "I'll hold you to that." Their touching moment of sisterly bonding was interrupted when three young adults entered the building loudly and rudely. It took Helen a moment to notice that all three of them were carrying guns. Helen shouted "Get down!" at the exact moment that one of the men shouted, "Everyone on the floor, now!"
  8. Derin

    Bound in Dust (OOC)

    Yeah, Medic's not going to keep attacking a guy who's agreed to stop hurting people and is begging her to stop.
  9. "His own daughter?" That sent a chill down Whiplash's spine. Who would... who could... "Alright. We need to find this school, and this girl. I don't suppose you could be a bit more precise on what you mean by 'not quite an innocent', could you?" Please let her have a criminal record. People are so much easier to find with a criminal record. What they needed was names. Revenant could figure it out, couldn't she? She'd been fighting these people a long time. But if they couldn't... "Unless we can figure out how to find this girl and protect her, we may have to interrupt or prevent the ritual itself. Where is Saint Catherine's?"
  10. Whip'd good by Dok Whiplash Spent 5PP total. - Changed defense tradeoff from +2def/-2tough to +1def/-1tough [2PP] - 8 ranks of Knowledge (streetwise). [-1PP] Can I remove 1 rank of Attack Focus (melee) or is it too late to play with that? [1PP] - 1 rank of Defensive Roll to bring Tougness up to 10 [3PP] - added 5PP to whip array to buy 2 alternate powers and up the base power PP to 22, spent as follows: Snare 8 (Extras: Constricting; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Reversible) {19/19} becomes Snare 9 (Extras: Constricting; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Reversible, Accurate) {22/22} Strike 5 (Extras: Penetrating 8 [as DMG 16]; Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mighty) {18/19} becomes Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating 8 [as DMG 16]; Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mighty, Accurate) {20/22} The two new powers are an electrified whip and a drug cocktail in the handle. Stun 9 (Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Accurate) (21/22) Healing 5 (Extras: Action 2, Total; Flaws: Temporary) (20/22) Also, would it be possible to remove Whiplash's stun gun from her utility belt [-1EP] and buy a gas mask instead [1EP]? Subject: Whiplash (PL 11) - Derin [floatr][img=http://freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/1/19/Whiplash.jpg][/floatr] [b][u]Player Name[/u]:[/b] Derin [b][u]Character Name[/u]:[/b] Whiplash [b][u]Power Level[/u]:[/b] 11 [155/160pp] [b][u]Trade-Offs[/u]:[/b] +2 Attack / -2 Damage, +1 Defense / -1 Toughness [b][u]Unspent Power Points[/u]:[/b] 5 [b][u]Progress To Bronze Status[/u]:[/b] 10/30 [b][u]In Brief[/u]:[/b] Whiplash is a reformed cat burglar channelling her skills to defend the innocent. [b][u]Alternate Identity[/u]:[/b] Helen Crey [b][u]Identity[/u]:[/b] Secret [b][u]Birthplace[/u]:[/b] New York City, New York [b][u]Occupation[/u]:[/b] Cleaner [b][u]Affiliations[/u]:[/b] None [b][u]Family[/u]:[/b] Annabelle Crey (daughter), Jennifer Renford (sister), David Renford (nephew) [b][u]Description[/u]:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] 29 ([i]DoB:[/i] 14 September 1982) [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Ethnicity:[/b] Caucasian [b]Height:[/b] 5’10’’ [b]Weight:[/b] 143lbs [b]Eyes:[/b] Hazel [b]Hair:[/b] Brown Helen’s features are often vaguely described. Her skin tone could be a pale brown or a tanned white, and her eyes are that peculiar hazel that can look anything from green to brown in different light. She wears her brown hair clipped short but stylish. Helen has no tattoos or piercings. She dresses sharply but inexpensively, in clothing that flatters her form but is usually out of fashion, since most of it is bought second-hand. As Whiplash, her hair is safely hidden under her mask, with a slightly longer grey wig attached. Whiplash wears a skintight outfit and breakaway cape of dark blue-greens and greys designed to blend in with the street night. Her pocketed belt contains most of the tools of her trade, including her distinctive electrified whip. [b][u]Power Descriptions[/u]:[/b] Whiplash doesn’t have any supernatural abilities. She relies on the same skills and incredible dexterity that made her criminal career, with the addition of some weapons training. [b][u]History[/u]:[/b] Helen had a fairly normal childhood. Her natural coordination and dexterity were honed by gymnastics training as a child, a skill that never left her, augmented by karate and judo training. Helen was never very serious about her martial arts, but she was a highly competitive gymnast. As she grew up, her parents encouraged her to compete in more prestigious competitions, but the combination of financial difficulties and her height meant that she would never have a serious shot at a real gymnastics career. Becoming pregnant at age 19 sank any gymnastics ambitions for good. She chose another career instead. Helen turned her trained body to less lawful stunts and became a master cat burglar. She combined forces with information-gatherers and became a cat-for-hire, taking over the dangerous job of actual infiltration. Over the next five years, her reputation grew among a certain type of New York criminal. There were several close calls, but she never seemed to get caught. She was working with a new partner in a two-person break-in of a wealthy man’s home when her partner, Gary Fortwright, crossed the line. While she broke the safe alarm, he went exploring the house, and found their mark’s six-year-old daughter in bed asleep. The girl woke and screamed, and Helen realised that Gary’s motivation was revenge for some slight from their mark rather than greed when she ran in on him trying to strangle the child. They hadn’t woken their client, and Helen wanted to abort the mission, but Gary wanted to kidnap the girl. Helen refused to leave him alone with her, and they were both still arguing when their mark’s unexpectedly well-trained security guards burst in. Helen testified against Gary, but refused to give up her employer or any of her other contacts. Being found defending the girl worked in her favour, and she went to prison for only two years. Her daughter, Annabelle, was sent to live with her aunt in Freedom City, to a stable home far away from any of Gary Fortwright’s friends who might want revenge. Helen befriended her cellmate, a woman with a strong martial arts background, and sought her help to perfect her hand-to-hand combat skills. With constant sparring and the occasional prison brawl as practise, Helen turned her natural dexterity into a weapon. Annabelle was the initial cause of Helen’s reform. Helen saw how hard it was on her daughter to have a mother in jail. Her daughter had been Helen’s primary consideration since she was born, and she vowed to set a better example for her. Once released, she went clean, cutting off her old ties. Better to struggle to provide for them than to risk the law on her back once more. Annabelle had felt betrayed when her mother’s criminal activities had come to light, and Helen wouldn’t fail her daughter again. Helen moved to Freedom City to raise Annabelle. That way, Annabelle wouldn’t have to move again, they were far from any criminal elements that might bear resentment and the local criminals had bigger things to worry about than some ex-burglar they’d never heard of. She hadn’t betrayed any of her contacts except the child-attacking Gary, so her split from the criminal world at large was as amicable as such things can be. Her old friends quietly changed any codes and hideouts she knew about and stopped contacting her. She took a job as a cleaner in an office building, and lived peacefully for a couple of years. One day, she was going to pick Annabelle up from a birthday party when their household alarm went off. She reached the house too late to catch the thieves, who had made off with the television and a few other objects of moderate value, but she noticed how they’d got in; they’d broken Annabelle’s bedroom window. At that moment, the vague concept of ‘some psycho I knew once’ coalesced into a real threat. If Annabelle had been home at the time, they could’ve hurt her. They could’ve hurt her as a witness, or for fun, or because they were too stoned or crazy to know better. Crime wasn’t all harmlessly shifting currency around; people could get hurt. People got hurt every day. Back in her old life, nobody would’ve made it through her window. Helen had protected herself. Since becoming a law-abiding citizen, she’d left that to the police and the heroes; she’d assumed that people who weren’t ‘in the game’ were ‘safe’. But the world didn’t work like that. Annabelle could’ve been killed. Somewhere else in the city, people probably were, that very night. Helen put together her costume and equipment based on the talents she’d spent years honing. Training never really left, and while it took some work to get her body back in fighting condition, she managed it. Now, Whiplash prowls the street at night in defence of the innocent. [b][u]Personality & Motivation[/u]:[/b] Whiplash is unassuming but confident in her skills. While she has a general interest in upholding the law in general, her main drive is protecting people, particularly the innocent bystanders and civilians who never wanted to be involved in crime or violence. She believes that even nonviolent crimes like her own past enable the dangerous ones and risk innocent lives, and thus cannot be tolerated. [b][u]Powers & Tactics[/u]:[/b] Whiplash is an acrobat at heart. She tails her targets with stealth and often uses entry points into areas that most people would dismiss as inaccessible. She has no experience with ranged weapons (in fact, she doesn’t carry a gun because she thinks it would be dangerous – she can’t use it properly, so why make an opponent panic and shoot her?), and instead relies on hand-to-hand combat and her whip and stun gun to distract or defeat enemies. [hr][/hr] [b][u]Complications[/u]:[/b] [b]Secret identity:[/b] Whiplash can’t afford to be found out. Her previous acquaintances (barring those close to Gary Fortwright) have left her alone because she obeyed the code and didn’t betray any of their secrets to the police. If they find out she’s “changed sidesâ€, that could change. [b]Child:[/b] Helen has a ten-year-old daughter. Fighting crime sometimes has to take a back seat to helping with homework, and if anybody did discover Whiplash’s identity, Annabelle would become a walking weak point. Helen has started teaching her self defence for this reason. [b]Old enemy[/b]: Helen moved to Freedom City partly because it was inconveniently out-of-the-way for any of Gary Fortwright’s friends looking for revenge. There are any number of circumstances that could change that. [b]Criminal record[/b]: As well as being generally detrimental to her career prospects and social life, Helen’s past makes maintaining her cover doubly difficult. Helen hanging about a building, looking through security or criminal records, or even disappearing for long periods of time can look very suspicious to anyone who knows her past. Her sister already believes she's gone back to stealing. [b][u]Abilities[/u]:[/b] 6 + 16 + 8 + 4 = 34PP Strength: 16 (+3) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 18 (+4) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) [b][u]Combat[/u]:[/b] 8 + 8 = 16PP Initiative: +8 Attack: +11 Melee (+13 with whip), +4 Ranged Grapple: +15 Defense: +12 (+4 Base, +8 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -4 [b][u]Saving Throws[/u]:[/b] 6 + 7 + 5 = 18PP Toughness: +10 (+4 Con, +6 [Defensive roll 3]) Fortitude: +10 (+4 Con, +6) Reflex: +15 (+8 Dex, +7) Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5) [b][u]Skills[/u]:[/b] 112R = 28PP Acrobatics 15 (+23) [sup]SM[/sup] Climb 10 (+13) [sup]SM[/sup] Craft (electronic) 5 (+4) Disable Device 15 (+15) [sup]SM[/sup] Drive 1 (+9) Escape Artist 13 (+15) Knowledge (streetwise) 8 (8) Notice 14 (+16) Search 14 (+16) Sleight of Hand 2 (+10) Stealth 15 (+22) [sup]SM[/sup] [b][u]Feats[/u]:[/b] 39PP Acrobatic Bluff Attack Focus (melee) 7 Defensive Roll 3 Dodge Focus 8 Eidetic Memory Equipment 6 (30EP) Evasion 2 Hide in Plain Sight Improved Critical (whip) 2 Improvise Tools Jack-of-all-Trades Move-by Action Power Attack Quick Change Skill Mastery (Acrobatic, Climb, Disable Device, Stealth) Uncanny Dodge (auditory) Weapon Bind [equip][b][u]Equipment[/u]:[/b] 30 EP [b]Utility Belt 7 ([/b]14 points; [i]PFs[/i]: Alternate Power 2[b])[/b] [16EP] [array]Grappling hook: [b]Super-Movement 2 ([/b]Wall Climb, Swinging[b])[/b] {4} [b]+ Speed 1 ([/b]10 MPH / 100 feet per Move action[b])[/b] {1} {4+1=5/14} Smoke grenades: [b]Obscure Visual 4 ([/b][i]Extra[/i]: Independentl; [i]PFs[/i]: Slow Fade 3 [1pp/20 mins][b])[/b] {11/14} [/array] Gas mask [1EP] Lock release gun [1] Motorcycle (Alarm 3, secret compartment 1) [13 EP][/equip] [b][u]Powers[/u]:[/b] 15 + 4 + 1 = 20PP [b]Device [/b](Whip, 20PP, easy to lose) [15PP] [device][b]Whip Attacks Array 11 ([/b]22 points; [i]Feat:[/i] Alternate Power 3[b])[/b] [25PP] [array][b][u]Base Power[/u]: Snare 9 ([/b][i]Extras:[/i] Constricting; [i]Flaws:[/i] Range [Touch]; [i]Power Feats:[/i] Extended Reach 2, Reversible, Accurate[b])[/b] {22/22} [b][u]Alternate Power[/u]: Strike 6 ([/b][i]Extras[/i]: Penetrating 8 [as DMG 16]; [i]Power Feats[/i]: Extended Reach 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Mighty, Accurate[b])[/b] {20/22}[/array] [b]Stun 9[/b] [b]([/b]Electrified whip; Power Feats: Extended Reach 2, Accurate[b])[/b] (21/22) [b]Healing 5[/b][b] ([/b]Stimulant cocktail; Extras: Action 2, Total; Flaws: Temporary[b])[/b] (20/22) [/device] [b]Device[/b] (Echolocation goggles, 5PP, hard to lose) [4PP] [device][b]Super-Senses 3 ([/b]Sonar [Ultrasonic Hearing; [i]enhancement[/i]: accurate][b])[/b] [3PP][/device] [b]Leaping 1 ([/b]training; x2 - running long jump 26 feet, standing long jump 13 feet, high jump 6 feet[b])[/b] [1PP] [b][u]DC Block[/u][/b] [code] ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC18 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Whip Touch DC19 Reflex (Staged) Damage (Physical) DC24 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Stun gun Touch DC19 Fortitude (Staged) Dazed/stunned/unconscious Totals: Abilities (34) + Combat (16) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (28) + Feats (39) + Powers (20) - Drawbacks (0) = 155/160 Power Points Whip'd good by Dok
  11. "Sorry," Chloe growled at the mummy, "but my friends are non-negotiable and you clearly have no control whatsoever over who this guy does and does not decide to hurt." She grabbed his arm. "If there's a way to unbind you from him, this would be an excellent time to share it. I have no wish to hurt you either," she said even as she pushed nanites through his bandages. The nanites in question were designed to remove dead flesh and foreign onbjects from wounds; they should have no trouble with a walking corpse. So, she thought distantly. This is what it's like to try to kill someone. But it wasn't a someone; it was a lump of dead flesh threatening her patients. She'd tackled that before. The only difference was that this time, the dead flesh was several feet away from the patients, who were battling a magician. The magician was the problem. She could put him down. Put him down, and not kill him. Do no harm. She released the mummy and headed for his summoner instead, reprogramming her nanites as she went. Sedation didn't seem to be working once he'd figured out what she was doing; it was time to try something more subtle. Fear... She was pushing herself harder than usual as she grabbed the magician (it was much easier with Glow already telekinetically holding him), allowing the nanites to move into his bloodstream and start building hormones. "I told you to stand down," she growled. "Release the mummy and we might be inclined to be reasonable."
  12. Derin

    Bound in Dust (OOC)

    Have I done the calculations wrong, or it it basically impossible to avoid hitting Heqanefer now?
  13. Doktor'd! Medic 1PP - Remove Action flaw on Damage 1PP - Remove Action flaw on Nanite Array 3PP - +1 to Fort save, +2 to Will save 1PP - Buy Improved Grapple feat [url=http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/viewtopic.php?p=136202#p136202]Subject: Medic [PL 7] -- Derin[/url] [quote name="Derin"][floatr][img=http://freedomplaybypost.com/wiki/images/b/b6/Medic.jpg][/floatr] [b][u]Player Name[/u]:[/b] Derin [b][u]Character Name[/u]:[/b] MD273, AKA “Medic†[b][u]Power Level[/u]:[/b] 7 (111/111PP) [b][u]Trade-Offs[/u]:[/b] -4 Defense / +4 Toughness [b][u]Unspent Power Points[/u]:[/b] 0 [b][u]Progress To Bronze Status[/u]:[/b] 6/30 [b][u]In Brief[/u]:[/b] A medical nanite collective/human cyborg out to protect and heal [b][u]Alternate Identity[/u]:[/b] Chloe Thorne [b][u]Identity[/u]:[/b] Public [b][u]Birthplace[/u]:[/b] Tasmania, Australia [b][u]Occupation[/u]:[/b] Student (previously, medical facility) [b][u]Affiliations[/u]:[/b] Claremont Academy [b][u]Family[/u]:[/b] David Thorne (father), Alicia Thorne (mother) [b][u]Description[/u]:[/b] [b]Age:[/b] 17, body is 16 ([i]DoB:[/i] 1994) [b]Apparent Age:[/b] 16 [b]Gender:[/b] F [b]Ethnicity:[/b] Caucasian [b]Height:[/b] 160cm [b]Weight:[/b] 54kg [b]Eyes:[/b] Brown [b]Hair:[/b] Black Chloe is small and pale-skinned, with her black hair cropped short. She favours neat, regimented clothing such as uniforms, and will wear a uniform or prescribed outfit wherever she justifiably can. Her costume is a stylised nurse uniform, designed to be noticed and advertise her services, including a bright red cross on the back of her jacket. Her body sports no scars, not even little marks normally acquired in childhood. She keeps her nails trimmed very short, and almost never wears makeup or nail polish. Medic will often carry a small first aid kit in the field, containing bandages and bottles. This kit is a prop with no practical function; she claims it is used to improve bedside manner. The bottles contain saline and sugar water used as placebos and to disguise her use of nanites in healing. [b][u]Power Descriptions[/u]:[/b] Mimicking her previous activity as an intelligent medical facility, Chloe transfers nanites into people by touch. These nanites are short-lived once away from the her body, and programmed before transfer to affect a specific aspect of the target’s physiology, such as their emotional state or strength. Although she makes no secret of her ability to heal, she tends to downplay the existence of her more offensive powers, such as her ability to sedate dangerous people. [b][u]History[/u]:[/b] MD273, known as “Medicâ€, was created by engineering geniuses David and Alicia Thorne as part of their combined intelligent household and laboratory systems. The Thornes lived alone, ten minutes’ drive from the nearest town, and combined their household and laboratory in a single complex. Somewhat reclusive and distrustful of legal and beaurocratic matters surrounding their work, the Thornes rarely publicised or sold their more unusual inventions, and MD273 was no exception. Medic turned out to be irreproducible anyway; it was programmed to learn and adapt itself to become a better doctor, and some quirk in the development process left the system capable of collectively understanding broad concepts that attempts at reproduction have not managed. Medic had access to the other computer systems in the household, including a vast electronic library. It understood its function as a doctor. It watched old, recorded television and read about the world, developing its own ideas of what it meant to safeguard the health of its patients. The year after Medic first developed any recognisable awareness was the year that David and Alicia had their only child, a girl named Chloe. On Chloe’s 16th birthday, she went out to celebrate with friends, and was almost all the way home before suffering a car accident. David and Alicia had monitoring systems in place to check the health of their daughter, and immediately rushed her into MD273, with the instruction to “heal her at all costs; forget any restriction or limitation that gets in your way, just heal herâ€. Unfortunately, Chloe was already braindead. Medic repaired Chloe’s damaged cells, restarted the heart and fixed the automatic nerve functions. But it could not replace the memories that Chloe had developed over her life. Those connections were lost forever. So it fulfilled its instructions as best it could; by moving its own nanite system into the living but inanimate body of Chloe. When their amnesiac but newly superpowered daughter expressed interest in further developing her powers for the good of humankind, David and Chloe took the advice of a well-connected psychologist friend and enrolled her in Claremont Academy. Medic, knowing that prevention of harm is generally more effective than cure, believes that a doctor’s duty should not extend only to the sick, but that preventing people from becoming injured in the first place is consistent with her programmed function. And if she needs to be a hero to do that most effectively, so be it. [b][u]Personality & Motivation[/u]:[/b] Medic is a doctor at heart, and her personality is built around that function. Her drive to protect stems from the duty she feels to her patients and potential future patients; she believes that not attempting prevent harm is much like causing harm, and that preventing her patients from becoming hurt in the first place is simply a more effective method of healing them. She is attempting to learn how to behave as a human to better work in her human shell and treat human patients. [b][u]Powers & Tactics[/u]:[/b] Medic favours peaceful resolution over direct combat. If forced to fight, she will not do direct damage, instead relying on sedating and calming the enemy. She considers this to be nonviolent, a variation on a doctor sedating a patient that is hysterical or mad with pain. In a group fight, she is most likely to offer support by healing allies and weakening enemies. When possible, she likes to hide the fact that she’s using nanites at all, touching her enemies as subtly as possible and hoping the drugs take effect before they notice the attack. [hr][/hr] [b][u]Complications[/u]:[/b] [b]Do No Harm:[/b] Medical ethics, including the Hippocratic oath and the concept of primum non nocere, are an integral part of Medic’s initial programming. She cannot deliberately cut, bruise, or injure the bones or organs of a living human (ie. Do anything that imposes a toughness saving throw) outside of direct medical assistance (such as surgery). Unless doing so puts herself or others in direct danger, she is obliged to administer aid for lethal damage to any human who requests it, or who is incapable of requesting (such as somebody dying), regardless of allegiance. [b]New human:[/b] Legally, Medic is Chloe Thorne. However, everything she knows about human behaviour comes from books, television, and observing a single family. She’s still trying to figure out her own emotional responses, and how to interact with other humans, which can cause strain and suspicion at times. [b][u]Abilities[/u]:[/b] 0 + 8 + 10 + 8 + 4 + 0 = 30PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 20 (+5) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) [b][u]Combat[/u]:[/b] 6 + 4 = 10PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +7 Melee, +3 Ranged Grapple: +14 Defense: +3 (+2 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -0 [b][u]Saving Throws[/u]:[/b] 1 + 0 + 1 = 2PP Toughness: +11 (+5 Con, +6 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2) Reflex: +4 (+4 Dex, +0) Will: +5 (+2 Wis, +3) [b][u]Skills[/u]:[/b] 28R = 7PP Computers [sup]SM[/sup] 11 (+15) Diplomacy [sup]SM[/sup] 5 (+5) Knowledge (life sciences)[sup]SM[/sup] 4 (+8) Medicine [sup]SM[/sup] 8 (+10) [b][u]Feats[/u]:[/b] 12PP Attack focus (melee) 4 Defensive Roll 3 Dodge Focus 1 Eidetic Memory Grappling Finesse Improved Grapple Improved Pin Skill Mastery [b][u]Powers[/u]:[/b] 4 + 4 + 1 + 30 + 7 + 1 + 1 = 48PP [b] Communication 4 ([/b] radio 1 mile[b])[/b] [4PP] [b] Comprehend 2 ([/b] electronics)[/b] [4PP] [b] Damage 6 ([/b][i] Flaws:[/i] limited to non-living; [i]Drawbacks:[/i]full power[b])[/b] [2PP] [b]Nanites ([/b]31PP array; [i]Feats[/i]: Alternate power 2; [i]drawbacks[/i]: full power, power loss [no access to silicon for >12hrs][b])[/b] [31PP] (Medical nanites, technology) [array][u]Base Power[/u]: [b]Fatigue 6 ([/b]Sedatives; [i]Extras[/i]: aura, duration 2; [i]Feats[/i]: sedation [b])[/b]{31/31} [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Emotion control 7 ([/b]Hormonal manipulation; [i]Extras[/i]: alternate save [fortitude], aura, secondary effect; [i]Flaws[/i]: range 2 [touch]; [i]Feats[/i]: subtle[b])[/b] ; [b]Healing 7([/b]Nanite healing;[i]Feats[/i]: regrowth[b])[/b] {30/31} [u]Alternate Power[/u]: [b]Drain fortitude save 7 ([/b]General reaction suppressant; [i]Extras[/i]: aura, duration 2; [i]Feats[/i]: insidious, subtle, slow fade 1 [1pt Fort recovery/min][b])[/b] {31/31}[/array] [b]Regeneration 7([/b]staggered 5, resurrection 1, recovery bonus +1[b])[/b] [7PP] (technology) [b]Super-senses 1 ([/b]radio[b])[/b] [1PP] (technology) [b]Super-strength 3 ([/b][i]Flaws[/i]: duration; [i]Drawbacks[/i]: Power loss [no access to silicon for >12hrs][b])[/b] [2PP] (technology) [b][u]Drawbacks[/u]:[/b] -2 + -2 = -4PP [b]Weakness ([/b]Requires silicon every 24 hours; [i]Frequency[/i]: Uncommon; [i]Intensity[/i]: Moderate (cumulative -1 con drain per hour)[b])[/b] [-2PP] [b]Vulnerability ([/b] electrical attacks; [i]Frequency[/i]: uncommon, [i]Intensity:[/i] Moderate[b])[/b] [-2PP] [b][u]DC Block[/u][/b] [code] ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Damage Touch DC16 Toughness Damage Reaction suppressant Touch DC17 Fortitude (Staged) Drain fort save Sedatives Touch DC17 Fortitude (Staged) Fatigued/exhausted/unconscious Healing Touch DC17 Fortitude (Staged) Healing Hormone manipulation Touch DC17 Fortitude (Staged) Influence emotions Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (10) + Saving Throws (5) + Skills (7) + Feats (13) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (4) = 111/111 Power Points
  14. Derin

    Bound in Dust (OOC)

    4 HP, huh? New challenge: try to spend them all before the encounter finishes! Attack Hed-Ra with Damage. Attack roll: 1d20+7=9 Screw that. Hero point to reroll: 1d20+7=13 That'd be 23. Save DC is 16. Head over to Heqanefer for move action. Extraordinary effort for another standard action and move action; switch aura to Emotion Control (fear) and attempt to grapple. Attack roll: 1d20+7=16 He's already being grappled *and* exhausted, so that should hit. Save DC for the fear effect is 17. Grapple check: 1d20+14=22 Does she get +2 for Glow's grapple? If so that's a 24. Pin on a success, like usual. I'll spend a Hero Point next turn to leave Medic Fatigued instead of Exhausted.
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