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  1. Ref save 1d20+9 → [4,9] = (13) nope Tou save 1d20+12 → [4,12] = (16) yeah, awesome Spend the HP, reroll the bad save! 1d20+12 → [14,12] = (26) oh, of course now you roll well...
  2. Ref save 1d20+4 → [13,4] = (17) nope he can pass DC 25 only with a 20 1d20+5 → [1,5] = (6) mmm, nice. He's very much down. You are out of round scansion, you can act as you wish. Scholar knows where the warehouse is since she was scouting earlier, and Stomrbreaker can judge the distance with her Accurate Hearing. You are about 600 feet away from it; the whole district is full of old warehouses more or less occupied by goods; there's pretty much nobody around except for the criminals that sent these two goons.
  3. If I understood correctly and the girl is laying on some sort of mattress instead of a steel slab, there's two ways what I am about to stunt could work. Both do the same thing. 1) I use my regular Move Object power on the fabric surrounding the girl and position it so that it shields her, then I Stunt the following power: Boost Toughness 15 (Extra: Ranged, Impervious; Flaw: Limited to cloth; PF: Indirect 2) 2) I can do the same by stunting Create Objects(Extra: Impervious; PF: Indirect 2) to simulate the empowered cloth shield I'm making with the stuffing. Indirect 2 should be able to get past the glass even for non-perception powers, right?
  4. Weaver rubbed his temples as he saw the clearly very high-tech hibernation pod. This really isn’t up my alley. And booby traps, with the little girl? I… There was something though. The girl was at least clothed, and laid on some sort of stuffed interior. He grabbed in his hand the edge of his costume, that outfit he had made so sturdy and resistant to be almost bulletproof. If only that glass wasn’t so thick… He let his power loose, trying to get them to work beyond the pod. At first, he felt nothing, but then the collar on Chloe’s shirt trembled a bit. “Ok I’m in!†he screamed, excited. He looked at his fellow hero and the terrified father. “Ok, let me explain. Mr Rayford, there’s enough fabric in there for me to work. I feel confident about this: I can protect your girl from any kind of trap.†“Monsieur DeSaens, if you could… paint a hole in that thing†he cringed I have no idea how his powers work, dollars to dimes I just said something stupid “Or try and open it somehow… I can make sure Chloe goes unharmed. We have to act quickly though, it is a very unusual procedure I’m about to make and I don’t know for how long I can keep it up. What do you say, on the count of three?â€
  5. Supercape, just a reminder, it's still Steam's turn.
  6. Weaver Move Action: Bluff (at -5) to Trick villain #1 into attacking my empty clothes. I think the moving clothes can pass just as a flavour thing, since they have no mechanical effect, but correct me if I'm wrong. Bluff 1d20+10 → [5,10] = (15) mpfff that's not very good. Standard Action: Selective Obscure (1 mile radius, I cover pretty much all the scene). I target the demons, Villain #2 and #3. I also target #1 if the Bluff fails. If he is Tricked instead, I won't affect him.
  7. So now we have demons… that’s always great fun. thought Saeid even better, demons controlled by kids! The flaming bad guy was on the verge of collapse, but Weaver was afraid he’d explode in random destruction if he didn’t get a target soon. Even then though, he wasn’t able to turn back visible. The mage took control of his own clothes, previously left in a corner of the street, and animated them in a passable imitation of a human being. He made them move behind the and screamed, while still invisible “Yeah, come and get me, you fool! You can barely stand, I bet you’ll fold like a cheap suit!†Saeid smirked Oh the puns, the puns we make for distraction. The demons were a much bigger problem. First of all, they were many, and they were naked, which meant having to use his personal reserve of scarves. Second, they were already acting randomly, so it didn’t seem like they could get distracted furthermore. Well, let’s make them less efficient in their destruction, at least. A snap of his fingers, and all loose fabric in the zone took the sky. Towels, scarves, handkerchiefs, shawls started twirling in the air, then descended quickly and wrapped themselves around the demons’ and the villains’ eyes.
  8. Airon

    The Lab

    I would like for Saiph to have an experience similar to Glow's in this thread, a visit to the lab for either "studying his powers" purposes or for a very short internship (he's not a genius, but he has a bit of sciency knowledge, and he knows SPAAACE!). The real reason Saiph is bugging Duncan Summers for a visit to the Lab is this Complication of his so at the end of the visit/experiment he can get a chance of explaining his problem to the scientist overseeing him. Also, and I'm just throwing it in, since he's empowered by the Lor, and Supercape plans on bringing in a Lor NPC... maybe Saiph's energy signature is what leads to the meeting, or something like that... anyone up for this?
  9. the Thug can't possibly pass that. He's down. The other Thug is running away with all-out movement, the shooting is just for flavour. Stormbreaker, unless you pursue the fugitive, you can consider yourselves out of rounds scansion, act in whatever order you like. the thug is not running towards the warehouse where the weapon deal is going down.
  10. Already a bit startled by the telekinetic attack, the criminals never stood a chance against a charging tiger. The first thug was knocked out cold before he could readjust his aim for the orange and black blur that was Scholar; he fell down, prone and unconscious, the massive feline resting her paws on his chest. The second one, already disarmed by Stormbreaker and now facing from a dangerously close distance the beast, started running away while reaching in his jacket pocket for a small concealed handgun. He discharged the weapon randomly behind himself, barely looking over his shoulder to see if the bullets hit his targets. When the echo of the gunshots vanished, Silvia was once again able to perceive the other men, half a dozen hundred feet away in the warehouse maze. One voice was raised above the others now, and even if the exact words escaped her, the tone was one for giving orders.
  11. Weaver Strand of Fate Saiph GM You Can't Take the Sky from Me
  12. well, I went with it since you told me it was ok in chat. Since points aren't an issue with NPCs I can take it out and leave the "medieval apparel" as a flavour thing.
  13. Before preparing the distraction puppet, is there any kind of roll (most likely Arcane Knowledge, or Sense Motive) I can do to see if there's a connection between Ahmed's own brand of crazy and the sanity-shattering sensation of the scroll?
  14. Saeid took a deep breath “I don’t know what your fascination with camels comes from, but luckily we can afford a jeep, and unless you have a very compelling argument as to why we should take those beasts, we’ll wait for the professor and the car.†He hid from the convoy with camels, and prepared to experiment with his powers in a new way, creating a hopefully useful distraction. He laid some of his clothes on the ground, and filled them with loose fabric. A long scarf would be sufficient to act as a turban. As for the eyes, he picked a pair of cheap sunglasses from his bag These, I’ll have to bind to the puppet… no way I can control them. Before starting the incantation though, he looked back at Ahmed. Something the professor said had loosened a thought in his mind Really? Could I have been so inconsiderate, so blind? he wondered. “Ahmed, come here, please. I… I’d like to check something.â€
  15. ok, I've put in the Gadgets power with limitatins and corrected the Quickness
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