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  1. kk, entirely cool don't know now much anything needs to be to count. and yes I intend to expand it, just wanna get some actual gaming in first.
  2. Err, I didn't realize till just now that I had to list my 20Q, and art and wiki page in the thread list for it to be counted sorry about that, so I should have a couple more points.
  3. Tendril doesn't have a history of working with anyone, but needs experience to get such a history.
  4. "Steve this is not funny." Kelly shouted as she wandered out into the dark woods. "If your trying to scare me it's not going to work" "Steve!" A short distance away hiding behind a tree, Steve tried to stifle his chuckles. Ready to pounce when the girl came close enough. Kelly began to approach Steve's location in her wandering. "Steve, if Tina gets back before I find you We're just gonna leave you here! Steve? Are you alright?" Just then the boy jumped out in front of the young blonde shouting and waving his arms around. "RAWR!" Without a thought, Kelly reared back and punched him straight in the nose. The trickster dropped straight to the ground. Unconcious. It was only then that Kelly jerked with a start of surprise. "Oh man, are you serious? That was so stupid you big dork. Get up." She shook the boy but he did not wake. "Come on!" She tried to drag him but realized that he couldn't move the boy and didn't know which way to go to get back to the car. She checked to see that he was breathing. "Ok, I'll come back and find you with Tina." As she walked back towards the direction she believed the car to be, suddenly there came a light in the sky, Observers in other states recognized it as a small meteorite but Kelly did not notice the streaking object from the stars, till it struck her square in the back. She dropped to the ground unconscious.
  5. High Above Earth Racing through the inky darkness of space at mind boggling speed tore a smooth teardrop shaped object. As it approached the gravitational pull of the Planet Earth, deep inside things began to change. Water stored deep inside the object shifted moving to the surface, the heat of the sun caused the water to boil becoming a jet of steam. This jet acted as a thruster turning the racing meteor toward the planet full of life below. As it grew closer to the gravity well of the planet, further water deep inside bubbles to the surface on the front, this further jet of steam slows the projectile from intersteller speed to a more reasonable entry speed and angle as it approaches the atmosphere.
  6. Does your travel plans have to involve blowing up innocent animals? and punching things that didn't do anything to you?
  7. "Steve your a dork." Kelly said to the boy trying to impress her. "I'm not a dork, I'm a nerd. Richest guy in the world is a nerd you know." "Yeah and his wife still has to put up with a nerd" Kelly spots John and Lainey getting in their car. "Guys, where you going? They're bringing more beer." "Oh hey Happy Birthday, Kelly we're gonna..." "..yeah we're just gonna go," "Uh, oh you know." "Yeah, you've been all over each other all night I know what your gonna do. But what about Steve, you brought him with you." "Ah come on Kels, He's the ultimate mood killer. You've got a car, he can ride with you." "That's Tina's and she took the keys." "Come on Kelly, we only got a few more hours till her mom gets up for work." "Yeah, I gotta get some before I go home." "Oh get outta here. Have fun." Kelly sat down on the hood of Tina's car and watched Lainey's car pull out of site. A cool breeze blew in a earthy scent, and she realized how dark it actually was out there with nothing but the moonlight, she silently cursed Tina for not leaving the keys. "Well I guess it is after midnight no longer my birthday." She looked around, "Um, Steve? Where did you go?"
  8. I'll put some thought into a title
  9. "The birthday girl drank it all." teased Tina. "Did not, I know you've had three already. Besides haven't you had enough Mark?" "No way, I got money and a truck, B Double E, Double R, U, N." with that he headed off towards his truck. "Mark, your a dork," Kelly noticed Tina heading towards the truck. "Tina, where you going?" "Uh, duh, it's my cousin at the store, I gotta go or we can't buy the beer." "So your just gonna leave me alone out here huh?" "No, silly, Steve's here, and John and Lainey are here." Kelly looked at John and Lainey making out, "Great they'll be such good conversation." "Then it'll give you a chance to get to know Steve better." Just then Mark hooked the horn. "Gotta go sweets, I'll be back soon." A moment later the truck rolled away off down the gravel road.
  10. Is this open to anyone?
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