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  1. "How much does lineup matter, as long as we stay relatively close?" Marco asked. "I do agree with these two scouting though, they seemed to notice that trap before we did." Of course that's because Marco forgot his damn flashlight. The twins seemed rather competent, and evidently had a military background. That would be useful. Maybe they had a clue what they were doing down here.
  2. Marco did a jump backwards as the guillotine crashed down on them. The thing was rusted over, which meant even if they had gotten scratched, a tetanus booster would be in order. The jump put him about 25 feet behind the rest of the group, and he began walking forward again once he wasn't in danger of dying. Suddenly, there were two new people alongside them. Revenant handled the niceties, and Marco looked them over. One seemed to be rather small. His mouthless mask betrayed no expression, but Marco was a tad surprised at the new arrivals. He must be a super-magnet. "I am Mala Suerte," he said to them. "Are you also investigating?"
  3. If you don't mind an extra PL 10, could Mala Suerte jump in?
  4. 1d20+5= 10- Notice Check 1d20+7= 23- DEX save (unless you meant Reflex, in which case that's a 26. Pass anyways)
  5. Marco stopped when Revenant started talking, and the King of Suits bumped into him. He turned around, looked to see the man hadn't fallen over, and stepped aside. He did notice the bottom of his cape was now drenched in sewer water, and would probably need days of cleaning to bring back to a decent condition. But that was to be expected of superhero costumes. That cape in particular had been damaged or destroyed at least a dozen times. He looked ahead, and noticed the water flow. Deliberating, Marco said "We should probably check for further wall scratches, then go down the smaller of the two tunnels. It would make sense for them to slowly move further and further away from the main lines. Otherwise the other sewer residents may have gotten whiff of them. If there are any besides rats and gators."
  6. The highest Mala Suerte can get on a notice check is 25 so I'm not bothering.
  7. As soon as Revenant said that, Marco blushed a little. He didn't mean it that way. But unlike King of Spades and Revenant, he didn't feel comfortable giving away every talent of his. Given there wasn't much- he was really strong, could jump high, and for some reason was bulletproof yet punches and stabs hurt him still. However, in hostile territory, you wanted every advantage you could have. "Are you sure you should be announcing every trick up your sleeve?" Marco asked. "A wrestler doesn't show their signature move when the bell rings- if anybody is listening they could be planning specifically for you now. Not trying to condemn you or anything- just being paranoid, that's all."
  8. Marco looked at Revenant. She was at least eight inches shorter than him, and over a foot shorter than the King of Suits. Yet she claimed to be the toughest of them all. As Mala Suerte, he had been shot, slammed through buildings, and thrown out of an airplane. Appearance didn't matter, but it was usually a good indicator. He would have taken the flashlight and the lead gladly, but she knew her abilities and limits far better. Taking the middle would be be a good compromise. "I'm no pushover, but I guess I can jump ahead in case."
  9. Marco thought it was obvious. The wormsign was a trace directly to the layer. The rest were for navigation elsewhere. Who else would be down here to misdirect? Oh, right. Investigating costumed heroes. Still, he didn't know anything about this Conqueror Worm, but with a name like that they'd probably want to direct attention towards themselves. Unless this was one of those anarchy things and the true path was the one not pointed to. Maybe they had an illusion generator and one of these walls was just a hologram. Like that Labyrinth movie. "Follow the worm and sword sign I guess. If it's a trap and we attract trouble, we just follow where the trouble came from."
  10. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3141773/ Yeah, still can't see squat Captain.
  11. Isn't the point of a mask to not have people know about you? Marco thought to himself. Mala Suerte Primero, the spirit of the previous bearer of his mask, had been quiet recently, but this would have been a perfect moment for him to jump in. The old man usually kept quiet during hero time anyways. "I'm a Luchador. Pretty famous in Mexico. Just came to Freedom City recently, heard rumors about armed men entering the sewers from two parts of town, so I figured I would investigate." Technically all true. Marco wasn't a rookie, but he wanted to sort of imply that he's been the same Mala Suerte who was most recently active in Mexico. Apart from two public retirements, the mask has changed hands an indeterminate number of times. Probably in abandoned alleys from a dying man to a bystander who defended him, just like Marco's case. Bit morbid there Marco. Sewer's getting to you. Marco tried looking around for more marks, but saw absolutely nothing. I REALLY need a flashlight, he thought to himself. "I can't see anything. You?"
  12. Roll for perception (10 total)
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