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  1. So I have an idea for Jubatus, Life Knight and King of Smoke. It involves the Factor Four getting their hands on a power boost and going on an elemental rampage. Jade Dragon and the others happen to be the only heroes there to face down the elements. Afterwards, punch and pie :D
  2. So, what does Life Knight do? What is your playstyle like? Guy seems sorta beastly as is, but I can adapt :)
  3. Me and Gizmo got something going. Cubist, what would you like to do? Are you an action type, a talk type, a both at the same time type? I have a couple of ideas depending on your answer.
  4. Marionette II ruffles with Jade Dragon and Wail
  5. Eve Kurosawa seemed to never stop working. When she wasn't doing her duty as Jade Dragon, she was attending socials for the family business. The latter was happening tonight. February was American Heart Month and Kurosawa Inudtries was holding a fundraiser for the American Heart Asociation with all the procedes going to the Association. Mostly it was for rich people to mingle and show who had the biggest pocketbook. There was fine food, entertainment was provided by a political comedian, and of course check presentations. Eve had a few invitations for guests of her own, the few friends she had were either already invited or, well, people that wouldn't get accepted on the guest list. High society was bitchy like that sometimes. One friend she wanted to keep in touch was is Keith LaMarr, better known as Wail.Even though he was old enough to work in her grandfather's time, she saw him as personable old guy. She would ask him for advice, like a mentor. Though they never really called each other mentor or student. She approached him a week earlier and asked him if he wanted to go. If so they would have to get him a suit.
  6. Jade Dragon returns to Freedom City after months of... doing... something. Upon her return there's a small get together with family and then she continues her work of being a hero. Who would like a Jade Dragon cameo in their series? :P
  7. Jade Dragon viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5515 Satyr (for Broseidon) viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5579
  8. 1 HP for a flight AP off on the magic array
  9. Eve saw the crazy suited woman from where she stood. First taunting them physically and then with words. "Smart girl," Ever muttered with a smirk. Though now their were two buildings being covered. She had to get up to that other person quickly to see what she was up to. Maybe they could coordinate a plan. She focused on her bow and meditated for a second. A green fire surrounded her as she did until she yelled out, "KAZE!" and an explosion engulfed her. What was there now was the spirit of the Jade Dragon, spiriting her upwards to the top of the skyscraper.When it got to the top it roared a greeting to the sword wielder, then disappeared. Eve was back with bow focus in hand. "Time is short," she said quickly, "My name is Jade Dragon. Even though I may not be dressed the part - long story, ask me later - I am here to help" She looked the masked suited woman up and down. "Now, what do you plan to do? We can coordinate and make this a lot quicker with less carnage."
  10. Toughness (1d20+14=32)
  11. Godiva

    Cole + Caresse (IC)

    "I really don't know to tell you the truth," Caresse shrugged, "My condition makes it hard to interact with other people. But then again, if I had real telepathy I could just wrap myself up like the Scarab and let no one ever know who I was." She crossed her arms behind her head to prop up, "But that's why we're here right? A whole school full of powered teenagers?" She smirked, "If at least five of us don't become the Power Rangers I'll be surprised." She shook her head, "Well, you've possibly seen more than me," she sighed. "This is the first day i've truly got around to seeing things. The first day there was that whole rampaging powers problem and the other days i was so numb from 'surgery' I didn't want to even leave my bed much less my room."
  12. The giant serpent escaped the void attack perfectly unscathed. The medusa too the boot to her head with much more annoyance than pain. It was like they weren't even responding to the attacks somehow! "Dude," the medusa said to Overclock, "I got the serious munchies. And I can't explain it really. It's just that you look really tasty. Nothing personal, man. But since you're so reasonable, I'll leave you alone." She petted the giant serpent, "He's all yours, baby!" The medusa jumped down from the snake landing next to Jade Dragon, "You on the other hand. I don't like Chinese. Too much MSG, but you'll have to do!" With a massive swing, she barely missed Jade Dragon. The giant serpent looked at Overclock, circling around him menacingly, trying to decide how to best it's foe. With a quick lunge forward it went face to face with Overclock and then winked at him before opening it's mouth and spitting at him!
  13. Godiva

    Cole + Caresse (IC)

    Caresse did some hand waving of her own, "I'm OK," she said half lying. "Telepathy, huh? You mean I can be the Scarab one day?" She grinned at the thought while putting her pointer fingers on her temple. "Cole, I'm seeing... I'm seeing... That you're an awesome person." She smiled, touching his shirt near his heart, "Don't ever change that, man." She blushed and scooted a bit back to her original cross-legged relaxing position leaning back. "So, uh, how do you like the school so far," she said looking to get her mind elsewhere.
  14. Snake Punch! (1d20+10=17) Misses Jade Dragon Snake Bite! (1d20+7=22) Hits Overclock. DC 28 Toughness and a grapple check... You know what? I take that back. I'm going to do something different. Snake is gonna spit at you! DC 20 Reflex, then depending if you pass or fail Pass: Reflex 15 Fail: Reflex 20 if you fail THAT you are blind. and must make a fortitude save every round (equal to the reflex save) to shake it.
  15. Caresse quickly moved her open fingers away from Victoria's grasp, sliding her hand more to her wrist. She couldn't risk accidental contact. The teleporting process was nothing to write home about. It was like one moment here the other moment there. It wasn't disorienting at all. She smiled at the notion of a teleport attack, "That would be useful wouldn't it? You could just teleporting the enemy into the ground, head up, or to a nice deserted island." She chuckled at the thought of making things disappear. "That would make everything easier, wouldn't it?"
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