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  1. Sounds fun! I'd love to get Lucid in on the Claremont adventures, whichever one needs more players.
  2. Peter is definitely itching to try out the hero thing. I'm in for anything.
  3. Lucid Summer School Sucks (7) The New Batch (3)
  4. Sovem

    Casting Call!

    Well, Peter has Morph and Illusion powers, too, so he'd be happy to help out with set design as well. He could also play a role, though I'm not really sure how a play works in a play-by-post...?
  5. Sovem

    The New Batch (IC)

    Peter looks confused at each girl's refusal to take the flowers, then embarassed at Cole's admonishment. "Oh, right. Sorry." The flowers fade away. "I, uh, I guess I'll see some of you guys in class. See ya." He nod/waves to each of them and heads towards the dorms.
  6. Sovem

    The New Batch (OOC)

    DC 20 Will save, btw, to see through the roses. Otherwise they look, feel, and smell real.
  7. Sovem

    The New Batch (IC)

    "Eh, no, more like..." Peter claps his hands over Cole's and points at him. "Yeah, that's it. I can make my own dreams 'manifold.' Like, whatever I dream, I can bring it out here, in the real world." Peter looks over at John. "Dude, you can create weapons? No wonder you're so touchy about using powers on campus. I just like making dreams come true. Like..." he twirls his hands in the air and a dozen roses appear in each hand. He extends them towards Wisp and Lotus, seemingly totally oblivious to Lotus' personal space or Wisp's boyfriend... not in a cocky way, though, he actually appears oblivious.
  8. Sovem

    The New Batch (IC)

    "Alright, more new students! Glad I'm not the only one." A tall, well-built African-American boy jogged over to the group and stood by John. "Are you guys in summer school, too? I'm Peter, by the way. Peter Jasper." He swings out a hand to shake for the guys, and nods and grins at the ladies. "And if we're doing the code name thing, I'm thinking about 'Lucid'. Like, dream control and stuff? Whaddya think?"
  9. "Sorry. I, uh, didn't think about that." Peter looks quite chagrined; though, truth be told, he's probably more upset about the fact that he can't use his powers freely outside the campus than at the thought that he might upset some animals. Then a grin pricks the corners of his face again. A cartoonish, anthropomorphic tiger appears beside Darwin and puts its hand on his shoulder. "This weekend sounds grrrrreat!"
  10. Peter scratched his head at Brian's questions. "Well, it's kind of a combination of both, I guess. How hard I concentrate, vs. how much you believe its real. If I concentrate hard enough, it would feel real to anybody, but I can't make it look as real. If I make it look really real, some people might be fooled, but others wouldn't. That make sense?" Turning to Darwin, he nods. "I'm game for some R&R this weekend. I'll be there." He grinned slyly. "And we can see which animals the ol' "siamese fighting fish" trick works on."
  11. Well, it looks like I have wifi here! So, disregard my last message.
  12. Hey guys, just FYI, I'll be out of town most of this week. My replies will he spotty whenever I get cellphone service. I apologize in advance for spelling errors and lack of formatting
  13. Peter squints at Darwin when he mentions talking to frogs, unsure of whether his leg was being pulled or not. "Uh... yeah, sounds cool. I'm Peter. Peter Jasper." He shakes Darwin's hand firmly. Peter gets a sly grin, too, at Brian's comments. "Heh heh, yeah man, anything you want--sounds, smells, the way stuff feels; anything I can dream up. Like..." The Centurion suddenly appears beside their table, comically carrying a lunch tray. "Good day, citizens! Is this seat taken?" Peter chuckles to himself and waves his hand as though dispersing smoke and the Centurion fades away. "We could get up to all sorts of fun, I bet. Now I see why they stuck me in that 'ethics' class right off the bat," he grins.
  14. Since I'm not sure about timelines here, I'll let someone else decide that...
  15. Peter stared at John with a mixture of incredulence and amusement, then shook his head. "Whatever, man; if you say so. All I need to know is that there are people that hurt people, and people who protect people. I wanna be one of the ones that protect." He took a bite of his hot dog, then his eyes lit up at the mention of the zoo. "Man, I haven't been there since I was a kid! I bet they have all sorts of new animals!"
  16. Peter breathes a huge sigh of relief. "Thanks, man. Those books cost a lot of money. Cool trick, by the way." Peter nods his head towards Darwin. "Yeah man, something like that. Although if I concentrate really hard, I can make them, like, more real, if that makes sense. Somethings, anyway." He looks towards John. "Right and wrong? Are you serious? What, they think I don't know the difference between right and wrong? That's even worse!"
  17. Peter opened his mouth to explain to Brian that the books weren't really on fire, right before Darwin leapt "to the rescue." "Aw, shhh--er, shoot!" He grabbed a bunch of napkins and took over cleaning from Darwin, hoping desperately his books weren't damaged. "They weren't really on fire, man! Just a little wishful thinking s'all." He slouched back down in his chair and nodded his greetings at John and, reluctantly, at Darwin, before answering Brian/continuing his diatribe. "That's not all I've got. And I've got some class called 'ethics.' What the hell? I thought we were gonna come here and learn how to take down the bad guys, not learn which fork to use at the dinner table!"
  18. Come one, come all! Let's mingle! Peter's books aren't actually burning, of course. Just wishful illusions on his part. [DC20 Will save to see through it, if you want]
  19. Peter Jasper huffed into the school cafeteria--largely empty, this time of year--and slung his book-laden backpack onto the table. It *wumphed* quite a bit louder than its size would have suggested. He slung himself into a chair with about the same level of dignity and slapped a syllabus onto the table. "Man, this is bull!" Peter didn't yell, but he certainly talked loud enough that anyone in the cafeteria could hear him. "Two courses of English? Algebra? Man, I could learn that anywhere! I thought this was supposed to be a school for superheroes!" He glared at the books in his backpack and they burst into flame.
  20. Since this is going a little slow, I'm gonna go ahead and make an introduction thread. All Claremont students who aren't involved in AA's big thread, feel free to drop by and mingle. IC and OOC
  21. Got your PM, quote; very interesting concept. How are these characters going to wind up at Claremont, do you think? Anybody else who's still interested, could you give us a little overview like I posted for Peter?
  22. Alright, so far we have three new students attending summer classes (including mine), Myrmidon and Glowstar who are still fairly new to Claremont, and two new students who haven't yet joined--Heritage and Quote, any idea of the timetable? I know nothing about this wedding you speak of. This is more than enough characters; unless anyone else has a PC who's literally just starting and the wedding takes too long to wrap up, this'll be enough. First thing's first; let's get a little recent history out of the way. It'd probably be easier if we assume our characters have made introductions--as in, "Hey, the new kid's unpacking his stuff, let's say hi"--but not really made impressions, yet. (I find that PCs meeting for the first time in PBP can drag on a bit). We can also discuss living arrangements, if anybody wants to be roommates or if you'd rather have an NPC for that. What you may know about Peter Jasper--he's a real friendly black guy who appears to be a senior, but for some reason is starting as a freshman and is taking a lot of remedial summer classes. He's not too shy, but he definitely gives the appearance of someone who's way in over his head and is trying not to let on. You also may or may not know that his powers involve something about illusions.
  23. I'm generating ideas for a story involving new students at Claremont, and I'd like to know who'd be interested. I hear there are a lot of new students recently approved, so if you're starting classes next fall, taking summer classes, or just started last semester, let me know if you'd be interested (and fill me in on your most recent history, i.e., anything that's not on your character sheet).
  24. No no, he doesn't act like a 14 year old; he just doesn't have education beyond 14, he's out of the loop on any pop culture between then and the last few months. He forgets sometimes that he's not the center of everyone's attention, but that's more of an embarrassment to him; he's not gonna whine about it or be annoying. He might be a little ostentatious with his powers every once and awhile, but he wouldn't purposefully try to upstage someone else.
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