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  1. The final, gathered attacks of the heroes connected once more inside the chest of the damaged machine. It stumbled backwards on fumbling metal legs, tripping over a semi-trailer, and fell. Groping futilely at the air, the robot crashed into the street in a great cacophony of noise, smoke, and dust, punctuated by one more explosion. The on-lookers still able to see the fight, consisting mostly of police at that point, cheered and whooped for the successful heroes, even as they continued their work. "...awesome." Nick's attention remained bound by the spectacle for a moment, though the cheer of the crowd brought him back to reality. Turning back towards the witnesses and their cameras, Shockwasp bowed and posed, lowering himself back down to street level. "Thank you! You're really too kind." More camera flashes, as civilians emerged to see the aftermath, and the heroes. "And how about a big hand for Miss Americana and..." White clothes, sound powers, I know I've heard of this guy... Think, think, think... "Gabriel!"
  2. Staggered, and struggling to run some kind of diagnostic or repair, the giant robot flails helplessly at the tiny heroes battering it. "Right behind you!" Careful not to hit his rival-turned-ally, Shockwasp charged and fired another blast from his gauntlets, the crackling energy flying past Miss A to impact the robot as well. "Just a bit more!"
  3. No rolls necessary, just some posts, and then the robot will explode.
  4. Shockwasp


    Personally, I can't help but feel like GL was a terribly derivative superhero movie. It wasn't bad, but... it was by-the-numbers. They took no chances, just... repeated what they knew worked. Though I will admit that I appreciate the relative lack of giant mechanical spiders.
  5. GM Post Three attacks combine at one point, and the combination of heat, sound, and whatever mad science is inside the robot, causes a great explosion from within the robot's chest. It stumbles backwards, damaged, sparking innards revealed through a massive hole in its armor. It struggles to stand, one final blow away from shutting down.
  6. Giant Robot makes a Toughness Save, DC 33! 1d20+19=22 Failed by 11! Giant Robot is Staggered, Disabled, and Stunned! In fact, I don't think it's too far into the realm of imagination to allow a coup de grace at this point. Initiative/Status 20 Miss Americana 12 Giant Robot (Injured [-1], Staggered, Disabled, Stunned) 9 Shockwasp (All-Out Attack [-2 Def]) 8 Gabriel
  7. GM Get The Wrecking Ball Rolling Shockwasp Do Not Seek It Without Braniac Bunch +Reputation Chart Calliope Braniac Bunch (2) Gangbuster A Go +Reputation Chart +20Q
  8. Gabriel's blow seems to affect the lumbering machine, and it swings at him ineffectually with its massive arm. "Sounds like a plan!" Shockwasp nodded, and fired at the same spot as Miss A. Sparks and lights combined at the point of impact, which began to glow hot and distort. The machine was oblivious to the growing risk to its integrity, and was wide open for the third hero to give the final push that was needed.
  9. Giant Robot swings at Gabriel! 1d20=4 Ka-MISS! Wasp helps with the Combined Attack! 1d20+10=15 Success! DC is now 31.
  10. Alright, so, I've left out a couple hooks in these last few posts. If either of you want to bite, I'd be happy to continue the thread.
  11. The officer chuckled a bit at 'Clad's suggestions, and the subsequent realization and apology. "Don't worry, we've got him, and we'll be sure to alien-proof his cell this time." He joked, trying to ease the girl's tension a bit. Turning his head towards Dynamo, he nodded. "Good teamwork. The paramedics will have to check everyone over before they go, of course. Personally, I'd just let 'em all go home, but, to be honest, I'm already in a bit of trouble for ignoring protocol as it is." A single brick falling out of the hole in the building punctuates the speedster's next question. "Yeah, that definitely sounds like him. Though it's a little surprising to see him get this far up-town before losing his cool. He's normally quite the hothead."
  12. "Thank you, Doctor, but I'm no expert, my fa-" Father. Even here, in this place of relative sanctuary, Nick hesitated to mention the man who'd made him who he was, a brilliant inventor, a dedicated parent... and a fugitive, wanted for at least a dozen murders. Not the sort of family you really bragged about to the press. The words sunk deep into Nikolas in his moment of uncertainty, and any chance of mentioning the source of the technology was dashed. Instead, he retreated, back behind the mask, both metaphorical, and physical. "But the system is still in the experimental stages." Shockwasp corrected, removing one of his metal gauntlets as he spoke, "It is, as you can see, quite functional, allowing a complete range of motion to be returned to even the most damaged nervous systems," He held up his bare arm, twisting and flexing it, showing the maze of black wires beneath his skin, "But it is still, unfortunately a prototype, both untested, and prohibitively expensive to produce. We are, however, working diligently to make the system safer and more affordable." He pulled his gauntlet back on. And kept taking. "Personally, I'm hoping to have it ready for its first human volunteer testing this spring, and in hospitals across Freedom City by autumn."
  13. Shockwasp

    The Lab

    RISE, THREAD! RISE! IT'S ALIIIIIIIIVE! Er, right. Anyways, Wasp would definitely be willing to pitch in, both financially and with a PP or two, once December rolls around.
  14. Toughness Save, DC 27. 1d20+20=24 Giant Robot is Injured! Initiative/Status 20 Miss Americana 12 Giant Robot (Injured [-1]) 10 Crowd (Fleeing) 9 Shockwasp (All-Out Attack [-2 Def]) 8 Gabriel
  15. Uninjured by the attack, the great machine ran, and swung its fist at the airborne heroine, and missed her by a wide margin, impacting into the building beside. Down on the ground, Shockwasp was just responding as well. His mask was on in a moment, and he turned, watching the present police officers escort civilians away to safe areas. Wow. Each and every one of them did their job at a moment's notice, with no thoughts for glory, or their own safety. Wasp was both impressed, and humbled. Turning his attention back up, he was soon in the sky as well, though far enough away from the other heroes that it wouldn't be able to take them all out with one blow. "There are too many people here!" He shouted. "We have to take this thing out, now!" Energy crackling from his gauntlets, the hero fired a pair of high-energy bolts at the machine... to approximately the same effect as breathing on it would have had.
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