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  1. Glancing down again at the comlink... "Wait a multi-frequency what?" Looking back up Suzaku saw that the man known as Razorwing was gone. Shrugging to himself, he pockets the device and goes back to work readying the scene for the cops before making his exit... Mere Seconds Later... The police rush into the building finding the various criminals knocked out, a recording of part of their conversation, and hand writen notes about various businesses they dabbled in. With no sign of the person or persons responcible... except for a message in large letters, left on a wall... Suzaku was totally here kicking they asses!!!
  2. Suzaku caught the item out of the air, glancing down at it he gives it a cautious glance over. Not sure what he's looking at Suzaku, confused, looks back at Razorwing. Pausing slightly, he began setting things up for the police that were coming, leaving them any evidence he gathered during his note taking, and recording. Keeping one eye on Razorwing the whole time he says, in a more relaxed tone of voice, "Soooo... What's that thingie supposed to be for?"
  3. Suzaku followed Razorwing's movements as the younger hero ran along the wall and flipped through the air. Watching the boot come at his head the Vermillion Bird smirked as it connected held back by his vermillion aura. Impressed that the other combatant was still able to stand and move after taking the repeated heavy blows. Lashing out with a quick jab he was surprised to find that he was hitting open air. "You have already taken far more abuse then you should have. Just give up and spare yourself any further from my hands." With that Suzaku eased into a stance ready in case his offer was turned down yet again.
  4. 1d20+11=22 And passing the save again... 1d20+10=15 Not scoring the hit though..
  5. 1d20+12=32 ... Man Razorwing just can't catch a break...
  6. Suzaku opened his mouth to say something before it was forcefully shut... hard… by Razorwing’s foot meeting his jaw. With pain flaring up from his now sore jaw, Suzaku’s aura started flaring up more then ever before. With a determined look flashing in his eyes, Suzaku swung out with a powerful roundhouse punch... before suddenly twirling and flipping into a handstand! Hoping that it would catch Razorwing off guard, Suzaku lashed out with a powerful heel kick. The kick moved fast enough that it seemed to be just a fiery blur. Suzaku felt his kick connect, though not as well as he would of liked. Suzaku knew that even though he hadn’t landed any truly solid blows, his opponent had to be fairly badly hurt at this point.
  7. Toughness: 1d20+12=14 OH HOOOOO! Suzaku takes his first damage ever on these boards! Bluff Feint (-5 to make it a move action): 1d20+5=8 Man Invisible Catle ain't liking me tonight... Power attack Kick: 1d20+5=20 Oh that feint might not matter... Toughness DC 30 if that lands...
  8. Grapple check to keep ahold... 1d20+14=23 And with that your able to wiggle free.
  9. Alright DC 18 Toughness save owed, due to Suzaku punching you in the ribs...
  10. Suzaku pulled harder on his opponent's neck trying to make him surrender, or pass out from the strain. Feeling Razorwings somewhat limp form tense up slightly, Suzaku quickly slipped one hand off his neck. Lashing out with a quick jab to Razorwing's ribs, Suzaku whispered into his ear... "Just submit now Kamisorihane, you've lost this fight from the moment it began..." Putting his arm back around Razorwing's neck, Suzaku continued to try and choke him out...
  11. Suzaku! (22 posts total!) In It For the Money (6 posts) Not Using the Z-Word (1 post) Hot Time in Old Town Tonight (16 posts)
  12. So you are Bound, at a -4 on all escape attempts, and in a Chokehold. You have your Constitution score in rounds to break the pin before having to make a DC10 Fortitude save each round with a +1 to the DC each round you pass.
  13. Suzaku watched the man named Razorwing duck and tumble behind him. Twirling to the side he dodged the outstreached arms reaching for him. Ugh... guy's got some moves I'll give him that... Following his opponent across the room Suzaku stopped the chi flow to his fists, knowing that it would interfere with what he was planning next... After Razorwing finally stops moving he's greeted by a large right cross from Suzaku's fist. Feeling it connect Suzaku grabs him and skillfully hold onto his arms and legs successfully bounding his opponent in a submission hold. Suzaku's arms around his neck trying to make Razorwing pass out, to bring this fight to an end.
  14. 1d20+14=30 Grapple avoided! 1d20+10=26 Successful punch! DC 18 Toughness from my non-powered punching! and now using my Improved Grab in return as a free action! 1d20+14=28
  15. With his Chi aura blazing around him, Suzaku took the young man's shurikens in stride. Filled with a firey passion for this fight, he said through gritted teeth... "To beat me... your going... to have to do... BETTER!" With that Suzaku jumped at Razorwing, arm pulled back for an open-palmed strike... Missing the black clad figure, Suzaku still put a rather decent sized hole in the wall by where he was stand just a moment ago...
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