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  1. Oh, okay. So, when people disappear from sight after doubling over in pain, they're not actually vanishing, just, kind of, being out of sight. That's good, it's not eating them or whatever... yet... I need to learn to end this inner monologues three sentences sooner. Flying down towards the officer in pain, John thinks quickly, which is fortunate, 'cause he does a lot of it. Seriously. Okay, whatever's causing this is probably an ongoing element of the energy dome thingy that I've somehow resisted. So, healing him won't work, cause it'll still be getting him, and calming him will at best be like morphine. So, let's see if the problem is something inside the dome, or the dome itself. Focusing on the mystical power deeply ingrained in his body, Beacon extends a hard shell formed of light around himself and the officer, hopefully creating a protective bubble or miniature dome inside the larger, more evil red dome. "And if this works, I can hopefully use it to get some information out of you, and then get you out of here!"
  2. 1d20+6=22 Hopefully, yes, yes I can make it.
  3. Oh no. I know this cliche. I'm not big on movies and junk, but even I can spot Old Cop About To Die A Week Before Retirement. "Hold it there a moment, Officer. This is clearly magical in nature, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from entering the red dome. There's too good a chance it'll claim you as well, and that makes it my responsibility to claim the duty. Besides..." Turning towards the red dome, John starts forwards with a lot more confidence in his posture than he actually feels, strolling calmly towards the mysterious interface with his cape flourishing behind him. "Everyone knows, in an emergency, the first thing you do... is send up a Beacon." On that last dramatic note and introduction, unhesitating, he walks into the strange energy. Man, I hope that other guy knows enough about magic to pull me out of this when it turns out to be a terrible idea.
  4. Well, he's not the soul of politeness, but he seems to know what he's doing at least. Speaking of, time for me to fake it. Landing near the police barricades, Beacon glances briefly around before approaching the officer who appears to be in charge of the scene, addressing him in a slightly deeper than normal voice. "Sorry if I'm a bit late to the scene, officer. I'm always happy to assist Freedom's Finest, but I just spotted this a few minutes ago. What can you tell me about what's going on here?"
  5. Beacon approaches the officer who seems to be in charge, and with a Diplomacy check (1d20+10=30) that goes surprisingly well, makes a less magical attempt to get information on what's been happening.
  6. Cruising through the Freedom City Skyline, Johnathon Stargazer, also known as The Beacon, contemplated his current state of affairs with his usual aplomb... I can't believe it. I'm going to be late. I'm going to be late for my first day of school at the Academy. All because I decided to make an early morning visit with Mister Albright to calm my nerves a bit. Now, here I am, in mid-air en route with no idea how late it actually is. If my magic costume didn't cover my pockets, I could check my phone, but no. I'm probably way behind. I'm probably- is that a giant glowy energy dome in the middle of the Boardwalk? Curving gently in the air, Beacon moves towards the mysterious dome, blinking behind his featureless mask. Yep. Giant, glowy, apparently growing energy dome. And way closer to my parent's place than I really like. Like, in the same city. Looks like I'm definitely gonna be late for first period. "On the plus side, I'm totally going to find an excuse to use the Shine A Light pun. And isn't that really what superheroism is all about?"
  7. Well, I'll be the first to sign up for the Outside the Casino portion of the adventure, then, since I have experience with you and now how awesome your campaigns tend to be.
  8. "Yeah, whether you want to consider it 'making my life easier' or just 'a lot sadder', I'm currently sans companionship. Not much for video games or computer stuff, but the common room sounds like a fun place to hang out... maybe get my butt kicked at..." Okay, what do people play these days? I haven't really played since Super Mario World... "...Halo?"
  9. "Well, alright then. If you're sure you're okay, consider it case closed with me." Glancing at his paperwork, then up at the older students, John continues, "So, what are the dorms like, anyways? Two to a room, big common room kind of thing?"
  10. The new Midnight? No wonder he's not a morning person. I hope we'll be friends, though. From what Mister Albright told me, as creepy as the original could be, he was a great champion of justice and always a good person. "I'm loving it, honestly. Still a little nervous, a bit over-thinky, and trying not to look like an idiot in front of everybody, but every seems so nice, and the campus itself is amazing. I can't wait to see what the classrooms and gym are like." He glances out the window briefly as he answers Trevor's question, then turns back to the pale teen, "If you don't mind my asking, though, are your eyes okay? I mean, I don't mean to be rude if that's just a natural mutation, but if you're in pain, my Light might be able to ease it a bit."
  11. Huh. Must be one of those people who just can't get out a complete sentence before their morning coffee. I should probably tone it down a little. Speaking a little more softly than he had been before, John answered the question, "Yeah. Mister Albright passed the powers on to me, taught me how to use them, gave me a quick history lesson, and told me to enroll here."
  12. So, I've been planning an enemy for Beacon, more or less based on the idea of the original, Pre-Geoff Johns depiction of the Star Sapphire, where it was a foreign mind possessing and controlling Carol Ferris. Since Beacon's kind of got a thematic thing going on, I went for a Darkness oriented character, PL 12 - High enough to really give him a fight, but not so high he can't win either through clever power use or help from his friends, and not so high he won't catch up with her when he's ready to move on to guys like Nacht-Krieger. But, I'd like some advice on her mechanics, just to make sure she's up to snuff. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 0 + 4 - 2 + 6 = 10PP Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 12 (+1) Constitution 10 (+0) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 8 (-1) Charisma 16 (+3) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +6 +12 Ranged Grapple: +0 Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +0 Dodge Focus, +6 Shield), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15PP Toughness: +12 (+0 Con, +6 Protection, +6 Defensive Roll]) Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5) Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5) Will: +4 (-1 Wis, +5) Skills: 36R = 9PP Bluff 3 (+6/+10) Diplomacy 3 (+6/+10) Intimidate 12 (+15) Notice +6 (+5) Stealth 9 (+10) Sense Motive +3 (+2) Feats: 15PP Attack Focus: Ranged 6 Defensive Roll 6 Elusive Target Startle Attractive Powers: 60 + 40 + 2 + 6 + 6 = 114PP Shadow Form(Alternate Form 12, Extras: None, Flaws: None, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None) [60] (Mystical, Darkness) Blend With the Night: : Concealment 4(All Visual Senses, Extras: None, Flaws: Limited: Only In Shadows, Feats: Close Range, Drawbacks: None)[5] (Mystical, Darkness) Untouchable as the Dark: Insubstantial 4 (Insubstantial, Effected by Magic Extras: None, Flaws: None, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None)[20] (Mystical, Darkness) Shadow to the Heart: Immunity 23 (Immunity, Life Support 9, Critical Hits 2, Darkness Effects 10, Starvation/Thirst 1, Need For Sleep 1 Extras: None, Flaws: None, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None) [23] (Mystical, Darkness) Shadow's Caress: Emotion Control: 12 (Will Save DC: 22 or be Shaken, -2 to Attack, Defense, and Checks; Fail by 5 or more, becom shaken and flee from the source of the fear as quickly as possible; fail by 10 become Panicked, dropping any held items and fleeing the source, if unable to flee cowers. Extras: Aura, Affects Corporeal Flaws: Limited: Only Fear, Range: Touch, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None)[12] (Mystical, Darkness) Shadow Control(Darkness Control 12, Extras: Affects Corporeal, Flaws: None, Feats: AP: Blast, AP Create Object, AP: Snare, AP: Animate Shadows Drawbacks: None) [40] (Mystical, Darkness) Alternate Power: Dark Blast (Blast 12, Extras: Affects Corporeal, Flaws: None, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None) [36] (Magical, Darkness) Alternate Power: Shadow Objects(Create Objects 10, 10 5ft Squares Strength 50, Toughness +10 Extras: Affects Corporeal, Flaws: None, Feats: Precise, Tether Drawbacks: None) [36] (Magical, Darkness) Alternate Power: Grasping Shadows (Snare 9, DC 19 Reflex Save or Be Entangled, -2 Attack and Defense, -4 Dexterity, Rooted to the Ground. Fails by 5 or more or Second Application, bound and helpless. Each application after first is +1 Toughness, base Toughness +9 Extras: Affects Corporeal, Area: Burst, Targeted Flaws: None, Feats: None, Drawbacks: None) [36] (Magical, Darkness) Alternate Power: Animate Shadows (Animate Objects 8, Summon 25 Shadows, up to 120 Power Points Extras: Shadows instead of Objects, Flaws: None, Feats: Progression 4, Drawbacks: None) [36] (Magical, Darkness) Shadow Motes(Shield +6, Extras: None Flaws: None, Feats: AP: Drawbacks: None) [6] (Mystical, Darkness) Shadow Vision:(Super Sense, Darkvision Extras: None Flaws: None, Feats: None Drawbacks: None) [2] (Mystical, Darkness) Hardened Shadow:(Protection 6 Extras: None Flaws: None, Feats: None Drawbacks: None) [6] (Mystical, Darkness) Drawbacks: 4 + 3 + 0 = 7PP Normal Identity (To Trina Banks, Frequency: Full Round Action, Common, Intensity: Major) [-4PP] Involuntary Transformation (To Trina Banks, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Major) [-3PP] Abilities (10) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (9) + Feats (15) + Powers (114) - Drawbacks (7) = 180 Power Points
  13. Okay, as posted in the IC thread, the fight has moved to the museum, and currently the Doctor and all three androids are occupied. Before we roll initiative, does anyone want to suggest a plan of attack to their fellow heroes, or try to be stealthy at one third Mach?"
  14. Meanwhile at the Hall of Ju- strike that. At the Freedom City Historical Museum, located a mere block away from the Millenium Mall, open during regular business hours and free for children under the age of eight, the real Doctor Otaku, aided by a trio of attractive scantily-clad females, quickly stuffs the remnants of some important historical exhibit, alternatively known valuable old junk, into specially prepared receptacles, alternatively known as large sacks. "Hurry, hurry. The remote says the MechOtaku Remote Pilot Drone Mark I has gone down, and if our luck runs the way it usually does, one of them will have some kind of x-ray vision or a special computer in a cave somewhere to let them figure out where we are with as few clues as I left." "Hai, Takashi-sama." The three Angel Androids respond in unison, and redouble their efforts to fill the bags, knowing their wise and brilliant master is correct, and it's only a matter of time before the heroes are upon them...
  15. Yeah, I missed that, since I remembered it being only a 1 point power. In that case, You can trace the signal to, of all places, the nearby Freedom City Historical Museum. Feel free to draw the gang's attention to that fact and lead the way.
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