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  1. React to Main Scene 1 in whichever way seems most natural: Those who wish to attack the dinosaur from the side (and thus be away from an immediately attacking part), feel free to do so and discover some of the monster's nature (physical attacks pass through it without doing any damage and without attracting its attention.) Those that damage it will attract its attention (special effect, when it is damaged, it doesn't bleed, but the glowing "flesh" looks fuzzy and it doesn't move 'right' thereafter), and will then counter-attack. Its rolls for checks, senses, and attacks = [ http://first round rolls: 20d20 245 ]   4, 19, 19, 5, 3, 17, 16, 20, 13, 10, 3, 20, 19, 9, 2, 13, 17, 12, 18, 6.
    Intro-s posted.
    Dr Warp is up first. If he does not attack but waits around for a couple of rounds (the '4' is its failed spot to see him in the first round; the '19' is a success), it will come charging over and attack. That's also when Dr Deoxy will be arriving, from the sky, to the side of the trail. We have to figure out how all of that goes down, because right after that is when Redline will become available.

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