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  1. So, what does Thad see when he looks out of the warehouse?
  2. While BD made the introductions Thad simply made a slight hand gesture when his name was called. He took in what everyone was saying but never broke from the sitting and thinking position. Not until his darting eyes finally picked up on the color differences between the heroes and the rest of the room. Seeing the flies just hanging in mid air made Thad stand up in almost disbelief. This can't be good. was the only thought that went through Thad's mind. He hurried over to the hole in the warehouse to take a look outside to see what effects had occurred due to the blast.
  3. Waking up the first thought that came to Thad's mind was Why am I less than surprised that people act so hastily? Just because they're not finished doesn't mean they are harmless. Hearing Jack's apology helped but now they were in a whole new mess. It's true that the police should have arrived by now and if they came while we were all knocked out they wouldn't just have left us. They would have at least brought all of us in for questioning. Not to mention the machine is now gone. If that speedster had showed up again would he have just left us alone instead of exacting his revenge? Thad sits up and ponders on the situation while the heroes absorb what just transpired.
  4. Sorry for not being around when stuff was happening but just got rid of a virus. Thad's Notice is 25 with Skill Mastery. And on a side note, Gizmo, I don't think Thad reviled his name or that anyone asked for it. It's not a big deal or anything it's just part of his character to forget to introduce himself. :)
  5. Ok, I have Skill Mastery for Notice so I'll use it to take 10 which will give me a 25. Search check is a 17.
  6. "Well, gum aside, just because a project failed doesn't mean it lost it's importance." stated Thad calmly. "They could have been looking for parts to complete their own devices or someone may have figured out how to finish one." Either way it means someone knew where to look and what to look for. Since these projects weren't completed then the general public or even most of the company employees shouldn't know of them." Thad begins looking around for an inventory log. That way if they discover the an empty space they should be able to match it in the log book. As he walk around Thad says, "That means if we can figure out what company owns the stolen goods they would be able to tell us the employees that worked on that project. It may not lead us to the true culprit but at least it's a lead nonetheless. They may be even able to tell us the original intentions of their work, but again it's best not to jump to conclusions." Thad's eyes begin to dart around the room. One reason to locate the log book, the other was his curiosity on what wonders these crates held. Oh, what I would give to be able to spend a few days here. They may be incomplete but failure leads to eventual success. Imagine what I might learn by studying the work of so many others. His mind buzzing with possibilities he continues his search.
  7. "Aha!" Thad exclaimed enthusiastically as he recovered his take out order. He reaches in and pulls out an empanada and wraps a napkin around it. The smell takes his mind off the chaos briefly and then goes in for a bite. With his taste buds and stomach being content with the meal he begins to walk over to where everything had began. Seeing Strong Man encased in a sticky goo was sort of curious but mainly comforting knowing the villain had been contained and maybe when he comes around we'll get a few answers. After swallowing the last bite of his empanada he wipes away the crumbs from his mouth and hands with the napkin. He takes notice of his new allies as the one in the cape inspects the hole and the kid in the leather jacket makes his way over. Guessing the angle was air borne somewhere he looked around wondering where that loony fellow had gone too. Thad thinks to himself, What interesting characters live in this city. At least there is some noticeable good in them to come here and put a stop to those crooks. Well I suppose we should get down to business. Thad takes in a few quick breathes and clears his throat."Uh,hello there. Wish this meeting could have been on better circumstances but it looks like we may have stopped them for now. We'll have to contact the owner of this warehouse if we want an idea what is held within. I don't think this fellow is in any shape to talk to us at the moment and I'm not sure if he'd talk so freely when he does."
  8. Seeing the fire extinguished and hearing the sirens approaching Thad lets out a sigh of relief. Hope the owners feel better about the building being a bit water logged instead of burned up. Thad says to himself. But I'm sure they would like their water towers back. Thad puts the water towers next to their original supports since they'll need to be refit with a crane anyway. Thad looks to the warehouse where all this started and began pondering what those crooks wanted within. Growl. Thad places a hand over his stomach as his hunger seemed to not care about what the villains were after and wanted to refocus on their previous engagement. Feeling additionally drained after his efforts in battling the blaze, Thad's curiosity would have to be put on hold while he refuels. A person can't solve a mystery on an empty stomach. Thad convinced himself as he sped towards the location of his take out order, hoping it will still be where he left it a moment ago.
  9. Thad contemplated the suggestion for an instant. The fire continued to pose a threat and the sooner it was put out the better. He had already made a commitment to leave the battle to his new allies. They seem to have things under control and Thad has no idea what kind of speed that baseball bat wielding punk can put out. These thugs could even have an escape plan set up in advance for just such an occasion. So, instead of going off on a wild goose chase or straight into a trap, he threw off the notions of a high speed pursuit and focused his powers on another water tower. He uses it in the same manner as before to help the music inspired hero battle the flames. "It's more logical for me to stay here and help you out. I'd rather save this neighborhood than follow a speed demon into a trap."
  10. Just going to do more of the same. Grabbing the next nearest water tower, moving it to where the fire is still going, and pouring out the contents in the same manner. I'll use another HP to negate Fatigue once again.
  11. Surely You Jest (5) Thad Minker Questioner 5 posts and questioner bonus
  12. Though the sudden change in weather favored the heroes efforts it alone would not be enough to extinguish this blaze. Knowing all the time what was needed Thad focused his powers on the water tower. The tower was then lifted off it's supports and made it's way over the fire, all the while shimmering in the mysterious blue substance. "This is where things get difficult." Thad Minker murmurs to himself. With noticeable strain on Thad's face the tower begins to tip over releasing the massive flood of the water contained within. Thad makes sure not to allow the top of the tower fall onto the warehouse, after all what's the point in saving a building from a fire if you just let it get crushed by debris.
  13. Point taken, then I shall be doing what I originally intended. Switching to TK I'll pick up a water tower and move it over the flames using 2 move actions. I'll extra effort to aid in extinguishing the blaze. I'll spend a HP to negate the fatigue.
  14. Before I take my turn can I ask, what was the effect BD's weather control had on the fire?
  15. So I just switched to my Flight and situated myself for the next round (so I still have all my HPs) since I can't switch powers more than once a turn, right? AP: Flight 16 (1,000,000 MPH; 10,000,000 ft move action) Sorry again for not checking for clarification on my last action.
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