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  1. Sounds similar to the Hulk to me. Transforms into a powerful form, which taxes his body afterward.
  2. Maybe the Refs would go for a version of Side Effect that worked like the -2 version (activated every time) but only gave a dazed condition and have it only count as -1. Side Effect (Stun; Always Occurs [-2], Daze Only [+1]; Net -1 Flaw)
  3. Don't know what to tell you then. Guess you're just going to have to go unconscious. :(
  4. You could just make it Tiring then. Causing him to be fatigued, but not make him go out.
  5. Isn't that how a -2 version of Side Effect would work anyway? After the power is used you would suffer the effect? Kind of like applying a Tiring to Boost, which, in official powers/builds, always takes effect after the boost fades. Always disliked Tiring as a flaw. It is the same as a -2 Side Effect (Fatigue) but without the chance to save against it, and only granting a -1 modifier. More potent with a weaker reward? Go figure.
  6. Cool, I think I've got a handle on this. I'll stat it up with my first character and let you guys chop away! Thanks for all the help!
  7. As I understand it, variable descriptor just lets you change what type of effect. Perfect for weaponry, since variable can be slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, etc. It would probably be easier to just purchase blast with variable descriptor (energy, ballistic, piercing, slashing) to account for energy weapons, guns, or thrown weapons that he may use. Then, AP a strike off of it with variable descriptor (energy, slashing, bludgeoning, piercing) to account for melee weapons. The shield could be similar, and the armor would just be the base device that everything else is built into, I guess. Still interested in the idea of copying other technology, though. Maybe a mimic, limited to technological devices? That could keep the variable power out of it (kind of), and he could power stunt past configurations off of the main power with extra effort.
  8. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to do this. I'm not a fan of variable powers, either. The idea is that the character has a device that can create (out of "hard light") any item it "scans" similarly to how the transformers scan technology to turn into in the movies. It is a device for an intergalactic character of the Lor Republic who protects uninitiated worlds from exploitation by the Grue and Stellar Khanate. Essentially, the device allows him to 'mimic' whatever technology the people of that world possess, so that he can blend in. It probably contains a memory bank of past scanned tech so that he can use it again, if needed.
  9. Weapon Creation, capable of creating armor and shields? I wouldn't see why not, personally, since they are combat related equipment.
  10. Prescient

    Mecha Manga

    Dammit! That was the basis of my whole concept! :rotfl: Got it. After actually reading the book, there are only a few things I would consider building into a character anyway (aside from playing in an actual Manga-themed game).
  11. Prescient

    Mecha Manga

    So, I just got my hands on this nifty piece of source material. I was reluctant to buy it at first, given the large amounts of fluff in many of the sourcebooks, but I really like this one. How much of it are we going to be able to implement here, though? There are a lot of cool things that scream Manga (combo point powers, etc), which is kind of outside of the 'Ages' of comics. Although, many of those things could be described differently to work with the 'standard' comic explanations.
  12. Looks like you have two choices. Build it as a device and include the gliding, or build it as equipment, and include slowfall with it. You might look at the Roll Call thread on the ATT and see what others have statted up Batman's cape as. Not all of them make it gliding. Not saying you're trying to build it exactly that way, but you seem to be using it as inspiration.
  13. :shock: I was just trying to figure that part out. Thank you.
  14. I like that, actually. Very nice. :clap: Thanks
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