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  1. Yeah, I'm still here, got out of school the 15th, and been catching up with some friends since then. I should be able to answer your questions tonight, just got to go over the questions again and type them up.
  2. Sorry, just did the easy ones quickly last night before I went to bed, I have been working on two 15 page papers (ones done, the other is almost done[8/15]) so I'll explain in better detail the other questions that you / fix up the char. sheet when I get this done. Sorry again.
  3. 1 That's a fairly high Dex and a really high Int for an Air Force graduate, even for one who graduated with flying colors. Are all Hephaestans naturally agile super-geniuses? The Hephaestans are naturally geniuses, and the character I am playing is one of the highest there. 2 You have no ranks in the language skill, yet you describe him as having picked up English. If he still remembers his native Hephaestan tongue, you need a rank in the language skill. I did add the language skill in one of my first updates, sorry for not posting saying I did. 3 The Inventor feat isn't needed if all he's using his Knowledge & Craft checks for is to maintain his gear. Inventor would be needed if, say, he wanted to use his gear (and perhaps parts from Terran gear) to create something entirely different Sorry about that, I thought I had deleted it.
  4. Ok, I fixed it, sorry for the confusion, I keep forgetting to change Device x amount when I change the PP within the device.
  5. Hey all, sorry for taking so long to post here.
  6. Ah, sorry for the rat nest there, they are fixed up, just moved the array to a new cluster of his enhanced ability's and got rid of Regen. for Datalink. Edit: Just fixed's Stun's new DC block
  7. I just posted the updates. I might have missed a point or two that you advices since I did a lock of smelting on him. I'll go over your questions and if I did miss any I'll be sure to look into it (such as any sort of background questions, I haven't gotten around to witting up for on that yet) TB Edit: Sorry, NOW it is updated, when I posted this I uploaded the old version of him -sigh- Edit: Just fixed the int. skills to what they should be shown as.
  8. Hey guys, sorry its taking me so long to post my updates, just have a lot of work this week (just finished a 40 page project and I still have a few 10-20 page essays to do x_x) I 'should' be able to post them this weekend, unless something really horrible or really good happens and I am not at my computer. See you guys this weekend, TD Edit: Just did a quick edit to turn him to a villain.
  9. Lieutenant Gaius Rainer - TranscendentDream - PL 10 Villain "It's time to end the game. Once, and for all.†*Inspired by Starcraft* Players Name: TranscendentDream Power Level: 10 (150/150 PP) Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 DC Mod; +3 defense / -3 toughness PP Unspent: 0 Characters Name: Gaius Rainer Alternate Identity: Lieutenant Gaius Rainer Height: 5' 10’’ Weight: 140 lbs Height in suit: 6’ Weight in suit: 150 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown Stats: 38 PP Str: 12/14 (+1/+2) Dex: 20/26 (+5/+8) Con: 12/18 (+1/+4) Int: 24 (+7) Wis: 20 (+5) Cha: 10 (+/- 0) Combat: 26 + 8 = 34 PP Attack: +4 [+4 Melee (+10 w/ Stun); +7 Ranged (+13 w/ Sniper Rifle)] Grapple: +5 Defense: +13 (+7 FF) Knockback: -3 Initiative: +8 Saves: 11PP Toughness: +1/+7 Fortitude: +6/+10 (+4 con, +6) Reflex: +5/+8 (+8 dex) Will: +10 (+5 wis, +5) Skills: 20r = 5 PP Concentration 1 (+9) Craft-Electronic 5 (+12) Knowledge-Tactics 0 (+7) Knowledge-Technology 0 (+7) Notice 10 (+15) Stealth 3 (+11) Language 1 (+1) Feats: 9 PP Attack Focus Ranged 3 [3pp] (heavy training in using guns and other ranged weapons) Attack Focus Specialization 3 [3](heavy training in using his sniper rifle) Hide in Plain Sight 1 [1pp](Stealth Suit) Inventor [1pp] (Able to take care of his armor and weapons in the field) Jack-of-All-Trades Powers: 57pp Quickness 4 Flaws: limited to mental processes (capable of extremely quick thinking) [2pp] Speed 1 (10 MPH) [1pp] Device 7 [28pp – 35 device pp] PF: Restricted 2 (Reiner only); Indestructible [31pp] Device 5 [20pp – 25 device pp] PF: Restricted 2 (Reiner only); Indestructible [23pp] Drawbacks: -4 Full Power -1 (Disintegration) Vulnerable (Electricity) [Electric suit + electricity attack = bad] -3 (Very Common; +1 DC) Complications: * Ascension (Belittles suggestions from others) * Prejudice (Human’s are weak, children that do not know how to fend for themselves) * Responsibility (To inform his kind of Earth) * Responsibility (To rebuild his reconnaissance fighter ship) * Responsibility (Repair his suit) * Secret (Alien from another planet) DC Block: “Sniper Rifle†Disintegration – DC15/Fortitude – DC20/Toughness – 5 Damage. -20 or more = atomized. “Stun Attachment†Stun – DC15/Fortitude – Dazed, -5 Stuns, -10 unconscious Attributes 38 + Combat 34 + Saves 11 + Skills 5 + Feats 9 + Powers 57 - Drawbacks -4 = 150/150pp Physical Description: Gaius Rainer, since his crash landing on Earth, primarily stays in his power suit. Underneath the suit, he has but a generic air space pair of boxers and shirt on to make the suit as comfortable as can be. However, over his travel’s to Freedom City, he was acquired various cloths to wear should be need them. As for his Terran Tactical Sniper Space Suit, T2S3 for short, it is has the air space force’s colors, black, blue, and grey. A blue lit area on his helmet provides him with a HUD, Heads Up Display, that is activated through cybernetic connections at the base of the spine linked to the suit (Think the Matrix). However, durring his crass landing on Earth, his suit was damaged, and not all of its higher functions can be activated as this point. Along with that, he caries with him his personal Standard Terran Sniper Rifle, the M: IV Mark: II which has been customizing for more performance during the year before he crashed on Earth. Other then that, he also wields a Standard Issue Terran Stun Attachment, which takes a moment to charge, and then releases a stunning shock to all around him from his chest part of his armor. Background/Origin: Lieutenant Gaius Rainer DOB: 11/0/11011 Age, Hephaestus: 26 Age, Earth: 39 Gaius grew up in Hephaestus, galaxies away from Earth. When he was 16, he join the air force, and passed with flying colors but 3 months before there mutant allies betrayed Gaius and his race, a nearly 99.9% similarity to the Human race, and started a galactic war. Now, 8 Hephaestus years later (about 12 Earth years) the war is near an end as the mutants are being whipped out. However, work of a new super weapon being build by the mutant faction reached the Terran’s, and as many ships that could be spared were sent after it. In a huge battle, the ‘weapon’ was activated, and created a large wormhole. Already knowing of wormhole technology, Gaius’s higher ups commanded his to take a squad through the portal to see where it would take them, for a wormhole of this size was unprecedented. Also, a few of the surviving mutants had escaped through the wormhole, and Gaius was order to kill them on sight, for the risk of them building an army on the other side of the portal. Once in the Milky Way Galaxy, Gaius and his squad came under fire from the rebel mutants. After much time, most of the mutant ships had been destroyed. However, a large pulse was sent from one of the remaining rebel ships, a suicide measure of sorts, overloading all the ships in the area. Some of the ships became useless, and other’s exploded. However, Gaius’s ship went hay wire, knocked him out through an electric current, also damaging his suit, as it activated a random wormhole jump. When he awoke, he came to realize that he had barley survived a crash landing on a planet similar to Hephaestus. After a few days of gathering his supplies and hiding his space ship, Gaius began to roam out of the dense and wet jungle he crashed into in hopes of finding a some what civilized location. Due to his emergency radio, a primitive means of communication on his home planet and only used by the Air Force as a last result, he was able to learn that the creatures on this planet where some what advanced, and picked up on parts of there language. Before reaching Freedom City, he had, stealth fully, been able to read numerous books from various libraries and the like to continue his knowledge of the people here and to communicate with them if a long stay was inevitable.
  10. Hey guys, I have been thinking about this over the weekend, and I know you guys don't especial like the whole giant spider thing, so I was wondering if I can just withdraw this character from the forums. I have have been working on a few character for fun while I waited for you to approve this guy, and have really been getting into him. Also, seeing how playing a giant spider is not the best of choices given the settings, I just think it would be easier and for the best to just withdraw him from the site. Thanks ~TD
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'll get on the introduction asak. As for his communication skills, he is basically a spider god of the past, and was put into a deep hibernation over the years. He learns how to speech English from the blood that is used to awaken him by the sacrifice of opening up his tomb, kinda like a vampire, such as in the Underworld movies. However, this is not a power he knows, it is just a reaction to being awoken, so this is a one time sort of thing.
  12. Azjik, The Slayer - TranscendentDream - PL 10 Villain "Warriors of the sunken wastes, rise up! I command you to fight, kill, and die for your master. Let none survive...." (Not exact, most spider like (8 limbs; 6 legs, 2 claw-like legs (similar to the pic) in the front of his body) *Inspired by Self* Players Name: TranscendentDream Power Level: 10 (150/150 PP) Trade-Offs: +3 attack -3 DC mod, +3 defense -3 toughness PP Unspent: 0 Characters Name: Azjik, The Slayer Alternate Identity: His High Lordship Height: 8' Weight: 500 lbs (On a good day) Hair: Dark Eyes: Red Stats: 50 PP Str: 28 (+9/+5) Dex: 40 (+15) Con: 24 (+7/+5) Int: 8 (-1) Wis: 10 (+/-0) Cha: 6 (-2) Combat: 8+12=20 PP Attack: +5 [unarmed 7 (Bruise)] Grapple: +20 Defense: +13 (+11 FF) Knockback: +3 Initiative: +15 Saves: 11PP Toughness: +7 Fortitude: +8 (+7 con, +1) Reflex: +15 (+15 dex, +2) Will: +8 (+0 wis, +8) Skills: 24r = 6 PP Acrobatics 16 (+15 dex, +1 rank) Notice 8 (+0 wis, +8 rank) Stealth 26 (+15 dex, +15 rank, -4 size) Feats: 28 PP Attack Focus Melee 6 [6pp] Dodge Focus 10 [10pp] Evasion 2 [2pp] Fearless [1pp] Grappling Finesse [1pp] Hide in Plain Sight Luck 2 (starts with 3 Hero Points) [2pp] Power Attack [1pp] Second Chance [1pp] Ultimate Effort 2 (Toughness Saves, Attacks[melee]) [2pp] Uncanny Dodge Powers: 50pp Additional Limbs 3 [3pp] (For the extra legs) Growth 4 (PF: Innate; F: Permanent) [13pp] (For his Large size) Leaping 4 (375 Running, 187 Standing, 93 High) [4pp] (Though he is large, he is very nimble and spider like) Speed 5 (250 mph / 2,500 fpr) [5pp] Snare 7 (PF: Subtle 1, Accurate – 4 (+8)) [19pp] (Green tinted gooey spider silk that he spits out through his mouth (same for each AP, just a different color) AP: Fatigue 7 (PF Subtle 1, Accurate – 4 (+8); E: Range; F: Limited-Snared) [19-1pp] (Orange tinted gooey spider silk) AP: Drain 7 (PF Subtle 1, Accurate – 4 (+8); E: Range; F: Limited-Snared) [19-1pp] (Green tinted gooey spider silk) AP: Create Object 7 (PF: Affects Insubstantial 2, Innate, Progression 5, Selective-Webs, Stationary, Subtle 1, Tether; F: Limited – Web) [19-1pp] (Pure white spider silk(might not be gooey)) Wall-Crawling 2 [1pp] Drawbacks: Vulnerable (Sonic) [He is very sensitive to load noises] -3 (Very Common; +1 DC) (His earns are very sensitive to sound after being locked in silence for so long) Noticeable (Giant Spider) -5 (He is LARGE!) Complications: * Ascension (Belittles suggestions from others) * Hatred (Disrespect) * Honor (Will not start an unfair fight unless given reason to, suck as being attacked or something impends his progression) * Obsession (Need to rebuild his empire) * Reputation (Shows great malice towards those whom wrong him, no matter the intensity) * Temper (People who crush (kill) spiders) DC Block: Unarmed – DC 20/Toughness – Damage (Melee, bruise) Unarmed – DC 22/Toughness – Damage (Range) Snare – DC20/Reflex – Entangled Drain – DC20/Fortitude – Drain’s Abilities Fatigue – DC17/Fortitude – Fatigued Attributes 44 + Combat 20 + Saves 9 + Skills 6 + Feats 29 + Powers 51 - Drawbacks -9 = 150/150pp Physical Description: Lord Azjik, God of Spiders, though weakened from his long hibernation, stands 8 feet tall, and only weighs 500 pounds on a good day. He had many similarities to normal spiders, as far as his look and abilities, but is also gilded with gold and teal colored armor, similar to a beetle. Before his imprisonment, Azjik dwarfed the land. Unfortunately, his long hibernation across the aged as caused him to loose much of his body mass, as well as his powers. Through time, some of his marks, a blue and gold Spider, have been found here and here, and belong to few antiquity collectors. One of his most powerful attack’s, his silk, is far stronger and more durable then that of a normal spider. Along with that, the different colors of his silk have been thought to cause different abilities. Background/Origin: Azjik Arak, The Slayer DOB: ??/??/???? In his prime, Azjik controlled what is now known as South Africa, and south west North America, and has begun to explore Antarctica within his empire. No one knows when, where, or how he showed up on Earth, but since he appeared, his rain grew rapidly among the primitive Human’s. In his prime, Azjik controlled what is now known as South Africa, and south west North America, and has begun to explore Antarctica within his empire. Unfortunately, new religions and cults began to grow in the area, and in secret, these cults build a magical prison to force Azjik into a sort of hibernation, in hopes of finding a means to kill him later on. 3 to 4 Millennia have passed, and the tails of Azjik and his empire have been lost and forgotten. However, strange symbols of blue and golden spiders across what used to be his empire. Though these artifacts have gone to private collectors, one collector in general, Joe(Junior) Owns, from Indiana, has been hunting down and all that he can find about of Azjik. In the year 1999, Owns and his team unearthed a large pyramid-like structure in Antarctica. Just before the new year, Owns and his team had deciphered many of the symbols within the pyramid, and were able to open a large door within, what they thought, was a temple or burial sight in hopes of gold, just before the new year. Little did they know, that the warning of death and magic seals on the walls were true, and many of the works near the locked door were killed, and there blood seemed to drip into the large dark room them had uncovered. At this sight, Owns sent in all the men he could to figure out what was in this new room. At midnight, and the start of the new year, the blood curdling screams heard from within the new room ended, and out raced countless spiders. Soon there after, a rumble could be heard coming from within the room. It did not take long for this rumble to start shaking the ground, and soon Owns was looking up at Azjik. Azjik bowed to Owns, and dropped a large block of white gold, and said, “My Empire shall grow, and you shall be welcome to join it.†before leaving the temple. Owns was the only survivor of his ground team, and was thought to be crazy when he returned to Freedom City. Many ask how Azjik could speak to him, and Owns believes that the blood of the original deaths was used to waken Azjik from his sleep, and gave him the majority of information that the owners of the blood had known. ***Azjik in terms of villainy: Though he was never the…nicest of Gods, the betrayal of his early-Human subjects millenaria's ago has created a deep hatred for all of Humanity and there progression over the years. Due to his need and want to build a new empire, he is looking for loyal followers, however, his trust of the Human race as all but evaporated. Edit: I just added some descriptions to Powers and Drawbacks Edit: Just noticed I was over my Attack cap by one, fixed it by getting rid of 1 attack point and then took away Full Power
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