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  1. A vote for Miracle Girl is a vote for 'murica!
  2. Idea: Some part of town gets turned into a cartoon. A Looney Tunes cartoon. You don't want to be a cartoon forever, do you? So you have to find the reason. Caveat! You cannot leave the area. Anyone who enters the area is cartoonized and cannot leave the area. You are now a cartoonish version of your character. Powers (like normal) are harmless, but not subtle at all. They have a cartoonish tint to them. Use superstrength? you grow huge muscles! Use flight? Wings. Use heat vision or cold breath? the visual will come out as something fitted to the descriptor. Also, if someone gets knocked out, they can recover quicker. Not instantly (unless it's appropriate to the character and/or funny). I'd want a small group. Two or three at most. Anyone interested?
  3. Well, that was a hand full to note. Not speaking during Gretchen's story and confession, Moira did not expect this. She expected a long conversation about roommates and boundaries and got very mixed signals. At least one was blunt. Very, very blunt. It was like the lightest fluffiest bit on a pile of rocks. Poor girl had been through so much. Moira felt like a heel, but bow there was interest at least. She looked up into the night sky and wondered aloud, "what would you guys do?" She heard an 'ahem' in her mind. "Dear," Aphrodite spoke to her, "you know I'm not up there. But if you want my opinion." "Sure, why not, mom," Moira said touching her bracer. She didn't need to 'activate it, she just fidgeted with it some time when talking to her divine family and friends. "What would you do that wouldn't get me kicked out of the house. Threesome is out of the question." "For now, at least," Aphrodite said with upward inflection. "But really, you should tell her the truth. That you have that feeling in the back of your mind that makes you think of her like Lynn." "That's kind of changed now, knowing her story," Moira pointed out, "I really don't want-" "Yes, you do," Aphrodite said sternly, "just that you want to wrap her up and protect her on top of the carnal thoughts. She's the type you fight for in this who superhero thing. Right? Truth, justice, yadda yadda yadda." Moira huffed, her mother was right. Though she wanted to learn more about Gretchen. Sex was fine, but connection, that was what she loved. Empty one nighters were fun, but did nothing for her. Spending time with friends, knowing what made them them? That was something she thrived on. "Yeah, something like that." "Good," Aphrodite chimed, "now ask Dionysus for another bottle of wine and go back in there-" "Not right now. Talk to you later, mother." Moira straightened herself to non-wrinkled, at least, and went down the stairs to meet with her roommates.
  4. The was a sigh of relief from Moira. Better to see happy faces than troubled ones. Still, Gretchen had more questions. Valid ones. Moira put her hand where her heart would be, "Gretchen, love, I have a lot of friends. I am friendly. But there are only a few people that I am close to. Lynn is one of them. We go beyond friendship. It's one of those forever bonds. Someone I will think about to the end of eternity. My heart." She offered the hand to Gretchen, not expecting her to take it, "You, dear, however, are someone I am friendly with. Whether you're keen to it or not." Moira did seem sincere in the gesture, then again, she didn't know what was going on with Lynn and Gretchen's mind conversation. "I'm not expecting reciprocation, but since we are roommates..." She let Gretchen fill in the rest of the sentence.
  5. Waiting for Nox. But he has marriage duties nowadays We'll see what's happened by Monday. Also, Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Regarding the regrettably false start I did last month. I started a job and thought I could do it and the posting. It was not a job that left me much time. Now I don't have a job again (boo). So I can post (yay).
  7. While she was not as close to Gretchen as she wanted to be - they were roommates, and you generally wanted the people you live with to like you - she understood her distress. Moira was not a monogamist. And now that she listened, neither was Gretchen it seemed. Still, it was Gretchen who loved Lynn and Lynn who loved Gretchen. They were a couple. They were bonded. They made each other happy. And here Moira was with only one excuse. And it was and excuse. The feelings were there long before the wine. She'd playfully flirted with Lynn even before she left for Olympus. Still it felt awful. "Gretchen," she said walking towards her, but not too close, "There are many feelings. I'm not about to lie and say it was only the wine that we drank. Lynn is part of my heart. But seriously, I understand it. You guys are special. I do not want to break your bond with Lynn. I do not want to break Lynn's bond with you." She stood there for a silent second to allow the teary girl to process. Moira's body language was open, Gretchen could tell that she wanted to comfort her.
  8. Well, now that I have time on my hands, I'd like to start this up again. @Ari, @EternalPhoenix, @EviscerusNox, @Heritage, @Zeitgeist Blue You guys good?
  9. To hear the two argue out loud was something Moira didn't expect. A cringe crossed her face as the sharp, loud words flew. Then Gretchen wanted to speak to her alone? Well, she expected to be booted out of the apartment at the very least. She wanted to hold on to Lynn and tell her it would be OK. "Lynn, baby," she whispered sympathetically, "just know that I love you no matter how this turns out." She pecked her on the cheek. Sighing, she picked up her clothes - a red sports dress with hoodie - and hastily slipped it on before adjusting her frazzled hair. It was time to meet the firing squad. Making her way to the roof, slowly, collecting her thoughts. She wasn't about to fight this lecture, but she would explain. It probably didn't help that this felt eerily familiar. But she had learned from last time. When she got there she stood there silent for a moment, assessing the situation. She did not want to seem weak, but she did want to seem like she was trying to do what Gretchen thought she was doing. "Listen, before any of this starts. I am deeply sorry. For many, many reasons."
  10. Usually, Moira - Scion as she was known to her employers - was one of the types that would get in, get to know the person, get them to trust her and then have that trust betrayed as she procured whatever she needed. This was not one of those times. Sneak in to one of the technical owners of the world and take his stuff. Which was made possible by her spirit conduit. Right now the spirits she had to work with were Carnal, Anger, Madness, and Light. These were not their actual names but the names she gave them based on the boons they provided. Light made her invisible. Anger gave her the power to knock Suvou around like a rag doll. Madness gave her the idea... to jump out of a window. The bots were coming. She may have got a few of them but there were too many. She was glad she got those shock upgrades. This jump would kill a mundane. Not as graceful as she thought it would be - she could hear Madness cackling - but she was out and alive. Landing right where she needed to be. No one was around, so she had time for one little last goodbye. Putting Carnal through the security system jammed their footage, replacing it with some holo-smut. For the next few hours they'd be seeing the literal ass-end of someone's business. After Carnal came back, Scion pulled the key she nabbed from Suvou out of her pocket. Who used keys anymore? Or watches? Suvou, that's who. At least she had an untraceable vehicle.
  11. Reflex DC 15: 1d20+7 9 Wisdom DC 15: 1d20+7 23 Dexterity DC 10: 1d20+2 13
  12. Really, it wasn't supposed to go that far. The two were supposed to binge watch a show called Demonchaser Jo, if Moira remembered correctly. It wasn't on any streaming site, Lynn had actual recorded copies. Archaic! Moira's birthday was the next day. They had a nice bottle of wine to celebrate. Not some around the corner cheap stuff. Dionysus' personal stock. Moira enjoyed the show. It knew what it wanted to do. Kick ass action with some drama to float between there. Moira had never watched before, but Lynn had such glowing reviews of the show, that she felt like she knew what she was in for. She and Lynn got close as they watched the show. About two bottles in, neither of them were watching the show and had lost various bits of clothing, both of them covered only by a single blanket. 'For warmth'. She didn't even remember who started it, but Moira was under the cover first. Though the carnal action didn't last long. Or as long as Moira wanted. She and Lynn were greeted by a sharp rebuke. Moira heard it barely, she but it was enough to stop her in shock. Laughing stopped and a four letter word crossed her tongue. She stuck her head out from under the cover to see Shri... Gretchen. "Oh man," the heady buzz was fading. "Uh, hi," Moira said with a smile, "this is not what... this is totally what it looks like." She sighed man there was explaining to do.
  13. Scion 9+6+2+1=18 posts Room of Danger (fourth edition) [9 posts] Some 'Splaining To Do [6 posts] Relay [2 posts] Ink! [1 posts]
  14. The pain was very very real. She could sense this guy getting enjoyment off of this. And if it weren't so painful - she tried so hard for it not to hurt - she'd be right there with him. But no, his hand squeezing her thigh, it was unbearable boiling searing pain. And then everything stopped. Complete blackness. Death? No, the afterlife didn't look like this. She'd been there a few times. Elysium and Tartarus did not have the inky void motif. It was total sensory deprivation. If she had eyes she could see. If she had legs she could run away. The blackness was lifted and she could feel again, hear... see! Though this was not familiar. Confused she sat up looking at the other costumed hero (was she?) explaining what was happening. The pain was gone, but the questions were just beginning. Getting up, she followed the unknown hero. They discussed what Terrifica knew. Two heads are better than one And if it happened four times already, there was something that needed to be thwarted!
  15. DC 25 Fortitude: 1d20+10 19 Losing 6 Toughness. Puts her at 0. DC 30 Toughness: 1d20+0 7 Failed by 23. Bleh.
  16. Moira looked confused as the fire fiend stood. In hindsight, she should have seen it coming. But no. This guys was more interested in flame than anything else. And here she was hot and ready for the branding. She tried to scramble to her feet, but it was no use. He plunged his hand down on to her bare skin. The pain was unbearable as she let out a scream of agony. It was a pain she had never felt before. Even when she was up on Olympus, there were godly protection. Now? She was less than a god. It would have murdered a normal person. She breathed deep, trying to catch her bearings. He would pay for this. If she could just get to her feet.
  17. I missed the part about Power Attack So she loses 4 toughness, making the Toughness 23, failing by 7. Dazed and Stunned. Now I must explain how nonlethal murder feels
  18. DC 20 Fortitude: 1d20+10 21 Eat it! DC 25 Toughness: 1d20+12 20 Reroll DC 25 Toughness: 1d20+12 28 E A T I T ~ ! That said, those Toughness rolls should be one lower. But still. Eat it.
  19. Not asking for a HP, but one of her complications is... Easily Distracted: Things of beauty are likely to pull her off course, be it a painting or a person. So she's not gonna do anything but gawk this round
  20. She stopped for a moment when he pulled off his shirt. Not only was he hot, he was hot. Hard toned muscle, not a burnt up mess like she thought. "My weakness," she said with a delighted huff. Still, she wasn't so out of it to not notice he was on fire still. She was smitten, not stupid. "Come on, hotness," she said leaning towards him, cajoling him to drop the flame. Her Olympian physique could actually withstand all sorts of hot places, but it was absolute fire that she couldn't. She was admiring as close as she could without getting burned. "If not, well then, I could watch you burn for a long time."
  21. Happy birthday, Avenger! You're officially a double 18 year old
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