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    "Thanks for the run down," Moira sent up another message, "we'll talk about important stuff later. Right now I'm going to see what happens. Put my two cents in if need be. Do stick around if you want to see some action. No, not that kind." Moira looked at the mess, "really? I guess your costume really is the only thing going for you. Brains are pretty lacking," she taunted the fish villain. She rushed a few bystanders out of the way of the falling rubble, taking a few superficial hits herself. "Heroes, mind you," she pointed at Devil Ray, "come in many shapes and sizes!"
  2. Moira decided to go simple today. Denim jeans, a black tshirt with a cartoonish red imp holding a pitchfork with a halo on it, and a light brown jacket. She really didn't need the jacket, her Olympian blood made the mortal temperatures bearable, but some people were disconcerted when she wore summer clothing during winter. And she didn't want to freak anyone out. HugAMug was new to Moira. Not that she hadn't heard of the business. She just never got the time or it just slipped her mind. That and Gretchen made some of the best mixed coffees. Still, Moira would oblige Alexa, as the book store wouldn't be the most opportune meeting area. Walking in, she spotted Alexa easily. She waved over the busy crowd. A few people looked at her like she was waving at them. But she made her way to her 2PM meeting. "Good afternoon," she said sitting at the table Alexa was at. She reached out a hand, it was warm to the touch unlike the weather outside. "Nice to meet you."
  3. Moira looked at her own channel and recorded a few short videos on her phone. It didn't look professional. She was used to personal stuff like Snapchat and Instagram. She sat in a chair and put her phone on a stand. "Record," she said kicking back in a chair. "Hello," she said soft and inviting, while sitting up, "I'm Moira. Welcome to my channel. I'm going to... what am I going to do? Things. Lot of interesting things." She grunted unhappily and picked up the phone. "Delete," she said as she threw away the offending video. Some people are actors and some people are directors, she thought. Luckily, Alexa had responded. To: Zhu.Xieng@gmail.com From: Moira.Morley@morleyspub.com Subject: Re: Hi! Would you like to star in a movie? Meeting would be fine. Some time during the weekend? You doing school and all, I wouldn't want to eat into your school work. Hit me back with a text. Phone (609) KL5-6699 Facebook divineheart88 Twitter moiramorley88
  4. Moira loved social media. She took to it like a fish out of water. Instagram - one public, one private - and Twitter - only one public! - were her her life blood ever since she got back from Olympus. Still, she stayed away from posting Youtube videos. It looked like more busy work than it was worth. But she had an account just in case. She actually started it a couple of months ago. Nothing was on it. And now she got her, like, three thousandth 'you wanna shoot something' email. Though somehow this one hadn't hit the spam folder. Impressive. She opened it just for fun, wondering what sleazy offering waited for her. Much to her surprise, it wasn't! The offer was short and sweet. Nothing suspicious. Claremont student. Alexa. Couple of afternoons. Acting cred. She smiled at the last one. Before she left, she had some aspirations to be an actress. Landed her on a few casting calls. But she was too flighty back then. Living day to day. But now? Well, that sounded interesting. Combing through Alexa's channel, Moira found some well done videos. Professional. Almost like it wasn't done by a high schooler. Then again, high schoolers were a lot more advanced then when she went to school almost 10 years ago. She poked around for an hour or two more, watching videos. Alexa's, then a few more... and then some others... And then sh remembered she hadn't actually responded to the email! To: Zhu.Xieng@gmail.com From: Moira.Morley@morleyspub.com Subject: Re: Hi, would you like to star in a movie? Alexa, You wouldn't know how many offers I get like this a day. Though they're not honest. But you? You seem like a good one! I'll accept your offer on one condition. You help me get started on my own channel. Deal? Yours, Moira
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    She closed the phone. It wasn't going to do anything but tear the wound. He was mad. She was going to let him vent. Maybe she'd let him do that whole 'let him go and he'll come back' Aphrodite suggested. It sounded like some 90s sitcom lesson of the day. She turned her thoughts to other things. Love, while important, she had other things to attend to. The business. Friends. Heroism. Friends. The temple... friends, friends, friends. Dammit. She spent the night in the arms of another. Confiding her problems unto them. Someone she'd known for longer than most. Someone who knew. They said the same thing Aphrodite said. Time heals all wounds. It couldn't be that simple. Could it? She sat up and reached for her phone. The text to Max was still empty. Maybe, in time, she'd have the words to fix everything. Damn time.
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    Moira hated every time she had to do this. Hurting a true friend was hurtful to her too. She had to let him go now. He was obviously wasn't going to listen. She opened her mouth one more time, trying not to put her foot in it. "If it means anything to you - it does to me - you were more than familial love." Still he went away. She let him go. She stood in the door way for a time after the door was shut... into a million pieces. "More than familial," Aphrodite questioned. "Now's not the time, mother," Moira tossed back. She was quiet for a moment and then sighed. "Actually, you've not been through this with me before. Have you?" "No dear," Aphrodite said somberly, "and I know you want to do something. I could fix everything for you. Have him eating out of the palm of-" Moira rubbed her temple, "No no no no," each one getting angrier. "Listen," she said somberly, "I'm not looking for help. Just advice." "Time will ease his pain. Your pain. Time eases all pain," Aphrodite said trying to comfort her child. "he'll go on. And if he truly understands, he'll come back." Moira scoffed at the thought of this being on him. It wasn't. She should have said something earlier. She pulled out her phone and opened a text box to him. No words. Nothing came to her mind.
  7. Scion 5 posts = 1PP Better Red than Dead (3 posts) Some 'Splaining To Do (1 post) Ink! (1 post)
  8. Sounds good, if you're not swamped by now.
  9. I will be leaving tomorrow and will not be back until the first week of the new year. Happy Holidays.
  10. I'd do this! I'd probably make a character for it since Scion is pretty rooted in staying on the Prime.
  11. [12:36 PM] BlazingCoconut: I tried softball, wasn't really for me. [12:36 PM] BlazingCoconut: Soccer or Football (depending on what country you're from) now that was fun! [12:37 PM] Moira Morley: closest i got to soccer was hackey sack in high school [12:38 PM] TheAbsurdist: Footbag. Hackey Sack is a brand. [12:39 PM] Moira Morley: Excuse me while I drink my Koolaid and covermyself with Bandaids [12:40 PM] TheAbsurdist: Diabeetuswater and adhesive bandages. Yes. Yes. [12:41 PM] BlazingCoconut: I'm going to go use a Kleenex while I Xerox something?(edited) [12:41 PM] Moira Morley: [12:41 PM] TheAbsurdist: Keep in mind I am at work. [12:42 PM] Moira Morley: I will Google it then!
  12. So, I'm not trying to give anything away. Acting as a bystander and/or making it seem like tall tales.
  13. Stories, yeah? Dmitri knew not who he sat with. The three of them alone probably had more tales of daring due that could fill up pages in a story book. Or blog if you want to get modern. "Well, you've come to the right place and city if you want to hear stories. Folks around here deal with heroics every day. I remember one time we had fish people." She did not. That invasion happened and ended just before she came back. Though her friends had several different tales. "Welcome, Dmitri," she raised her glass. She leaned over to Lynn and rested her head on the fae woman's shoulder, looking up at her, but still talking to Dimitri, "speaking of stories, I gotta tell you about the time when we were sucked into an alternate dimension." Moira laughed like it was some kind of joke. It happened, yeah, but it felt like it never ended. That and Maxie and Lynn were the secretive of identities type.
  14. Moira left Sean to talk to Casey and went to help Lynn with the heavy stuff. "Hey thanks," she said before picking up the load and quickly running it back to where the stuff was to be put. Moira enjoyed the giving spirit. The heroic part of her that always wanted to help those in worse conditions than herself. Whether it be saving people from danger or giving them food and clothes. It never hurt to help. She spent some time organizing a bit before rushing back out. Technically not off the clock yet, she went to Sean just for a moment. "I'm going on that break you said I should go on a few hours ago, boss," she whispered to him, pointing out the employees who were waiting in the wings. He nodded and Moira hugged her father from Earth. She went over to the table where Maxie and Lynn were sitting, after getting a couple of glasses. She sat one in front of Lynn and one for herself, "don't worry, I'll get these for you, Max." Moira watched the big Russian guy walk in. It was almost cartoonish. But she lived in a city where cartoons could come to life, so it was no skin off her back. She looked to Max and tapped the glass, "skål!" She had no idea that meant, but it was a drinking word in good spirits.
  15. Moira was quick to grab a sheet to cover up as Lynn popped in. The roommates usually wouldn't care if she walked around au naturel around the apartment, but this was a different moment in time. Not that she was embarrassed, but Lynn probably needed less distraction tonight. She smiled at their acceptance of her running the book store and coffee shop, it would be an experience. She kept her distance from Lynn, still wanting to be close to her friend to comfort her sadness. "Thanks, Lynn, you won't be disappointed, and-" She cut herself off as Gretchen came in. Nodding at the 'instructions' - as if flirting weren't her natural state of being around lovers, friends, friendly acquaintances, paying customers, some strangers - though stopped nodding and quirked an eyebrow, when Gretchen let her know her feelings on Merge. She thought it the playful psychopathy that Gretchen displayed every once in a while. After they had gone, she sat down on her bed and reached for her phone. Looking at a few pictures of her and Lynn and Gretchen over the past month, they'd always been fun. Gretchen even smiled a few times. Still, friends are friends. She just hoped that she and Gretchen could grow closer. If even just a not-wishing-for-her-death-behind-her-back way. Baby steps.
  16. Moira enjoyed snow weather. If she didn't have responsibilities nowadays, she would be waist deep in it. Building a snowman, swimming around (she was strong enough to do that!), and other fun activities. Right now she was being daddy's little waitress. She didn't technically have to work here being a part owner of the place, but she enjoyed her time with the customers, new and old. The tales were the best part of it. Tall or not, they always brought a little more creativity into the next one. She tended to Maxie's drinks personally. "Oh sure, just stick me out there and i'll yell you where the wind is blowing if I could see it." She put this bottle on Maxie's tab and kept the scotch rolling as he asked for it. He was a friend, but business was business. "I think i'll be sitting with you after things die down," she whispered in his ear as he drank, "save me some." More workers, dedicated to the pub and their job, started showing up, so Moira could slack off a bit. "Hey dad," she asked. Sean looked at her, wordlessly answering. "Got plans for tonight?" He nodded, "us faithful were going to get together and count up for the food drive, but now, if they come they come." They both looked over to the woman walking in the door. Stacey was a childhood friend of Moira's. Moira looked to Sean with a facetious smile, "the flock always comes, huh?" Stacey and Sean had been working close with each other. Moira wasn't fooled.
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    Oh... OH! Moira had done it again. There were people she loved. Max was one of them, but her non-monogamy stance was, well, some people didn't understand it. She slowly walked into the empty room. "Max," she turned around to face him, "I want to start by saying I've had this happen before." She put her hand on her chest where his heart would be, "please don't take this the wrong way." The air was so thick with silence it was deafening. "I love you," well, here went the bombshell, "I don't do relationships like that." She sighed, the look on his face, it was... "You're a friend. A friend that I love very deeply." Poor boy, if heartbreak had a sound it would be the only sound she heard.
  18. Alright, capacity reached. I'll be working on something for everyone involved. Warp (if they join!) Miracle Girl Facsimile Wayward
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    "Remember what we were talking about last night," she said proudly guiding him around the back area, leading by the hand. "I just thought I would show you where you could be working. Of course you know the place but," she opened a door to an empty room. It was a nice size, not too big, not too small. It was a little bigger than his trailer and much more spacious. "What do you think?" She stood behind him giving him a look at the room. "Yours if you want it," she spoke softly in his ear. She leaned on his side looking up at him, trying to read his thoughts. "Though don't feel like I'm forcing your hand. I just see a friend in need. And I'm the giving sort."
  20. All for ending combat? I have something for it. But if you wanna continue rolling die
  21. It would be adorable if she hadn't known... caused the situation. Gretchen looked mean as a puppy. Still, she knew the girl's plight and kept her distance. Moira nodded when Lynn spoke. "I understand," she nodded. An idea shot into her mind, "you don't have to close up the store though. I can tend to things while you're gone. And will do so for free." It was a gesture, an olive branch. She didn't expect them to say yes, but she did have experience in running a business. "Don't worry," she said politely, "you go do what you need to do. I'm a text a way." She made a quick escape to her designated room. She wanted to stay here, but she had a feeling this was her last days.
  22. Old tech. She admired it, but damned if she could understand it. Light's cloaking had a different problem. It couldn't even understand this fine piece of metal's design. The cloak flickered and fell. That didn't keep Scion from flooring it. Drek, that's the brake, she thought angrily, this is the gas. Not the smartest move either. Desert sand gave easier. Not a fact she was used to. The car shot off as fast as it could. At least it wasn't the type where you had to pull the lever. Still, she was a sitting duck, sticking out like a sore thumb. If Light could not hide her, it could lead her way.
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