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  1. As she tried to focus on the mirror, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was not some kind of trap And if it was, well, it wasn't fire. Or a portal to the sun.Not that she was going to focus on the mirror for a long time. She liked her sight. Reaching out to the mirror, She was going to turn it around. But got a very painful surprise when she touched it. "Hot," she said pulling back her hand, "maybe it is a portal to the sun. Not gonna find out personally." Turning back, she went to the group in the 'safe' dim hallway. "OK, so that was a bust," she said pulling the shirt cowl off of her head, handing it back to Charlie. "Only thing down there is a mirror. Hot to the touch. And an open area?" She blinked a couple of times. Going from absolute light to even less light made her see little (and big) motes of ephemera. Light spots. "Now that I remember, It was not as bright." She uncovered her eyes. "New plan," she said energized. "I'm going to lead the way. You guys are going to cover your eyes and hold on to me. Whatever you do, don't touch anything but me." She motioned a finger at Charlie, smiling, "gonna need that again."
  2. Moira let a playful whistle as Charlie handed over his shirt. Keeping the mood light, no one needed to worry. "Hm," she said fiddling with the shirt. She worked it into something resembling a cowl that would go over her head and cover her eyes. She saw this on so many of the street heroes. Foreshadow probably rocked this in his early days. "How's it look," she asked the small crowd. It looked nothing like Foreshadow, but it would protect her eyes from the light. "Going that way," she said in a gruffer than usual voice, pointing out to the brightly lit hallway. "Stay here. Will be back soon." Again she let out a silent call to.Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Dionysus as she walked into the face of certain danger. Still no answer. Were they gone for good? Even if they were, she had a job to do with or without them. The light showed through the shirt cowl, giving her some protection from it, but not enough to block it all.
  3. Biting her tongue, Moira laughed a little. She restrained to keep the Queen song going. Which was really hard to do! "Well, it is kind of nice to have yourself a room mate. I mean who knows you better than you?" There was a quiet moment as she looked at Lynn, equally as a friend and a former room mate. "I mean, if you need someone who can pay some rent though," she leaned forward with a smirk, making direct eye contact, "I know someone who could," she said with a faux whisper. Moira's act was obvious, making little to hide it. "But yeah," she said open-endedly, leaning back, but closer to Lynn this time.
  4. If Charlie accepts, Moira's gonna rig a Netflix Daredevil style cloth cowl out of it
  5. Moira didn't mean to wander that far off, it just happened. Curiosity lead her off course. It was Val's admonishment that brought her back. "Huh," she said reflexively, noting that the door was back. "Really," she grunted a frustrated question. It wasn't frustration with the group, they were the only ones keeping her going. "Alright," she perked up. Looking at Charlie, she put her hands together, in askance, "I need your shirt. I promise to give it back. In once piece, if you're lucky." She looked out to, but not into, the bright hallway. Needing a way to see without getting blinded, the fabric would shield her eyes, but the brightness would definitely shine through. It wasn't a well thought out plan, but a plan none the less.
  6. A trick from Lynn, she thought, this'll be... She stopped mid thought as the second Lynn appeared. Sitting up and looking at the two as they conversed. It brought a smile to Moira's face. Putting her phone down, she looked at Lynn, the real one, with a nod, "that definitely is something." She took another bottle of brew out of the box as clone Lynn entered the kitchen, "you are full of surprises." There was a moment where Moira was quiet, as she collected her thoughts. A smirk crossed her lips, "I have so many questions, but I'll try to keep to the 'appropriate' ones." She sat the brew down after taking a long drink, as if to collect her thoughts. "So, the big one I guess. Is she a complex illusion or," she grinned, "has your power increased to such as you can create life on a whim?" That last part sounded over dramatic; she shook her head. "But really? That's awesome either way."
  7. Scion 26 posts = 3PP Jaunt! (2) Let's Do It Again (4) Mazes and Minotaurs (20) ErosUnlimited (+1PP = 4PP)
  8. As the light got brighter, Moira shielded her eyes with her hand. "Sometimes safe doesn't mean easy," she told herself, trying to rationalize her decision as a good one. Though the two hallways to the left were a blessing in disguise. "Guys, quick," she she spoke up again, ushering the group into them. It would be cover from the light for a bit until she decided if it was worth it to keep trudging forward. "Well, either way we would have been going in blind," she said with a laugh. "Actually, hold on, stay here," she said, "I'm going to check down here, but won't leave you." Which she kept her promise, walking about thirty feet down, still within eye shot of the group.
  9. Moira, technically the leader of this small group, took all the suggestions equally. Dead things, alive things. Safety and peril. She focused on her connection with her family through her bracer, but it didn't seem to work, only giving a dim glow. There were no easy answers. She couldn't punch this problem. "The light does look safer. Dead pass is kind of fraught with dead things. If it were just me, I'd check it out, but I have people to protect." She took a step into the lighted passage way, "so far, so good." She looked back to the whole of the forming group, speaking up, "please, stay close," she said with concern, "I'd like to have you at least with in arms reach." She looked to Val, then Joey, then Charlie, "you guys are my life lines. OK?" She smiled, "can't live without you."
  10. Moira smirked at Val's comment as she laid into the door. "What are you talking about," she said smashing at the passage, "this thing threatens our way out of this place and holds other innocent people." With one final smash, the light broke through quick enough that Moira had to shield her eyes. But once she adjusted, it was perfect, beautiful. She took a few seconds to admire it's beauty. Sticking her hand in she nabbed a flower and put it in her hair. "You guys can come back now," she called to the group, "I think I found the right door." Putting a hand on her hips, she grinned, pointing at the better passage. "See?"
  11. "Ugh," Moira nodded in agreement with Charlie and Joey. "Wait a moment," Moira seemed to wrack her brain for some memories, "you know, I'm reminded of stories about how walking into the land of the dead is a bad thing." She cracked her knuckles in her hand, surveying the situation, "while this does look bad, it doesn't look 'walking into the land of the dead' bad." She looked over the the door north of Zeus, "then again, if we find lightning behind the other door." She looked to the group, "everybody get back. Go into the hallway. I don't want you guys to get hurt." She saddled in front of the Zeus door, ready to do the same when they were ready.
  12. Knowledge (theology and philosophy), taking 10 for 15 in all to see if this has anything to do with walking into Hades's realm
  13. "Glad I could help, Charlie," Moira said as the two were searching the wall. If anything, making people feel better was something in her nature. Like she was born to do it. Her original calling was 'the goddess of hedonistic pursuits'. Even though that felt like a lifetime ago, she always made sure people were happy and having fun. "If you need anything, just ask. And if that's a way out of here, well, consider that done," she seemed intently working on the wall, but lightening the mood was one thing on her mind. When they found the passages, she grinned, nudging Charlie, "you're good at that, man, maybe you can teach me how to better find things." Pounding at the wall was the first order of business. If anything, try the easy way first. If not, well, Val had a point.
  14. Moira knelt down next to the woman, putting her hand on her back to try to console her, "we'll find everyone and get them out of here safely. I will do everything in my power to protect all of you." She didn't know the future, but Moira could not stand back while people were helpless, afraid, or otherwise in distress. Offering the woman a hand she stood up, looking at the statues. She smiled at the statue of Zeus, "you know, for all the stories you hear of him. He's, ech," she shrugged. She was going to say 'not that bad' but then again, he wasn't that good either. She'd never met Hades, he was walled up in Tartarus before she was born. But she'd heard the more recent things, the stuff that got him imprisoned. Not a fan of the guy. "Let's just say two thousand year old tales don't do anyone justice." They were both pointing North, but there was no exit there. Moving through the tight room, she got to the wall, pressing against it, and generally moving away the leaves and other things holding the wall together. Maybe she could find one. Maybe she would make one!
  15. Getting up off of the unconscious lightweight villain, Moira dusted off her hands, pulling herself out of her fight cadence. She sighed with fake remorse, "they don't make em like they used to," she followed up with a small laugh. Pulling Val close, she hugged her energetically, "you should ask me one day when we're not in a maze. It's a good self defense technique and a lot of fun to learn." Though when Joey presented her the bracer, she took it with and almost reverence. She didn't know what the consequences of severing her connection to 'home' was. Would it even work anymore? Would her divine connections be upset with her? Gods were a petty bunch, but they were family. She held her breath putting it back on. It started to glow a little, giving her a warm feeling, but it felt empty. She tried to connect with Aphrodite, then Ares, then Apollo, then Dionysus. They were quiet on that part. Even if they never talked to her again, she would honor the treasure that was her family artifact. Cute guy with dreadlocks made an informal introduction to the group. "Of course not," she greeted him with a relaxed smile, "we gotta find the rest of your buddies. I think they went," she pointed East, "that way?" She hope none of them went north. East would be the easier check though. Something told her gut that she didn't want to see what was North just yet.
  16. Olympian Fighting Style, Grapple Check: 1d20+8 11 1d20+18 36 Rerolling the attack Olympian Fighting Style: 1d20+8 27 It's a crit! DC 32 Toughness. And with Improved, she's prone and we're grappling.
  17. It felt like kicking a bush, because of course. "Yes, Olympian blood," she said matter-of-factly, "I don't know who 'he' is, but I'm about to send a very detailed message to 'him' though you." What came next was not a cleverly worded op-ed, it was her hand grabbing Chara's exposed stomach and retching it, before slamming the big woman into the tables, pinning her down. "Oh, the message is not over," she yelled as she mounted her opponent, "it only gets more detailed from here on."
  18. Unarmed Attack: 1d20+8 14 Surprise round! Unless she's got something that should hit. DC 23 Toughness. Initiative: 1d20+2 3 Getting the low rolls out of the way, I guess.
  19. Moira, in her brazenness, did not notice that they were actually all locked in here. A curse crossed her lips a little bit before a smile did. Chara did know the score, but didn't have the points. "Everyone," she said hopping back on the table, "what you're about to witness here might not be for the squeamish." She ushered them away motioning with her hands to move back. "Though if you're the picture and video type, well, welcome to the spectacle!" She turned to see Chara fumbling around with a piece of her heart and soul An heirloom given to her by her family. She pointed at her, "only works for the real deals. Unless you got some Olympian blood in you it's little more than a sentimental piece of jewelry that belongs to me!" With that she did what her father demanded. Flying feet forward at Chara's head.
  20. Chara, for all the crazy she was, was truthful to her word. That did not make Moira any less pissed off. But she saved lives. Like heroes were supposed to do. At least Chara was oblivious. Stepping down from the table, she approached Val and Joey. "I'm sorry, that should have never happened," she said clearing her voice, trying to come back to her regular old self, "if you guys want to leave now, I understand. This place, while fun, seems a bit dangerous." And it was true, she didn't want to get these two in anymore trouble, but her tone of voice belied that statement. "I'm going to stick around. Find out what's going down here."
  21. They were right. She was not the one in charge here. Though Moira's silly little call to battle was genuine, it was Chara who held the lives of innocent people. Her friends. She wasn't sure if Chara knew what the bracer did. or what it meant to her, but she was dead set on getting it. Moira went quiet for a moment. There was no other answer than to sever her connection to her family. Was it this easy? Did someone just have to threaten friends, love ones? She inhaled a little, looking to Chara. "Listen, I don't know what your deal is, but you have made the biggest mistake of your life," Moira's jovial tone was gone. She was dead serious. Reaching for the bracer, she stared holes in Chara. As it came off of her arm, a celestial yellow burst of energy shot out upwards to the ceiling, passing through it and further away. Moira didn't know what that meant, but she did know Chara was her enemy now. "Let them go. Let them all go," she said handing over the bracer.
  22. Aphrodite is written in Amethyst. Ares is written in Strong Red. The reason they're written on the right side, is that they're technically not my character, but she does have a connection link to them.
  23. "This, dear, is one of those choices I told you about," Aphrodite spoke to Moira through their connection, "Love makes those things hard. You can hand over the item that your family made for you, and is the only way you can contact them. Or you can save your friends. Ones you'll live with for the rest of their lives." "Or you can jump off, and dropkick that crazy bitch in the face," Ares angrily chimed in, "See? There's always a third option." They were both right, Moira scowled. Putting her hand on the golden bracer, she looked long and hard at Chara. It wasn't worth it to leave either. But fighting the giant woman would be fun. Also rash and foolhardy, like her birth father would have wanted. "Really? You want shinies," Moira shrugged, "I thought you were cooler than that, Chara. We could have had a lot more fun than that. But if you want it." She smirked, "molon labe."
  24. If Chara weren't endangering her friends, and possibly others, this deal would have been a lot sweeter. She'd, of course, deal with the plant woman herself, no problem. But no, the hot villains were almost always crazy. "Fun," she questioned, "yeah they're having fun. But what's fun if you don't have free will?" She glared from her position, "you're having fun, they're just your puppets." Moira thought about the bargain with a scoff, "and now I'm negotiating for hostages? This started off so well, Chara." She knew where this was going. But she wasn't about to become this weirdo's puppet. "I have connections. Divine connections. Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Dionysus. What do you want?"
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