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  1. Scion steeled her mind and body against the assaults on them. The poor criminals didn't know what they were dealing with. Especially the exploding one. "Well, it could have been better meeting arrangements." She grabbed the fire starter easily and slammed her with a headbutt. "Who's the new guy? Partner?" She smiled, "you got a boyfriend?"
  2. Dark Song: Emotion Control 8 (Limited to Despair, Perception Area [hearing], Selective Attack) No reflex save as the power itself has Perception range. DC 18 Will Save. Bundle of Energy: Damage 6 (Area Burst, Selective Attack) DC 16 Reflex, DC 21 (or 18 if you pass the reflex) Toughness Scion Rolls Will Save 18: 1d20+7 24 Passed Reflex Save 16: 1d20+7 17 Passed Toughness Save 18: 1d20+12 27 Passed
  3. GM The shouts of pain from the group of girls were not the most pleasant of words. Two of them looked like they were totally out of it for a second. But the two who weren't looked like they were about to tear holes in the group of interloping heroes! "We don't get much of you costumes around here," one of them said angrily, "kinna wants to make me give you a... yall got them theme songs? Here's one!" She cleared her thoat and then began to fill the air with a sonorous hum that only Pacer, Stalwart, and Scion could hear in the back of their minds, "three. Three on the street. Three don't know what they messin with. Three about to be burned to !@#$." Another flew straight towards the heroes with an angry yell, stopping right in the center of them. What she did, Pacer saw, was less an explosion and more taking every bit of energy in the area and make it pop. Everyone else saw an explosion.
  4. Moira pondered what her other self was saying. She knew Olympus to be real. She talked to Aphrodite daily. Before she was here she was in Apollo's arms. It wasn't an idea she sincerely, but them being all fake? Her being just a dream? If not or even so, she wanted to live to the fullest until she winked out of existence. Her otherself was intense. She certainly was sure about herself. Sounded like the Pantheon was her Olympus. Wait, she did mention beating other versions of herself. Another earth? What about all those other hers? "I really don't think that would happen," she said reaching out to touch her otherself's shoulder, both trying to comfort and assure her. "Part of them is me just existing. Like what if you lost your skin or the ability to breathe? Hm?" She invited her otherself closer, to hold her, "But yes, I have been depowered. I was born to Aphrodite and Ares. My birthname is Edone. I was to be the goddess of hedonistic pursuits. Then, Hephaestus, once again slighted by his wife, conspired with Eris to take my spark of divinity in the womb. He succeeded, and I was sent to Earth to live 'normally'. An Olympian among mortals. A couple of decades passed and I regained the strength and power to rejoin the gods. I selfishly jumped at it. And for a long time I was happy. Made friends in Dionysus. Found love in Apollo. But I left that all because I wanted to help people. I returned to Earth to be a protector. A hero." There was a pause. "To answer your question, if I wanted godhood back, I'd earn it. As for your predicament," she glowed yellow for a moment, opening a picturesque portal to Olympus, "I'd like to help you."
  5. Toughness 20 (Terra, Razor, Silk, Crush): 1d20+7 13 1d20+4 16 1d20+8 16 1d20+8 10 Terra failed by 7 and is bruised and stunned. Razor failed by 4 and is bruised. Silk failed by 4 and is bruised. Crush failed by 10 and is bruised, stunned, and staggered.
  6. Pacer 38 Razor (Songstress, PL8) 27 Silk (Fire Energy Manipulator, PL6) 19 Scion 15 Stalwart 15 Crush (Ice Energy Manipulator, PL6) 12 Terra (Scarlet Witch) 11
  7. Initiative: 1d20+2 15 Initiatives (Terra, Razor, Silk and Crush): 1d20+2 11 1d20+7 27 1d20+1 19 1d20+1 12
  8. Moira was in The Fens, giving a drunk friend a ride home. Though a woosh of super speed alerted her that something was up. She then saw cop cars passing. "Miller," she said to the slumped over passenger as she pulled over into a parking lot, "you stay here. Keep the doors locked. And please, please don't get sick." Her words fell on deaf ears as Miller leaned againt the window, passed out. Made switching into costume easy as she quietly shut the door. When she got to the jewelry store there were heroes already there. Familiar faces. "Hey. I just wanted to window shop. Fancy meeting you guys here."
  9. Left to right: Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush. All wearing bandanas. But people around here know who they are. Terra is Scarlet Witch build. Razor is Songstress build with dances converted to song, dropped to PL8. Silk and Crush are Energy Controllers PL6.
  10. GM Lots of things happen in a city of heroes and villains. About a month ago the Terminus invaded and left a stamp on the landscape in the form of mutated citizens. Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush were some of the 'lucky' ones. Friends through the same neighborhood, they looked after each other. These powers made it easier to do. Razor got a voice that could melt minds. Terra was lucky all the time, though she could never hit the numbers. Silk and Crush, the twins, got fire and ice powers, respectively. Things were looking up for Plantation Circle. Except for when their plans started going off. The lure of cheap thrills hit them all too easy. Terra was their lynchpin in getting away scot free. If they got caught theyd slip through the cracks and be out on a technicality. Cops in The Fens were starting to call it the Plantation Circle Clause. So much so when they were called to the scene, they almost gave up. A police call to Cleary's Jewelers? Thats where they were today. The precinct preferenced it with PCC. Plantation Circle Clause.
  11. Less than a minute later her phone lit up with Estelle's smiling face. What was she doing, Moira thought as she pressed a button. "Dear golden-haired princess," she answered sweetly, "you and I need to catch up. How's it goin, babe?" The two did talk spice for a while. Estelle gave her her address. Moira said she'd be there soon. Well, soonish. Traffic was backed up due to some business involing a flying hero and villain knocking each other around. Moira recorded some of it and sent it to Estelle. 《Sorry. Still on my way.》she texted. Sometimes you couldn't help out. Even if you wanted. But she eventually got there. Not having to even knock, the door opened. The two former friends reunited with a hug. Letting it sit in silence for a moment. "Love the new place," she said softly, "can I see it from the inside?"
  12. Yeah. Sorry. Didn't check here. I will eat the Dazed for free since I did get HP.
  13. Moira enjoyed the colossal tussle. Not the part where she failed to take her other self down, but the struggle, the combat of it all. Though the words are what stopped her. Not the most opportune time to stop but she wasn't about to kill her other self. As she listened to her other self talk about needing to win and dreaming of her own demise, it sunk in. She definitely wasn't a dream. And this representation of herself had enough information to not be a throwaway of a night. She watched her other self jump away. Again. Grunting angrily, she kept following, "listen. If I were a dream wouldn't I know everything about you? Wouldn't we have the same lives? Right now, stories aren't matching up!" Raising her hands out in a peaceful gesture, she invited her otherself for a hug. "Tell me more about this Pantheon. What is your Olympus like? Are you still in your goddess phase, before it, after it?"
  14. Grapple hit and check: 1d20+8 17 1d20+18 25 I forgot the -2 defense! So she hit and will struggle to pin her.
  15. The Scion from the Prime world winced as she accidentally went in too hard on the armor. To be fair, it was bad armor, but beautiful. She could have better crafts deities make it. Live and learn, she thought with a sigh. But hey, at least she was willing to talk it over. Wait. Was that her - their? - mother's mannerisms she felt in the back of her mind? Sweet Aphrodite that was good stuff. And then she took off! "Hey," she shouted up to her, "you don't play hard to get!" Jumping after her self, she landed on the same rock. "Now where were," she said sauntering slowly, "ah yes. Self love. See, angry me, I already love myself. You included." She leaned forward getting close. Stopping for a moment to throw herself off. And then lunged. Connecting with herself and trying to take herself to the floating ground.
  16. To be fair, she was looking to take it off, not mangle it. But hey, I'm ok with her not having it either way DC 20 Will: 1d20+7 25 Nope.
  17. How are we going to shift power levels? Easily. +/-X toughness and defense. +/-X attack and effect. PL12s will get -4, while PL7s will get +1. You will not lose or gain any power points. Understand?
  18. Well, the minotaur would have to come down to 8 at least.
  19. You all meet in a tavern. You're there to help out other people for your own reason (glory, honor, gold, et cetera). You get tasked to go find some kidnapped people taken by monstrous things. And from there, the rabbit hole goes deeper. Alright, looking for three or four people, five at most. The world I'm looking to present is another Earth in the multiverse. It will be mid fantasy. Magic is there but no Magimart. Elves, dwarves, shortfolk, and orcs are there. I'll be setting templates for those if you wish to play them. Magic, divine, and psychic powers are the sources for this world. Characters outside of the means can be converted! Skills, feats, and other things that don't fit can be dropped or changed. Your fluff doesn't take a massive undertaking to change a few things. Everyone's power level will be normalized at 8. Recruiting will start once i get my new rig next Friday (3 August). Anyone interested or have any questions?
  20. Sundering: 1d20+8 11 If i have HP I'm rerolling. If not, damn you, RNG! Reroll Sundering: 1d20+8 27
  21. Prime!Scion balked. Did this cheap knock off just use textspeak? How did she even do that? Kids these days. Maybe it was just the wine of Olympus setting in. A lot of weird things happened when Dionysus passed around the drinks. She felt a little light headed at first, but she powered through it. "Whew, thanks for that. Haven't had it in a while," she laughed, "but seriously. Is it because you're weak that you don't have it good as I do?" She passed her hands over the armor inspecting it closer. Facsimile. Hmph. There's a strap. And another. She looked into the other her's eyes. "You know this would look better," she tried to snap a few of the straps with force, "off of you."
  22. Moira too had just returned from a trip. Technically this was just a respite. She loved warm, sunny, secluded tropical areas. She brought along friends and worshipers of the faith. They traveled all over where they could fit in. Party places and quiet villas. Apollo put in an appearance on one island. It was away from anywhere, so summoning was fine. No trouble to cause paradise. Religous activities and fun aside, the vacation was kind of short. It was supposed to be all summer long, but Moira felt the pull of her heroic alter ego calling. She had to go back to Freedom. As she returned, she got a notification. A name she hadn't seen or heard from in a while pinged on her social media. ""Estelle," she asked herself with a mix of confusion and glee. She friend requested a lot of people when she got the multiplatform device. Besides being a phone and camera it had all sorts of services to sign up for. She and Lynn signed her up for all of them. Moira had to see if this was true, dialing her former friend and partner. Well, there was the voice mail. She was sure Estelle was busy. Maybe washing her hair or something. "Estelle? It's Moira. It's been a while. I know we haven't been in touch. How about we fix that? Give me a call back." Phone tag. It was the worst. And in this day and age did anyone check their voicemail?
  23. Computer dead. Posting not possible on phone. Typing with one finger. Old. Couple of months to get a laptop at least. Until then, in Discord app. Maybe?
  24. Moira saw that coming a mile away. She was not about to piss off her fae friend any more than she was. "Lynn," she said softly and slowly, in a concerned tone, "I have no idea what has gone on since we fell asleep." She looked into her eyes, it usually worked. Stepping back again. "Lesser, but almost certainly connected thing, my golden bracer is missing." A quiet fell. Moira was gauging Lynn's emotions, the old fashioned way. She held out her hand, "don't worry. We'll find her." She walked around the place, "if it's what I think that's happened, and I hope not," she sighed, "I have very persistent enemies. Some that want very little, others that want a lot."
  25. Demigod(dess) of Art "Sing in me, Muse..." Abilities 0 + 4 + 16 + 6 + 4 + 6 = 36pp Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 14 (+2) Constitution 26 (+8) Intelligence 16 (+3) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 16 (+3) Combat 8 + 10 = 18pp Attack +4 Grapple +4 Damage +0 (unarmed), +12 (Divine Blast) Defence 10 (+5 base, +5 dodge focus; +3 flat-footed) Knockback -7 Initiative +2 Saving Throws 6 + 6 + 6 = 18pp Toughness +14 Fortitude 6 (+14) Reflex 6 (+8) Will 6 (+8) Skills 92 = 23pp Bluff 7 (+10) Concentration 8 (+10) Craft (artistic) 12 (+15) Diplomacy 7 (+10) Gather Information 7 (+10) Knowledge (art) 12 (+15) Knowledge (popular culture) 7 (+10) Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 7 (+10) Languages 2 Notice 8 (+10) Perform (choose one) 7 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats 20pp Connected Contacts Distract (Bluff) Dodge Focus 5 Fascinate (Perform) Inspire 3 Leadership Master Plan Set-Up Taunt Teamwork 3 Well-Informed Powers 45 + 20 = 65pp Divine Energy: Array 20 (Power Feats: Alternate Power 5) . . Divine Blast: Damage 12 (Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Power Feats: Indirect 3, Precise) . . Ephemeral Art: Illusion 12 (all senses; Flaws: Phantasms; Power Feats: Progression 4 [Area, 100ft]) . . Muse's Inspiration: Probability Control 10 (Extras: Fortune; Flaws: Limited [Fortune only]) . . Muse's Lesson: Boost Any One Skill 12 (Extras: Area [Auditory Perception], Selective; Flaws: Limited [Others only]; Power Feats: Slow Fade 4 [one hour]) . . Primordial Clay: Create Object 12 (Power Feats: Innate, Precise, Progression 1 [12 10ft cubes], Subtle) . . Shape Matter: Transform 10 (elements, 1000 pounds; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Range [Touch]) God Soul . . Immunity 12 (aging, disease, environmental effects, poison, sleep, starvation and thirst, suffocation) . . Protection 6 . . Regeneration 2 (Resurrection 2 [1/day]) Totals: Abilities 36 + Combat 18 + Saving Throws 18 + Skills 23 + Feats 20 + Powers 65 = 180pp
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