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  1. Dekai's Will Save +9 = 27 - Saves! Cultist Leader's Initiative +0 = 7 Combat is now official, courtesy of Kid Cthulhu's attempted mental assault. Cobalt Templar needs to roll initiative; as does anyone else joining the fray downstairs. Boiler Room Round #1 Cobalt Templar - 20 (Up in Initiative!) Cultist Leader - 7 (No Action This Round!) Kid Cthulhu [bruised 1] - 4 (Action Taken!) Dekai the Super-Sumo - 4
  2. Dekai the Super-Sumo's Initiative = 4, should you gentlemen in the boiler room feel particularly hard-boiled and eager to duke it out.
  3. GM "They're s'posed to be down in the boiler room." the female culprit explains, her erstwhile companion scrunching her own masked face up in disdain as her colleague spills the beans to the gray-suited fellow. "We spent the last couple of hours prepping it the way 'P' wanted it. Don't know why, and don't really care." Observing the ammunition in hand, the elderly SWAT leader's eyes affixed themselves to the odd use of non-lethal ammunition in a high-stakes hostage situation. Even as Ironclad looks on at the fellow, she can see the gears in his head turning to try and deduce the purpose
  4. Cobalt Templar and Kid Cthulhu have stumbled upon the rest of the hostages, whom are as of yet unharmed by the crazy crone and her meaty friend... for now. The mooks, however, are not so fortunate; and are now little more than living paperweights. In their way stands a burly Japanese fellow in traditional karate garb, ready to brawl should the heroes be so eager to attempt and rescue the remaining twelve hostages before something terrible befalls them! The SWAT Leader is also on his way, but won't arrive for a good bit since he's not nearly as fast as the other two heroes. You are free t
  5. GM The woman almost cracks a smile as the smooth talking rogue pours on the charm. Almost, were it not for his idiotic assumption to marriage or parental status within the hierarchy of the situation. "Look, I don't know anything." the crook says, a coy smile rippling across her face. "All I know is everyone calls her 'P.' She promised me... I mean us that she'd help turn us around. Give us... give us some cool cash if we could pull this off, and a little something extra. Nobody was s'posed to get hurt. Once she was done doing whatever-it-was she was gonna do with the hostages, we'd get o
  6. No one's saying you can't try again, or Take 10 since you're not under pressure; though you might be under a very finite time limit to do so...
  7. The one who surrendered doesn't (which is the one I'm assuming you're talking to, since she's at least semi-complacent), while the other (the one CT hoisted up recently) still does.
  8. GM With a tumultuous clang, Cobalt Templar slams his beefy fist doorwards, bending steel and iron as he struck true. The door doesn't quite fly off the hinges, instead simply resulting in a sickening snicker-snack of wood as the center-mass of the entryway crumples before the mighty blow, the emergency door creaking open sheepishly slow. In the handle, what was once an emergency fire axe lies splintered and broken, fragments of wood scattered all over the well-lit emergency exit. The door leading outwards into the night air - to both Kid Cthulhu's and Cobalt Templar's surprise - is chain
  9. GM Dropping the femme fatale off in the loving custody of the trio of SWAT members, Cobalt Templar takes off, scouring the mall for any signs of remaining hostages. There's a few signs here and there: lost shoes, torn necklaces, the occasional hair scrunchy here and there. It's a very easily-followed trail for the blue-armored avenger, and it doesn't take him long to deduce that the trail ends at the same door he'd just so poignantly hoisted the hellion of a woman from only moments prior. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that the big, mute man and his entourage of crazed gunmen no doub
  10. GM A brief examination of the terrorist's weaponry by Ironclad yields startling results. While there's nothing particularly noteworthy about the weapons - likely second-hand from pawnshops anywhere in Freedom City, given their less-than-stellar craftsmanship - it is the ammunition that is of particular interest. The rounds aren't uncommon, or even all that hard to come by all together: they're rubberized. How peculiar though that armed men and women would load their weapons with non-lethal ammunition. It certainly didn't seem very efficient, nor practical to do so given that had there be
  11. Just for the sake of clarity, combat is over. No need to wait for proper initiative order and all that to post :)
  12. GM It doesn't take much effort to hoist the villainous vagrant aloft from the ground floor, Cobalt Templar bringing the quickly-discovered-to-be-a-woman thug pretty-as-he-pleases up to the Food Court on the second-floor. The madwoman doesn't seem at all enthused to be gripped in a big blue hand of fiery energies, squirming and wriggling and bemoaning her plight even as the young hero pins her in place between Kid Cthulhu, Ironclad, himself, and the three remaining SWAT members. "Let me go! Let me go!" the still masked and robed woman cries, struggling vainly to liberate herself from Corb
  13. Sputtering even in the wake of the flaming fiend's collapse as smoke and fire fill the office building again, Momentum can't help but struggle to stifle some sort of corny one-liner given the apparent victory over the jerk who'd socked him good only moments prior. Now this new inferno was in danger of engulfing the building the group had so valiantly fought to preserve! Besides, Noah didn't particularly care for the idea of having a building collapse on top of him due to structural compromise. "Someone do something!" Momentum cries to the crew of assembled superheroes, a hand covering his m
  14. GM With a poof there and back, The Courier is vanishes and returns in a matter of moments, the man with the radio already looking skeptical as to backup. His superior seems to share this sentiment as he surveys the situation. "I don't think so." the more grizzled, mature officer says after a moment of contemplation. "We don't know how many more of these guys are running around, or how many more hostages they've got. I don't need my men getting caught up in an even bigger crossfire... especially not if superheroes are getting involved." Flying back into the building, it isn't long befo
  15. GM With a well-placed blast, Ironclad strikes the female thug square at the cusp of her shoulder, sending both her and her handgun spiraling to the floor. In a groan of pain and subjugated surrender, the female terrorist appears to be done, albeit conscious as she lays prone, gripping her wound tenderly. "I... I give up!" she wheezes out between spasms, covering her head with her free hand out of fear of additional blows. Her male counterpart, however, doesn't quite agree. "You coward!" he shouts, gun still brandished wildly. "I've come too far for what I was promised!" His words a
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