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  1. "Oh..." Ionica mutters... For a few seconds it looks like someone pushed a pause button, before she repeats, just a bit more, as if it not made sense to her. "Oh!" The the girl gives Wesley a smile. "Yaknow, that's kinda cool'n'stuff. Didn't know ya could like do that'n'such. Used to like, ya get what ya get, no trying stuff 'n so on. Uhm, that's actually very cool'n'stuff," she finishes, not noticing how she repeats herself and possibly causes poor Wesley to lose some brain cells just trying to understand her.
  2. The ionic girl stares at Wes after he tries to assure her that he didn't mean she wasn't big, then shrugs. "Uhm, okay, if you say so, right? So... yaknow, it's not like uhm, dunno what's awesomest and stuff, so what's the best'n'stuff?" She then hears him say something about a few, then shakes her head, rather much actually and if one didn't know for certainty that there weren't many brain cells up there, one would fear that some were lost in that move. "Uhm, not few, uhm, only one, dun need more 'an one'n'stuff, like I can only use one for it, yaknow."
  3. Vulnerability is that you get more damage from getting hit with certain attacks, I'd believe it was more like the weakness drawback. Weakness (Getting bruised or injured, -1 int cumulative, very common frequency, -4 PP) Getting bruised or injured most likely happens every adventure, so very common frequency (-3). The effect is an instant, not continuing, so it happens each time you take damage, not continuing exposure (+0). Lastly it is gives a -1 cumulative int, thus it's only moderate weakness (-1).
  4. Exactly where is Dead Head compared to Geckoman and Ionica?
  5. After the last comment, the young girl looks very confused, looking around to see if others stare strangely at her, before her gaze goes back to Wesley. "Uhm... I'm not that big, am I? I always thought I was like normal size'n'stuff, not big, not small, just normal. Uhm... So, does that mean I can't do this 'alloween thingie, 'cause I'm not big enough?" Her lower lip quivers a bit and it looks like she's on the verge of breaking out in tears.
  6. Ionica stares at Geckoman for a few seconds. "Uhm... I think I know you from somewhere," she then finally says. It's the only explanation she can come up with for how the Geckoman knows her real name. "And uhm, when I'm like this I'm like the Ionic Girl, Ionica, get it?" She giggles at her same joke, before she finally starts considering the rest of what she was told. "So... If things go down, it's bad? That sucks, yaknow. Aren't there like rules for superheroes and stuff? If barrier goes down, bad things get in and we got nowhere to go... That's kinda lame, I really don't like that very much. Bah, so I'll have to be bored, 'cause the other stuff is badder." This is said with a pout.
  7. Ionica had been flying rather uncoordinatedly around the mansion, watching people to strange and unexplainable things (at least in her mind), while she figured that the best she could do was to stop any of those thingies from getting through unseen. So, yeah, not exactly the most brilliant plan, but then again, very fitting for a girl who doesn't really do smart. As she then notices the guy with the blowtorch (Geckoman), she ponders what it is he's about to do, so she lands next to him, wondering if she's met her before. Her memory isn't exactly the best, so why not introduce herself. "Hi, when are those uglies gonna get in, so we can start punching them? I'm kinda bored," she then says, shrugging slightly as she does so.
  8. As the guy starts making suggestions, Ionica's left eye starts twitching, as she's straining her brain to keep up. Then finally she shrugs. "I dunno. It just gotta be awesome'n'stuff. And uhm..." She looked away slightly. "... uhm, not cost too much. Uhm, I'm kinda not rich'n'like that"
  9. The young girl looks at the extended hand, as if she's trying to figure out what it's for, and then she accepts it. Her handshake is very strong and almost bonebreaking. "Uhm, Wesley ya say? Cool cool. I'm Ionica, since that's cooler than my other name." She pause for a second, before she points to the outfits. "So, uhm, can you like help me? I'm trying ta find sumthing for a party'n'stuff."
  10. As the young woman turned to look at the man speaking to her, it was obvious that she wasn't a normal. Because normals do not have glowing red eyes. The mix of blue and blonde was quite exotic, but any hair stylist could do that. The outfit is what you'd expect of a normal teenager though, consisting of a pair of tight jeans and a light blue tank top. "Wha? Oh, hey," Ionica comments. "Uhm, I got like some thing for 'alloween'n'stuff, yaknow. Ain't that why you're 'ere too, or sumthing?" She studies the guy in front of her, not much older than her apparently. "So, uhm... What's up and stuff?"
  11. It doesn't say that it starts out with one strand of hair. It says your hair is able to grasp objects as if it was one (or more if you put more ranks into it) tentacles. So as it stands there, there's no given number of strands for the tentacles, if you can only form 1 tentacle it is most likely all of your hair moving as one (since you're unable to split the attention between more tendrils)
  12. Returnee Ionica is gonna be there.
  13. Ionica looked at Ace and then nodded. "A gate? So, now we're like trying to close the door? Can't be that difficult, right?" She shrugged, before her eyes widened slightly. "Unless it's a very very big gate. Uhm, are there someone strong enough to help them? Yaknow, like if they need someone to close the door and stuff and they're not strong enough and such..." The young woman frowned at that thought, not really wanting to consider that. If they didn't close that door, they would be stuck here fighting for a very very long time. And she kinda wanted to get back to Claremont so she could watch this week's Idol. No, she really didn't really have time for someone not being strong enough to close the door.
  14. Ionica It had been a tough battle for Ionica so far. First she had helped carry a filled train wagon to the Danger Mansion and after that she had helped with the defense. In the brief pause in the fighting, the simple girl had then gone inside, to check on all of the civilians, making sure they were all okay, healing those who were in need. Her outfit was torn in places and if she was anyone else, she would most likely have had some injuries, but this was one of the times that being a battery had been an advantage. She was now only a bit exhausted, but her injuries had healed by themselves. She was floating a few feet above the air, as she met up with the other heroes, apparently missing the tender moment between two of the heroes. "Most seem fine inside, yaknow. A few were hurt, but they should be fine now and stuff. So... What's happening now? Anyone coming to like help us or something? Or what're we gonna do'n'stuff?" The young woman's glowing red eyes glanced over the rest of the heroes, before she ran a hand through her hair, a strange mix og blue and blonde, waiting for an answer.
  15. Is it too late for Ionica to join in on the fun? :)
  16. Lowered base defense by 1 and added another rank of dodge focus. Added 1 base attack instead and removed attack focus (melee) instead. Added a bit of reflex. The original reasoning behind the high will save (in last incarnation) was that her mind was not completely human anymore, this giving her a natural resistance. Removed notice and added streetwise (the girl would miss a dragon even if stood behind her!) Fixed immunity Fixed Flight DAP on Super-Strength
  17. Fixed grapple Fixed Bluff Fixed saves entry to include total cost Impervious Toughess now a separate entry Minor adjustment in Ionic Energy Control array. Now it is more similar to Cosmic Energy Control. The Enhanced Strength of sustained duration is another non-rulebreaking way of showing how this energy is channeled into her body, enhancing her strength. Healing is an AP of this Ionic Energy Control, as it's her channeling this energy into others (where it'll do it's stuff).
  18. Players Name: Angelica Power Level: 11 (153/161pp) Trade-Offs: -4 Attack for +4 Damage, -4 Defense for +4 Toughness Unspent PP: 8 Characters Name: Ionica Alternate Identity: Lucy Hewitt Height: 5'9 Weight: 120 lbs Hair: Blue/Blond Eyes: Glowing Red Description: A rather attractive woman with glowing red eyes and a hair which is both blue and blonde. Her age is somewhere in the mid teens, perhaps 16 or 17. On her upper body she has a V tank top, with half being blue, while the rest is yellow. On this tank top is the symbol of a red lightning bolt. Around her waist she has what appears to be a belt made out of lightning, similar to the lightning on her chest. She wears a short skirt and her legs are otherwise bare. On her feet she wears a pair of blue and red boots. History: Lucy's father left before she was even born, perhaps he never even knew that he was about to become a father. And Lucy's mother was only 15 when she became pregnant and definitely unable to handle the pressures for being an only mother. It didn't really help that Lucy's grandparents were deeply religious and had kicked their daughter out of the house. Lucy's childhood was not pleasant. Her mother was more busy with drowning her sorrows in alcohol, than taking care of a child. It was also for this reason that Lucy hardly ever went to school. She was being teased for her ratty and smelly clothes and therefore preferred to stay away and it's not like Lucy's mother said anything to it, she was too busy drinking her brains out. At the age of 9 Lucy became an orphan, her mother's liver couldn't handle the heavy drinking. And without any social network behind her and no relatives wanting to acknowledge her, she ended up in an orphanage, though she fled after only a couple of weeks, after a fight with some of the other orphans. It was at this point she first became homeless. For the next years Lucy lived on the street, learning how to steal and beg. Until she was caught stealing at the age of 13 and ended up in juvenile hall. But like the orphanage she hated it and together with a few others, she was able to flee. Recently Lucy was a bystander to a fight between the White Knight and some unknown hero, when she was digging through some trash in a container just outside ASTRO LABS, hoping to find some spare parts or anything else of value, so she could sell it and get a meal. Suddenly she found herself flying, as the White Knight had picked it up. The hero evaded and then heavy metal container crashed through the wall into ASTRO. And Lucy was catapulted out of it, directly into the rays of some experimental ion generator. And then everything blacked out. When she woke up she found herself in a hospital bed, but knowing the costs of being in such a place, she tried to remove the monitoring equipment, only to find herself slinging it across the room, for the first time discovering her powers. She snuck out in the confusion after that and returned to the streets. Over the last couple of weeks she has come to realize just how much the event changed her. She's incredibly strong, capable of flight, can create lightning bolts and that's only the beginning. Her body is a limitless battery, making her regenerate from injuries, yes, even death. At first she thought of using this to steal, but then after not growing hungry after a couple of days, she realized that she did not need food or water, not even air, so the need for thievery wasn't really necessary. Becoming a heroine was actually more of an accident than anything she planned. She jumped in and stopped a mad driver, who was chased by the police, just before he was about to hit a group of children. As she realized just how good it made her feel inside, a warmth and joy she hadn't felt before, Lucy made up her mind, she wanted to become a heroine. While most didn't notice it, her costume was actually made of trash, stitched together from various outfits that people had discarded and had no use for either. It was this version of Ionica who met with some Claremont students and a long story short, Ionica ended up becoming a student and for the first time in her life she began learning, in particular focusing on her getting to the point where she could read and write on her own. A few months after Lucy had begun Claremont, she spent one afternoon flying about. For fun she started pushing herself to fly faster and faster, she wanted to see how fast she could travel to get all around the world. But as she pushed herself she hadn't realized just which effect it could have and one push in particular and Ionica found herself moving through the athmosphere achieving a speed higher than the speed of light, almost teleporting from one place in space to another and in the few seconds it took for her to stop, she was almost halfway between the earth and the sun, having passed the moon and several planets in the system. Not really interested in doing this again (kinda worried she's fling herself even further away from her home planet, stranded forever in space, she began the long journey home, at normal speed. This has taken her almost a year, before she finally arrived back to earth. When explaining it to the staff at Claremont, she was put on probation, some of them not really believing her, but on the other hand they also know that she's not a good liar. Personality & Motivation: Lucy's not the sharpest tool in the shed, though she's struggling to improve. Overcoming 16 years of ignorance is just not that easy. While she's usually trying to be cheery and friendly, she also has a tendency to be quite careless and inconsiderate, simply because she hadn't thought of the consequences of her actions. Despite her occasional recklessness, she is a good person, who dreams of one day becoming a great heroine (and earning some fame and recognition). She doing heroics because it's making her feel good inside and because it's one of the things that she's good at, not having many other talents. Powers & Tactics: Lucy's not particularly complicated when it comes to tactics. She'll punch, punch and punch, maybe firing off the occasional ionic energy ray against foes at a difference, and then punch, punch, punch more. Though she does try to avoid the most obvious attacks, she relies more on her invulnerability to keep her safe and her regeneration to get her back into the fight if she's being hurt. Often she'll stay near one of the squishies, making sure to step in and take attacks meant for others. Complications: Criminal Record (juvenile offender), Dislike (White Knight), Minor (age 17), Wealth (Struggling) Stats: -2+6+2-2-2+0 = 2pp Str: 8/38 (-1/+14) Dex: 16 (+3) Con: 12/38 (+1/+14) Int: 8 (-1) Wis: 8 (-1) Cha: 10 (+0) Combat: 8+4 = 12pp Attack: +4 (+6 unarmed, +6 ionic control) Grapple: +18, +28 with full Super-Strength Defense: +6 (+1 flat-footed) Knockback: -12 Initiative: +3 Saves: 0+2+8 = 10pp Toughness: +14 (+14 Con, +0 other) [impervious 10] Fortitude: +14 (+14 Con, +0) Reflex: +5 (+3 Dex, +2) Will: +7 (-1 Wis, +8) Skills: 16r = 4pp Acrobatics 4 (+7) Bluff 4 (+4) Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+3) Sleight of Hand 4 (+7) Feats: 7pp Attack Specialization (Unarmed) Dodge Focus 4 Interpose Power Attack Powers: 26+10+32+12+14+24 = 118pp Enhanced Constitution 26 (ionic) [26pp] Impervious Toughness 10 (ionic) [10pp] Ionic Energy Control 14 (Blast, ionic; Power Feats: Accurate, Precise, 2 alternate powers) [32 PP] AP: Enhanced Strength 30 (ionic; Extras: Duration - sustained) AP: Ionic Healing 9 (Ionic; Extras: Total; Power Feats: Regrowth) Immunity 12 (Ionic; aging, sleep, starvation and thirst, life support) [12pp] Regeneration 12 (Ionic; bruised 1/round, injured 1/minute, staggered 1/minute, disabled 1/hour, ability damage 1/hour, Resurrection 1/week; Power Feats: Regrowth, Persistent) [14pp] Super-Strength 10 (Ionic, effective 88 strength; Power Feats: Dynamic, Shockwave, 1 dynamic alternate power) [24pp] DAP: Flight 11 (Ionic Propulsion) Drawbacks: 0pp DC Block: Unarmed 14 -- 29/toughness -- bruised, staged Ionic Control 14 -- 29/toughness -- bruised, staged Costs: Abilities (2) + Combat (12) + Saves (10) + Skills (4) + Feats (7) + Powers (118) = 153/161pp
  19. Oh well, link doesn't work. I'll think up another toon. :D
  20. Oh! I could see it in my signature line! :)
  21. I apologize very much for my absence, it has been a long time since I was last around, but RL kinda hit me very hard, which amongst other things included me losing job and other stuff. I'm now back and could probably come up with a new character, since I can't really remember which character I played before.
  22. Angelica

    Ions and Argent

    Seeing the demon coming towards her, Ionica exclaims one thing, "EWWWW!" before she tries to punch it as far away from herself as possible, putting her incredible strength behind it... PUNCH! (1d20+6=22)
  23. I apologize for my absence. Suddenly got hit by a severe case of RL. Still it haven't cleared up completely, but it's getting better.
  24. "Uhm, I'm like yaknow, 16, and uhm, born and stuff in Efff Ceee. So I'm kinda American'n'stuff." And then she evades the next few questions without any elegance, perhaps misunderstanding them or perhaps just not wanting to answer. "And well, I can fly and lift stuff and uhm, well, stuff." Then when she hears Mura's voice, she looks at her. "Ain't like I knew I'd be goin' here until like an hour or so ago, yaknow." she replies.
  25. "Why should I make fun outa her?" Ionica asks with confusion in her voice. "I mean I've only just met her'n'stuff, right, so, uhm, I wouldn't, you know, know what to make fun outa." Then she studies the asian girl, tilting her head slightly. "Uhm, hiya, Echi or Mura or whatever ya wanna be called. I'm Ionica, uhm, and this is, well, ya already know him, so not gonna tell ya who Warren is'n'stuff."
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