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  1. I realize that this isn't my thread and I realy shouldn't be posting here, but.... The idea that humans use only 10% of their brain has been disprovan many times over. Infact, it's just the opposite. Humans use OVER 90% of their brain capacity. Um... -cough- carry on >.>
  2. I heard Robin Williams had gone out for the Joker role.
  3. One last question: Can I buy the Alternate Power feat for powers that are already Alternates?
  4. Well... More like the newest comic book styles. Question with Alternate Power: Can it be taken multiple times for the same power? Do I need to put ranks into the 'alternates'? If not, then does the 'original' power rank count for all the 'alternates'?
  5. Since Batman started throwing people into incinerators?
  6. Vampires can be pg-13, as long as they are played in an appropriate way. As for the costs, I'm thinking the usual vampire weaknesses- Can't go over naturallly running water (any river, stream, lake, or ocean whose direction wasn't changed by mankind), sensitivity to garlic, can't stand sunlight, holy symbols, or Micheal Jackson songs. Each drawback would be instant effect, offsetting the abilities of the Vampire. I knows mees undeads. :ugeek:
  7. I'm sure I'll get my face kicked in for this, but what is Watchmen? *goes off to check Wiki*
  8. FelixZ


    Hence HeroForge, which is completly free and easy to use.
  9. First off, this is a great site and I wish I knew about it earlier (golentan had posted a link up and followed that). Second, I have made one MnM character before, but that was 1st ed, a hero by the name of Gemini. Think of someone with the Flash's cocky nature mixed with kinetic blasts and copying one's self. And finaly, I have an idea for a character but don't exactly know how to go about it. Character name will either be Wraith or Phantom (I'll end up rolling a die like I do with most dillemas). Concept in one sentence- A shadowmage who made a pact with the demon lord of undeath and ended up being cursed as a vampire, later making ANOTHER pact with an angel in order to rid himself of his curse. Your standard anti-hero complex. I was thinking of building him completly around the Darkness Control power, with the standard vampire traits built in.
  10. FelixZ


    If anyone here is a programmer, or for that matter very skilled with Excel, I think you could use HeroForge to create a character generator. I use it for dnd and it works great.
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