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  1. ~Now why couldn't I have grown a pair of wings?~ he wondered. Vigor had decided to stick to the paths. By crossing into the animal enclosures either himself or the animals were likely to get hurt and he didn't want either. He just lowered his head and ran as fast as he could. One of the cool things about the powers he did have, was that even going all out he would never tire; he could keep the pace up till boredom set in.
  2. ~I can see it know: There is going to be a rabies scare and everyone is going to come hunting for me,~ he thought with a shake of his head. He didn't have any medical experience, so he simply continued on up the stairs. He passed from room to room doubting he would find anything weirder than the man in the stairwell.
  3. "Hey buddy, you okay there?" he asked as he clung from the ceiling of the stairwell. "How 'bout you chill and tell us what is going on here yes?" he asked with a flash of his fangs. Manbat wasn't sure who this man was, what his role in things were, or if he was even in his right mind. ~Is this some sort of super siezure?~ he wondered. OOC: Total Defense, just in case
  4. "Last I saw he was in the living room. I never saw him leave the house. I'll have a look around." Manbat leapt and clung to the wall; he ran across its surface heading for the upstairs. He kept an eye out for Nightrival's friend as well as searched for clues as to what the group may have been up to.
  5. Manbat drops out of the night sky like an ink drop from a bottle. With a dull thud he crouches right behind Nightrival. At first he appears to be more monster than man, but as he slowly stands it is obvious he is a mixture of both. "Some open house," he jokes. "Name's Manbat, I'm new to the neighborhood. I really hope you are the good guys. Mind filling me in on what exactly is going on here?" he asked as he shouldered his way through the doorway and into the house. His giant pointed ears swivled back and forth searching for more trouble as he eyes took in the remains of the battle scene. "Who was that lady?" he asked obviously in referance to the hispanic woman.
  6. "If you guys plan on being superheroes, you really should hit the local rec center now and then. They have a climbing wall to practice on and everything," he teased. He looked at the gate and shook his head with a disbelieving grin. He then began to run towards the noise. He remained cautious however, avoiding the middle of the larger paths around the zoo. The last thing he wanted was to get trampled by stampeding animals only to have his flattened carcass be devoured by acid blobs.
  7. What? I'm already over the gate I was just waiting for the others.
  8. Notice 14 Climb 14, give a half-hearted attempt to scale the gate.
  9. Yeah I'm here. I just noticed several of the other players have rolled a notice check while looking for a way past the gate. I'm just waiting to see if that resulted in anything, before Vigor goes and attempts something more drastic. Can you detail how exactly the zoo is fenced in? Does the same sort of fence extend around the entire perimeter? What kind of fencing is it (height, material, ect)?
  10. "As superheroes I think we are expected to deal with the unprepared," he said with a shrug. "I have some Arm & Hammer in case I get splashed with acid goo," he pulls the box out of his jacket to show them. "I was a Dingo...which would be the Aussie equivalent to a Boy Scout," he said with a grin. "Still...I too am at a loss of how to deal with these things when we meet them. I was hoping a muse would show up and whisper sweet secrets in my ear."
  11. Vigor started heading west. "We will likely hear the commotion of animals long before we see any blobs, so keep your ears open." As soon as he said that he winced. He left a perfect opening for the curious robot kid pipe in about human anatomy. As he walked he checked and double checked his pockets for the baking soda. He also patted the gun hidden under his jacket to make sure it was still there.
  12. "Well, working off of the assuptions that the blobs can't fly and that they are coming from the Promenade area, we should check the western edge of the zoo first," he said pointing out the obvious. He tilted his head back and forth like a confused dog as he tried to figure out what part of the sketched map would be "west." He finally looked to the winged girl for help.
  13. "I like the way this kid thinks," said Vigor. "As for the car don't worry about it, that is why I only drive rentals." He drove on. He even changed the station. It was half way through a Pink Floyd song, one of Vigor's favorites.
  14. YES! Let us see if a Crit is enough to bring the fat man down! [DC26, unless he is immune to crits]
  15. Manbat clings to the corner of the building. ~It is like hitting a mountain! This guy just won't go down,~ he thinks to himself, ~...but even mountains can be eroded away.~ Manbat decided to give it one more go; he streatches his mouth wide showing off his fanged teeth. He then kicks off the wall and takes to the air. He circles the large man as he fills his lungs with air. Finally, he makes his move diving towards the man with a banshee-like screech. The air between the two ripples with sonic energy. Once again, Manbat flutters back into the night sky carefull to stay well out of reach.
  16. "Ok, to the zoo in my ride then..." he said, as he turned to head towards his vehicle. His car was nothing special, it was a four-door rental that would get them were they were going. As he started it up AC/DC immediately started wailing through the speakers, and he turned it down to a lower level. "If the blobs can smell and they are predatorial, then the zoo would likely be the place they are going. If we don't have any luck then I guess it is back to the Promenade tomorrow night." A few minutes passed before he spoke up again. "I suppose we should have collected a sample of the blob thing. I know a handful of scientists that would love looking at something that strange under a microscope." A few more minutes... "I hope you guys know what you are getting yourselves into hanging out with me. I tend to attract the strange and unusual. I swear I'm a walking episode of of the X-files or the Twilight Zone. If we aren't ambushed by ninja unicorns when we get to the zoo I'll be pleasantly surprised," he said with a chuckle.
  17. "The zoo is quite a ways off. About two miles," he informs the others. "So we can keep checking the promenade in the hopes that these blob things can't move very fast or very far. We can run...or fly..." he said admiring the emo girls wings almost for the first time. "Or we can head back to my car which is a little less than a quarter of a mile that way," he said pointing northeast. "Of course we could also split up to cover more ground with half of us staying here and the other half checking out the zoo."
  18. I do believe we are all headed to the zoo. I don't recall anyone suggesting otherwise.
  19. "There is a zoo nearby. Almost due east of here in fact. While I don't claim to be able to understand the motivations of alien acid blob creatures, they may target animals as well as humans. It may well be worth checking out." He turned to the winged girl. ~Did she introduce herself and I miss it?~ he wondered. "When you came across the creature killing the cop, could you tell why it attacked? Was it feeding off the guy or something?" he asked.
  20. "Technically?" he asked. "I do many things, mostly to fight off the ravages of boredom. I attend FCU part time at the moment and I was recently released from an assignment with Knight Errant." He looked towards the one calling himself Knight to judge whether or not he had heard of it. He elaborated for the others just in case, "I do bodyguard work mostly.†“I’m no stranger to strange occurrences, so when my fellow students started turning up dead…well…how could I not come out and investigate?â€Â
  21. From a safe distance, Manbat flew in circles around the big man. He let off a series of high pitches screeches that sounded more like the laugh of a hyena than anything else. At least this opponent he could fight. This one wouldn't retaliate with mental screams of pain. Manbat,once again, opened his toothy maw and let loose a blast of sonic energy towards the one called Heavy. As he fought his own opponent he couldn't help but catch a glimps of the hispanic woman and her new opponent. ~Perhaps he could find a weakness to exploit.~ OOC: Feel free to roll an ordinary D20 on your end since invisible castle doesn't seem to be working still.
  22. To the perceptive I suppose. The box of baking soda is sticking out of his left jacket pocket, the brass knuckles unseen in the right pocket, and the gun in a shoulder holster. His jacket is zipped up partially to help hide the gun, but someone with supersenses or refuses to take their eyes off of him may notice it.
  23. Vigor nods knowingly, "yeah I have the same problem myself." "Couldn't tell you, but it sounds like super strength could come in handy. Especially if we come across any giant tightly sealed jars of pickles." he joked. "Seriously, I found that not much can take being splatted by a car or uprooted tree." He flashed the metal boy a grin. The urge to pat the metal boy on the head seemed overwhelming.
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